Private Par-tee? Helicopter Lands on Benbow Golf Course

Helicopter on Benbow Golf course.

Helicopter on Benbow Golf course. [Photo provided by a reader]

Local residents were startled today when a private helicopter landed on the Benbow Golf Course about 11:30 a.m. A witness told us there were a number of people at a nearby home waiting for it to land and several people exited the aircraft.

After ascertaining there was no emergency, golf course personnel requested the helicopter to leave their property. Reportedly, there is some sort of meeting at the home.



  • Haha. That’s a “legal” growers house.( no joke)There “business “ partner must be in town. Watch out small time growers. Shit just got real!

    • Don’t get it twisted- it was NOT a business partner. Shit is getting real because the ”outsiders” are here to take our culture. We need to stay together as a group. If you want to ask questions, message me.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    No request to land on private property just to let some people out or to pick someone up? The pilot should lose his or her license over this or some sort of heavy fines or both.

  • 1% er’s up here as well,,,get those arrogant fucks the hell out of here,,,,,just like ole 45 driving on the green,,,no respect

    • They should at least put there “farms” name on the chopper and parade it over garberville. Good advertising

    • Yep.No respect. Most days there is a line of vehicles parked on the grass blocking the #6 tee boxes. We’re talking 10 to 15 vechicles, plus what they can cram in the driveway. Pretty much, in your face, to the local golfers. Some way to run a business. Who cares? Not this bunch.

  • Cops lease a helicopter identical to that one.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Isnt that Robinson 22 or 44? Either way its the cheapest chopper you can buy! So no they are not Mr. Big. I told my buddy who fly’s a Chopper for the PD in Oklahoma city, I was going to buy one and he died laughing said it was junk! You know Benbow is one fifth the size of population in Ferndale and they use ten times the water!

  • Aint that old man Benbow’s place?

  • Thats the new LEAR Assett Management “distribution helicopter”… i bet the Lear crew was dropping off another bundle of buds they heisted from some remote out of the way grower…..

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