Eureka Man Found Dead of Gunshot Wound in Trinity County

Homicide InvestigationPress release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office:

trinity sheriff press release



  • Damn that’s less than a mile from my place, but with the constant gun fire here in the Pines it would be so easy to shoot someone and nobody would even notice. Post mt road runs off Hwy36 and turns into FS 7 road about 3 miles from 36. The Pines is not a smart place to wander around looking to rip people off, if that’s why he is dead.

  • Damn, hooked up with the wrong people unless he walked all the way out there.

  • If he us a rip off he got what he deserved if not very sad

  • Murder. Missing. Murder. Missing. Keep racking them up humboldt. Thank god weed is legal now….our crime rate will drop dramatically here in the emerald triangle

  • Pleasantville Mayor

    The Sheriff and law enforcement will do nothing to solve this case or the 100+ other murder, homicide -missing persons cases, you wanna know why;?
    The Sheriff Departments in Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity are all too busy raking in millions from asset forfeiture and making money$$$$. Murder and missing persons investigations cost money and take real detectives and real problem solving, way over the head of our local Pot Enforcing Sheriff Departments…. they are way to busy going after mom and pop cannabis farmers to steal and rob their crops and livelihood.

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