This ‘Siberian Husky’ is Looking for a Forever Home (Prices for Shelter Animals Are Slashed This Week)

From the Humboldt County Animal Shelter:

3 Years Old
White Siberian Husky

According to the Humboldt County Shelter manager, “We will be having reduced cost adoptions all next week 2/5 – 2/9. Adults are $50, puppies 6 months and younger $80, seniors $35…We also have reduced adoption fees of solid black cats to $50.”

Remember, all dogs at the shelter available for adoption “are currently vaccinated, wormed, microchipped, and spayed/neutered,” according to the Shelter Facebook page.



  • Chicken killer

    • Then a good city dog as a running partner on the trails and beach. A responible owner would have a beautiful companion without endangering livestock.

      • Katherine D Callaghan

        Cheers, I have sheep, chickens, horses, goats and a Goose. I have a “Chicken Killer” Amazingly, I haven’t Lost any of my animals to her and I got her at 8 months of age. She did get a mouth full of Rooster tail feathers once. She is now 2 yrs old and we have taken full responsibility to protect them all… It isn’t Hard.

        • Have a husky gets along with all animals including chinchilla takes time to get use too but animals get along better than ppl.

          • I agree totally. Not a chicken killer if trained right. I had 6 chickens in Oregon killed by a neighbors dog (not a husky either)

            • When you adopt an older dog you don’t know what you’re getting. In August I adopted a year and a half old husky out of a bad home. He’s
              A sweet loving dog and beautiful but his bad habits are hard to break. He obviously had no training and is very smart about getting out of the yard. He climbs a 6 foot chain link fence like a cat and takes off. He killed all 22of a neighbor’s chickens. I’ve had to make a pen with a roof to keep him confined when I have to be gone. Most days I take him to work so he doesn’t have to be confined so much. I can’t bring him into the house because he marks everywhere and has no concept of potty training. He also chews on everything. I’m hoping with time he settles down but I think the time has passed where he’ll learn to stay home and be an inside dog.
              One improvement though is that he no longer flinches when I reach out to pet him. He was so scared in the beginning that he would literally go down to the floor if I made a sudden move toward him. I don’t hit my dogs and he’s come to realize that. Now that he’s more comfortable I’m hoping he will get over his bad habits but I say all of this to make the point that when you adopt realize you may have to be patient and be willing to put in the time to help a traumatized dog become a healthy dog. If you’re lucky you will adopt a well trained calm dog. Huskies are definitely a challenge though.

          • You are correct. I had Alaskan Malamutes for 30 years and right now I have a Siberian and timber wolf hybrid mix and they get along with everyone. They’re a very friendly and socialized breed, but as they do have a high predatory instinct, people who choose to have them in their lives need to be diligent. However, how they end up and how they act is primarily the result of the responsibility of the owner. I live on the edge of my landlord’s dairy farm and my dogs have always been around chickens, ducks, cats, other dogs, and cattle without killing them. Good for YOU for doing your pet raising job well!

      • LivesNextToIllegals

        My husky has killed two chickens and she’s an inside dog. My neighbors are learning that if it enters my back yard while she’s outside, there’s little I can do to save it. Shes much faster than I am.

        Also, chickens are against the HoA bylaws, so I don’t feel bad at all.

        • I live in a rural area… have for the last 40 years. Anyone who lets their chickens run around free without being in some kind of enclosure are simply putting out snacks for any animal who has a taste for them. You are correct, if someone else’s chickens come in your yard, it’s not your responsibility if they don’t make it home. A RESPONSIBLE chicken owner will create a dog, cat, raccoon, bear, bobcat, eagle, weasel, and coyote proof enclosure if they care about their chickens. Any less then that is a lack of responsibility on the chicken owners part. It’s always the Predators that get the bad rap from people who are not responsible about how they maintain animals that would be considered prey.

          • Having had two dogs get over and under three lines of fence, including hot wire, to dig through the siding (that’s right, tear off the siding in chunks) of the shed to kill a goat, to blame the livestock owner is convenient self delusion.

            The law puts the burden of control on the dog owner for a very good reason- they are predators. If you chose to own a dog, you are legally and morally obligated to keep it from killing defenseless animals. Period. Sorry if you find that inconvenient but there it is.

    • Dogs are only as good as their person (owner). It’s like teaching your child right from wrong. I hate people labeling animals

      • Just as children can go astray despite the best efforts of their parents, the same is true for dogs. If a dog can’t be trained to defer to its owner, and there are some who simply won’t let it go, then the owner is obligated to take steps to ensure the dog can not harm other animals.

        Sometimes it is the dog. And the owner.

  • Black cats are bad luck!

    • So are orange baboons!

    • Luv black everything

      Enjoy your snipe hunt, just as real as black cats being bad luck.
      Black is not bad you just let the christian cult brainwash you.

    • NO they are NOT!! That’s a superstition and NO truth to it!!! I have owned SEVERAL!!! Never had bad luck.

    • Peggy A Teitsworth

      And your an ass hole!!!!!!!

    • What a bunch of superstitious whooie ballooie! LOL I’ve had a blessed life in so many ways and I’ve had lots of black cats. They have all been loving wonderful loyal beautiful little animal spirits. I’m not a witch, I’m not weak-minded, and I’m not superstitious. And previous commenters are correct… black fur is just another color of fur like blonde hair is just another color of hair. Black cats have been given a bad rap initially because of the Roman Catholic Church for centuries and they’ve been used and tortured by all kinds of cults because of the Christian demonization of cats of their color and the absurd association of black cats with “evil” and “satanic” or “witch” delusions. Shame on such ignorance! They’re just kitties…

    • We have had nothing but black ca ts and they are beautiful warm loving companions .

    • Black cats are not bad luck that’s just an old Superstition I’ve had one for 15 and a half years and one for two and a half years they’re excellent cats I live in the country they catch the mice I live on a 200-acre farm they’re awesome loving animals they stay in the yard they’re very diligent about their hygiene they do not use the bathroom in my yard they go to the pasture and I’m not had any bad luck in 15 and a half years I don’t believe in luck I don’t believe in superstitions I believe in God and God created all animals and they’re not going to bring you bad luck they’re going to bring you love joy peace companionship and they get along well with my huskies and I have two Huskies they even sleep in the doghouse with him

  • Why do people label the Husky this way. Usually, is the owner that hasn’t taken the time to either trying them, give them enough exercise and they let them off the leash. Huskies are incredible if you’ll take the time to make them part of your pack. They are a pack animal. I stopped everything I was doing for six weeks and it turned into two months to stay with our Oakley. He is been one of the finest dogs I’ve ever had in my life. And now will lose him due to cancer. I can’t think of getting another dog right now. But if you research the Husky, and learn their ways and be one step ahead of them. Always making sure they are the better and you’re the Alpha you’ll have a fine dog…So many Huskies get left to be rescued only because the people that understand and they get them because they’re pretty and not because they fit their lifestyle. Please please love the Husky and know that he or she is made for your home and your temperament your activities.not because they fit their lifestyle. Please please love the Husky and know that he or she is made for your home and your

    • I have had them over 20 years great dogs if you have patience not a more loyal breed out there so many different personalities……

    • I was just going to say….an indoor Husky is an unhappy Husky. Those dogs love, love, love and thrive on activity.

      • Husky dogs are outdoor dogs not to keep them inside.
        I have my husky for 8 years now just outside except hot summer days is staying in garage

    • Im sorry you’re losing your Oakley!! Lord bless you, I KNOW the pain!

    • Well said, and my condolences to you, knowing what it’s like to lose a wonderful dog to cancer. I lost one of my 5 Malamutes to cancer years ago and I still miss her. My first dog was 130 lb male Malamute who lived 16 years! Best dog in the world. Now I have a Siberian Husky and Timberwolf Mix and you’re correct …if they are properly trained and properly managed by RESPONSIBLE owners, the Arctic Spitz type primitive sled dogs can be among the most intelligent and wonderful canine companions you could ever hope for! Unfortunately, the internet and direwolves on Game of Thrones have created a huge awareness of arctic breeds and because of their extraordinary beauty, people are drawn to them. Unfortunately, they can be smarter than many of their owners who truly have no idea what they’re getting into and only people who are willing to put in the time, effort, diligence, and responsibilities unique to the breed should take on this kind of dog. Personally, I would never have any other kind of dog but a Malamute or Siberian.

  • I have a white husky…. She is highly intelligent, very loving and protective. Anyone considering a dog like this needs to understand the breed. They often have a high prey drive and are very energetic. They are very social and will need a lot from you. Please make sure you can provide them the training, attention and space they require.

  • And dyed blond rat moles.

  • A Husky / Malamute cross mauled my little yellow lab to death at the beach. I will never own or trust either of these breeds.

    • I find that to be truly weird. I have had 3 Huskies and not one of them has ever been aggressive with another dog. However they will defend themselves vigorously if another dog attacks or threatens them – and that is as it should be as they are loyal and will defend their owner as well.

  • My husky just turned 1 and he’s 110 pounds he’s insane and incurable my wife wouldn’t have him any other way if you are considering a husky be very careful they are a huge investment in time make sure you are willing to invest if not in all fairness to the dog get a lower maintenance breed huskies are a handful many huskies go through several homes before they find the right one

  • I acquired a 5 yr old Husky a year ago. Brought her in with 3 adult cats. No need for a leash. It’s all about the training and loving. Well behaved but very jealous. Know that they are a lot of work, so don’t get one for the cuteness.
    They are beautiful dogs but they need to know who is boss. Love my Siberian Husky.

  • I acquired a 5 yr old Husky a year ago. Brought her in with 3 adult cats. No need for a leash. It’s all about the training and loving. Well behaved but very jealous. Know that they are a lot of work, so don’t get one for the cuteness.
    They are beautiful dogs but they need to know who is boss. Love my Siberian Husky

  • My husband and I are on vacation we will be back on 2/12, we might be interested, we’ve had huskies before, right now we have 2 small dogs, if possible can you send me more pictures of Thor I would appreciate it .

  • Agreed, We have two chicken killers, one GSD one mixed breed hurder/Hunter …
    In 5 years we’ve lost two chickens to raccoons. Dogs are hunters you need to take precautions to keep fowl safe. My dogs are allowed in the chicken yard periodically when i clean the coop, no worries under supervision …
    This is a beautiful siberian husky!

  • Beautiful dogs but you must understand the breed. And know and are willing to train and love them. I had huskies as an child we had two. We also had pet chicken and rabbits. We never had an aggressive dog who killed any other pets.

  • We have a Siberian Husky just over a year old. We adopted him when he was just 3 months old. He’s very vocal and very intelligent, but needs a lot of attention. He’s great with both our kids, really bonded with our son. Please make sure Thor gets a great home, Husky’s deserve great families. ❤

  • We saved this Siberian Husky from a home where they just had her locked in a cage and brought into another cage in the garage at night. She has definitely required ALOT of time and patience but sooooo worth it. Glad we invested in a trainer to train us to give her the best 2nd Chance. My rescue dog rescued me and this beautiful boy could change your life too. I went against the advice of many. Glad I did

    • This is Nanook.and she She is hilarious and I find myself counting the seconds at work when I can go home to see her

  • Elizabeth Orellana

    Husky’s are beautiful dogs I got 1 his name is benji he is 8 month now I and he doesn’t have any problem with me been off least be he does run away when the kids or husband walks him he goes off

  • I have a 9 month old hybrid, mom was husky, dad was wolf. Fiona is the most loving sensitive dog, but her energy level, like all huskies is extremely high! She needs mental stimulation as well as physical exercise on a daily basis. Her personality is so fun & mischievous! She teases my elderly cat, but is actually gentle when she does. She loves every dog she meets, she doesn’t bother the wild birds and squirrels, she actually sits & watches them with me every day when I put out birdseed. But this is only because I taught her to leave them alone. Huskies are like any other breed-they have their quirks, but if theyou are properly trained they are humorous, loving companions! And no other breed ‘talks’ as much as a husky!

  • I have a 5 year old female husky since she was a pup have 4 cats and let her outside off leash and has never bothered any of the other neighbors pets of any size

  • I’ll take him

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