Superb Owl Day

Owl by Jill Duffy

Great Grey Owl by former Supervisor Jill Duffy.

The excitement has been building as Superb Owl day has finally arrived. Fans across the nation have been crunching numbers and laying bets on their favorite hooting avians. Many are gearing up and heading to the woods hoping to see their favorites.

Okay, not really. Most of the country is in football mode. (It’s a particularly patriotic Super Bowl game with the Eagles and the Patriots vying for the splashy rings and bragging rights.) But for some, today has become a day to celebrate owls.

So if you have an owl photo you would like to share, please add it to the comments.

Also, if you are still looking for more owl excitement….Two years ago there was a superb owl month when a great grey owl was seen in Humboldt County for the first time in 34 years. See some of the photos and beautiful video here.



  • Who are you? Who? Who?

  • The owl, at least in my opinion, is a lot more important than the Stupor Bowl could even hope to be. The hype leading up to the day, akin to that of pre-Christmas; the self-congratulatory patriotism, with fans getting all choked up over empty rituals and flags as big as the stadium itself; the glorification of the military, with fighter jet fly-overs and recruiting ads costing taxpayers a fortune; the pathological narcissism of the National Felons’ League players; the obscene, degenerate half-time shows; the loud, drunken behavior of the fans, both in the stadium and throughout the country; the Department of Homeland Insecurity’s feel-ups of every fan entering the stadium; the crass commercialism (again, like Christmas); the junk food consumption. Did I miss anything?

    • Add in the amount of money spent on rings & winning schwag for both teams, half of which will (obviously) go to the landfill & some super poor country. Yes they make winning hats, trophies, shirts, etc for both teams so its all available immediately for consumption.
      The commodification of humans, the players are just dollar signs to the owners, an item to be traded or kept depending on the performance. The salaries some of these guys make who then want the money we pay into healthcare to treat their concussions. A lot of people cant get the medical help they need but these guys can sue&get it right away. Sorry but u knew the risks guys, and if you didn’t know you are just a number to the owners&they could care less about your well being, youre really delusional. I read where a nfl coach said is you dont want head injuries then dont play the game, straight up!!
      Basically we’re not far off from the Romans, watching men beat each other while consuming as much alcohol and food as possible then throwing out leftovers. Like thanksgiving and fourth of july, has just become another excuse to consume as much as possible. I wonder how much the alcohol companies make just off this wknd, theyre laughing their way to the bank.
      Oh cant leave out the cost of a 30 second commercial, $6 million, and some companies are doing 60 seconds for $12 million.
      Its so weird how people get so excited to see those commercials now that the companies have succeeded in making them seem so important. Those ads are interesting to watch to see the propaganda put out by corporations, it’s pretty nuts.

  • Well said gents! The athletes may lack a certain sophistication and the adrenaline high isn’t quite the same, but this year’s Puppybowl XVI looks to be a very brutal affair, a real canino-canino struggle. Oops the hen is pecking out the national anthem and the dogs are all alert, better get back to the Big Game!

  • The owl is a satanic symbol, a favorite of Bohemian Grove members. Bohemian Grove is rumored to be a gruesome satanic cult complete with human sacrifices.
    The super bowl was rumored to be the hub of pedo ringing.

    Adding the two together produces a new celebratory holiday for some.

  • Seriously, I had a Great Grey Owl Fledgling on a fir branch in my driveway ( in the middle of nowhere , a few miles West of Lake P at 3000 ft above the Eel River ) .
    Two years ago this late springtime. Could NOT have been anything else. 🦉
    Wooooo Hoooooo !
    Also had a marten go up an oak tree right in front of me and a fisher siting two weeks later . Lucky ME !!

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