Eureka Students Need Help Raising Money for Washington D.C. Trip

A group of 24 middle school students from Eureka is raising money for a trip to Washington D.C. Their teacher David Wellman wrote to us to see if any generous readers would be willing to help out with their fundraising efforts.

Wellman writes:

I am the Lead Teacher for a group of students heading to Washington DC.  I am a teacher at Zane Middle School and these students have been working all year long to raise the money for this trip. [I’m hoping] to help push our gofundme campaign in the right direction so we can make sure these dedicated students are able to achieve their goals. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Click this link to check out their gofundme page.


Featured photo: Kevin McCoy [GFDL or CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons



  • I lived in dark times…if we didn’t have wealthy parents, then we either got up and worked, or we didn’t go on such trips. Taught us a work ethic rather than dependence on largess, be it government or otherwise.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    You’re still living in dark times and I am sorry for you. Where there is life, there is hope; you can change. The value of responsibility and hard work to get what you want cannot be denied. I don’t know what the work or fund-raising projects have been, but students often wash cars and such to earn money for special events.

    A trip to our nation’s Capitol is a secular pilgrimmage that every American should make at least once, regardless of faith (or no faith), gender, or political views. Find out what this already great, crazy, wonderful, scary, inspiring country is all about. Found out what you and me and these children are heir to, if we can hold it, and keep it and cherish it for them. Two weeks is not too long, but even a few days are worth it.

  • They should work for it . There are many ways to earn money. Car washes, bake sales, rummage sales, recycling, baby sitting, walking dogs, wash a dog day, spaghetti feeds, steak dinners, etc. When my eighth grade class went to the state capitol, we earned our money. When my children(3) had their eighth grade trips they earned their money. They should not be handed money to go on a trip. Earning will make them stronger. This is the problem with the kids nowadays……everything handed to them. sad

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