Family of Missing Crew Member Pleads for Help

The family of Justin Oberg are asking the community for help. Justin Oberg, who is the brother of the the missing man, contacted us requesting assistance. He wrote,

Bryan Oberg

Bryan Oberg

URGENT, MAN OVERBOARD At 1am this morning my brother, Bryan Scott Moore or also called Bryan Moore Oberg fell off his crabbing vessel called Chief Joseph, 8 miles from shore out of Eureka California and they called off the search about a half hour ago. My brother is one of the most loved, amazing humans you will ever come across. I’m asking for any way to continue the search for my Brother if anyway possible or information on whom I can call to do whatever it is we can. Please help me and my family.

The Coast Guard issued this press release:

The Coast Guard suspended its search Sunday for a Dungeness crab fisherman who fell overboard from the 47-foot commercial fishing vessel Chief Joseph approximately eight miles west of the South Spit in Humboldt Bay.

The suspension comes after Coast Guard crews from Station Humboldt Bay, Air Station Humboldt Bay and Air Station Sacramento conducted an 11-hour search that covered almost 700 square miles.

“It is with a heavy heart the Coast Guard makes the decision to suspend a search-and-rescue case,” said Capt. Greg Fuller, the Sector Humboldt Bay commander. “We extend our deepest condolences to this man’s loved ones and the entire fishing community.”

Two crewmembers aboard the Chief Joseph reportedly fell overboard while attending to crab pots around 1:10 a.m. The vessel captain was able to pull one person back aboard but could not see the other fisherman. The man who was retrieved had no reported injuries.

An MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Air Station Humboldt Bay was first on scene at 1:50 a.m., followed by a 47-foot Motor Lifeboat crew from Station Humboldt Bay. A C-27 Spartan fixed-wing aircraft crew from Air Station Sacramento arrived an hour later, and the crews searched the area continuously until the case was suspended at approximately 1:15 p.m.

The on-scene weather at the beginning of the search consisted of 53-degree air and 52-degree water temperatures.

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  • Crabbing is a dangerous way to make a living as the ocean is not forgiving. I feel for the family of the lost fisherman.

  • My heart breaks for this family & the fishing community. I hope they are able to find help to bring him home ❤️

  • I am so very sorry for this man and his family.

  • So so sorry to hear. My orayers to all of this young mans family and friends.

  • Thank you to the Coast Guard and all involved in the search and rescue for spending hours upon hours looking for my little brother. Your search was appreciated more than you know. My heart is so saddened to know the result was not what we wanted but I do thank you for all of your work out there. I am still in shock over all of this.

  • Sorry hope they find him crabbed for 45 year’s deckhands should always where flotation

  • The man he fell over with held on to his body for as long as he could. Such a sad day.

    • @Fishwife Where did you get this information. I am a cousin of his, my name is Andrew Lansdown. Please any and all details regarding his disappearance is greatly appreciated.

    • Do you know the guy that he fell over with?

    • My husband is a captain and this is information he received. We do not personally know any of the people involved. The whole community grieves your loss along with you. My sincerest condolences to your family. Such a tragedy.

  • So sorry for your loss!!!!
    Please let the community know if your family needs help with anything.
    Im sure the crew will need support, what a trauma for them as well.
    Sending blessings to all family and crew mates and friends.

  • Are there any civilian efforts underway?

    I walk the beach south of Table Bluff with my dog to the mouth of the Eel all the time and could do so right now. Has the county opened the park gate for beach access? What are the prevailing currents?

    • Hey, this is his little sister brittanie, and at this point I am desperately searching for his body so that my family may have closure from this nightmare. Please, check the beaches, anywhere and everywhere, and tell as many people as you can, currently there is no man hunt out for him, he couldn’t have survived in those temperatures, so I beg you, and anyone that will listen, search if you can. The coast guard was no longer able to continue the search, it has been over 24 hours, none of us live remotely close to eureka, so in my desperation I am begging anyone who cares to listen. God bless you and anyone who reads this, I cannot do this alone.

      • Kristin Swanson (sister)

        Brittanie its Kristin , idk what to do.. Please dont let this b true. I’m so bad off right now and now I get this devastating news.. I’m loosing it man. Why, why WHY.!.. I’ll attempt to call the house in a little when I calm down… If possible. I love u all greatly. I wish I was home, I dont wana be next

        • I’m so sorry it’s wrong I’m sorry 4 your loss your brother may he Rest In Peace and the good lord take him by the hand take care

      • This is Angel and I’m with you on this honey I pray to God to please send many angels out to search for our dear and precious true Angel of God Bryan has always been such a kind and outgoing and caring true soul he would always go out of his distance to help anybody in need of help or just have somebody to listen to them even people he didn’t even no.pls help with some kind of good news for Bryans family I love you my dearest Bryan and I love all his dear family God bless you dear Britney and all your family.

  • So very, very sorry to hear of this tragedy. Please everybody be safe out there.

  • Psalm 107:23-28
    23 Those who go down to the sea in ships,
    Who do business on great waters;
    24 They have seen the works of the Lord,
    And His wonders in the deep.

    I have the greatest respect for these men. It takes great courage to cross the bar in search of the harvest of our abundant seafood. It’s dangerous work but free. Peace be with the family of the man lost and with his soul.

  • I’m so so sorry for his family and their loss. So sad.

  • I have a boat. Is the family or CG still looking for volunteers?

  • unbridled phillistine

    I lost my best friend crabbing in ’94 and there was no closer in never seeing him again, Still kind of watch out for him. See the back of someone who could look like him and you have to go find out? Sad loss. My sympathy to family and friends. Did he go over with the gear?

  • All our family wants is just him need closer. Do miss and love my brother. He was a strong man did this for years. No one deserves this. I get the rules but God Damn it that’s my blood my family. Why stop searching. We need him back

    • I kept up on all news about the accident and have been praying for his return.
      Please know that you are not alone.
      I didn’t know him but I’ve been out on that ocean many times and it is unforgiving. I have known people since being a little girl that never came home.
      Be blessed, know that we wished it had a better outcome.
      Each one we lose just stirs up our emotions.
      May God help you heal.
      At this time, we can only console you.
      Again I am so sorry for the loss of your brother.

  • Dad day when he was lost. Sorry for your lost family

  • Sorry for you loss

  • My prayers are with you ,looks like a super cool kid ,stay strong love you miss you Audrey uncle D

  • Nothing but love!

  • I’m so sorry , praying for your family.

  • I used to work at Pacific Choice Seafood as a the weight master and my heart broke when I had received the word that one of the F/V went down and a lose in the fleet had happened my heart goes out to the family’s and crew members of the F/V Chief Joseph

  • RIP Bryan!! I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to know you better but I know you were a beautiful young man with a huge heart.. I know you loved your family with all your heart ❤️ stay safe my friend and keep that pole ready to catch the next big one!! My Heart breaks for this wonderful family 🦀🐋💔💔💔

  • ya know I have fished for years on good boats and on the the chief Joseph was the last boat I crab fished on and I can say one fucking that kid should not have been lost in my opinion the captains eyes should have been on them he should have been hawk eyeing them the only reason that I can understand that both of the kids we’re not back on board the boat is that he could not swim other than that it is the captains fault and complete negligence on his fuckn part Ur guys go over. U see that depend on the captains to whyvh there back make sure everything is safe Weather they setting gear hauling gear baiting stacking. It’s fucking bullshit in my book I know exactly how it is on that boat he should have never been lost Jeff should have seen alll and I know dam well u can flip that fuckn boat around on dime and the both should have been there right in the Sodium light u don’t just fall over and instantly perish because of the cold. And one other fuckn thing u should never have to back tak on your crew to find them U should know instantly And this is fact if he could swim he should be here bottom line is I don’t think Jeff was paying attention those crew members need to b protected and watch there lives are in his hands bull shit in my fuckn book😡Rip Bryan And fuck u Jeff safety first

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