Sierra Club Showing ‘Water and Power: A California Heist’ at Redwood Acres February 13

This is a press release from North Group-Redwood Chapter-Sierra Club:

The North Group Redwood Chapter Sierra Club presents the documentary “Water and Power: A California Heist” on Tuesday February 13th at 7 PM in the West Wing of the Turf Club at Redwood Acres Fairground, 3750 Harris Street in Eureka. This 80-minute National Geographic documentary tells the story of how a handful of water barons gained control of California’s most precious resource, while drought and a groundwater crisis left local home-owners with dry wells. The film peels back the layers on a complex world most of us know nothing about that is intent on transforming a Public Resource into private property controlled by the most wealthy. A discussion will follow the film. For more information, contact Gregg at (707) 826-3740.



  • Nice!
    I hope this addresses why people in LA pay over 50% less for water. My friend lives alone but uses shower, dishwasher and laundry at home and pays 11.00/month for water. No joke.
    Plus the fact that they let car washes stay open everywhere there while we get put on restrictions. Its ridiculous.
    The most electricity used in the entire state is to move water around, to push it up and over mountains to get south.

    • The real question should be why do farmers get vast quantities of water with very little or no requirements for efficiency. We should be leading the world in water conservation strategies. And since Ag is responsible for roughly 80% of water consumption in CA, they should be on the forefront of conservation tactics.

  • Makes me think of those signs by Highway 5, next to barren or dying fields that say, “Congress created dust bowl!” I always wanna get out and change those signs to, ‘God created dust bowl!’ For if the water is removed, it is as God(dess) intended. They whine when their stolen water is controlled for environmental reasons.
    Glad to know about this film, Kym. Plan to see it!

  • An interesting study of California water politics, especially in Southern California, and going back to the early days, is The Water Seekers, by Remi Nadeau. Like, back in the 30s, there were gun battles between the California National Guard and the townsfolk of Bishop, in the Owens Valley. Anyway, check it out:

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