Humboldt Marble Weekend Starts This Weekend

This is a press release from Humboldt Marble Weekend:

Eureka, CA – February 9-10 from 12-6 at Redwood Acres “Home-Ec” Building (3750 Harris St, Eureka). Free admission! Family Friendly!

Humboldt Marble Weekend is a first-of-its-kind local event featuring 46 artists from 10 different states vending their work and sharing techniques through live glass blowing demonstrations. The artist list ranges from folks with just a few months “on the torch” to true masters with decades of experience. This will be a unique chance to see a huge range of work, from the sublimely simple to the incredibly complex.

During the event, artists will be on view making small pieces that will eventually be assembled into a Mega Collaboration Marble.  The current record is 36 artists contributing on a single marble…. We are aiming for 40!

On Sunday, Feb 11th, at noon, there will be a massive release of clues for the 100+ handmade marbles that have been hidden throughout the area. The first person to solve the clues and find a marble will get to keep the treasure! Please see the website for more information on how to participate in the Massive Marble Hunt.



  • Wait a minute….if you are not the first to find the marble on Sunday, you don’t get to keep your find? How are they going to take away everyone’s marbles?? haha

  • Why are marbles such a fascination? For years, finding the lost child’s toy was good enough. Now I want more than that.

  • I lost ALL my Marbles years ago, mebbe these kind folks can help me figure out how to find or replace them!!! ;op

  • Did you by chance mean Pierson’s, for a missing loose screw??? Just curious, as I have never heard of a retail business around here called Persons!!!

    • Yes I did, I guess spellcheck mebbe doesn’t know about it.

      • I use Spellcheck in an advisory capacity only due to things such as this!!! It will tell me that the word is spelled incorrectly so I can fix it myself!!! I don’t trust auto correct as far as I could throw my desktop computer!!!

        • Unfortunately it can not be totally shut off for me. If I correct a word and it’s not happy with the correction, it changes it just as I hit enter.

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