Ongoing: Stolen Vehicle Sighting Leads to Occupants of Two Cars Being Held at Gunpoint

Law enforcement prepares for a felony stop in Sequoia Park

Law enforcement prepares for a felony stop in Sequoia Park today. [Photo by Lauren Johnson]

A reportedly stolen vehicle led Eureka Police to hold multiple people at gunpoint in Sequoia Park today. This is an ongoing situation and details are still emerging. However, according to Eureka Police spokesperson Brittany Powell, “Just after 2 o’clock, we received a call [from a citizen] that a family member’s stolen car was parked on scene at Sequoia Park and was occupied by several people.” Officers then responded to the area and determined that the occupants of a second vehicle might also be connected to the stolen vehicle.

Powell said the officers secured the gate down to the duck pond and then “conducted a high risk vehicle stop on [the] two vehicles.

“At one point it looks like at least one of the vehicles started to leave,” she explained. But the occupants were eventually ordered out of the vehicle by law enforcement. At this point, officers are investigating and interviewing the suspects.



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