South Fork Girls Stomp Point Arena

Girls Basketball south fork

[Photo by Crystal Salomon]

On February 3, the South Fork High School girl’s basketball team played Point Arena in Miranda. “We played them in their home tourney this December and beat them by 2 points,” explained Coach Shylo Wantt. But this game, the South Fork team was on fire. The score was 67-28.

“Every girl on the team scored for us,” Wantt said. “Iscley Cleveland lead the scores with 14, Kylie Messenger and Kaylei Valk both had 12 and Jasmine Todd chipped in another 11 points. The girls played the best basketball I have seen this year.”

Wantt raved about her team’s and noted that Cleveland was top player. “Iscley’s defense is on point every game, Wantt said. “She can guard anyone and get a steal or a stop. She is always giving 110% for her teammates.”

Wantt also said that Jasmine Todd had a great game. “She’s a tough one,” Wantt noted, “She’s definitely not afraid of contact and will go against anyone.”

Another player that Wantt pointed out as especially deserviing of praise was Kaylei Valk. “[She] had a very good game,” Wantt said. “She was attacking the hoop and making passes to teammates that was very unselfish.”

Wantt praised the whole group. “These girls played as one and stayed together as a team. I’m very proud of my girls. Everyone contributed to the game and gave it their all.”



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