No Medical Value? New Epilepsy Drug Derived from Marijuana Shows Promising Results

Medical marijuanaThe Washington Post reported that a new drug based on cannabidiol (CBD), an extract of cannabis, showed promising results for treating epilepsy in a new study. According to an article in the Post,

Elizabeth Thiele, director of pediatric epilepsy at Massachusetts General Hospital and lead author of the study, said the results varied depending on the patient.

“For some, it does not do a whole lot. But for the people it does work in, it is priceless,” she said.

“One child who comes to mind had multiple seizures a day. She had been on every medication possible,” said Thiele, a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School. Then the patient tried the cannabis-based treatment and has been seizure-free for almost four years. “She is now talking about college options. She would have never had that conversation before. It has been life-changing.”

Read the rest of the story here.

It will be interesting to see how this affects the Federal government’s classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug with no medical value.



  • And this is why the pharmaceutical industry will take over the medicinal extracts. Or did you think that they will support small growers and encourage mom n pop agrarian lifestyles? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

    • Thanks. Exactly what I was gonna say. “We have this great new drug,but ….it’ll cost you 800$ a perscription!”

  • Claiming it has no mediccinal value and at the same time holding multiple patents on the same capacities is just a bit hypocritical.

  • So now pot can join schedule 2 drugs such as meth , cocaine and fentanyl. Whoopee. Pot math- if it helps one person out of 100,000 than the harm done thousands is inconsequential.

    • meth users smoke weed so they can sleep. we have 1,000s of local meth users that benefit from weed. on a national scale it must be enormous. what is the classification of alcohol? whatever it is, weed should be the same and will be someday when the silent generation is gone.

      • It will be a combination of the health dangers of tobacco, the social ills of alcohol abuse and the enviromental damage of hydrolic mining. A triple threat.

        But there is no stopping self destructive human behavior. Some people will persuade themselves otherwise. As did the person who told me that smoking kept him from getting colds. He used that rationale right up to his surgery for throat cancer.

  • Saved my mom’s life…. she has cancer and couldn’t do radiation/chemo…. the point is that people should have choices. Republicans are sposed to be libertarian not authoritarian. Christians shouldn’t judge “lifestyle” choices, lest they shall be judged.

  • All the so called Christians have to do is read their Bible. It’s in the old testament that all plants that produce seeds, God has put here for mans benefit.

    • Then go out and eat some berries from the deadly nightshade plant. Benefit does not mean a pass to abuse.

      • And “benefit” doesn’t solely mean “eat” either. (Although tomatoes are tasty in the nightshade family.)

        • And pot probably has some benefit in it’s natural environment too. Deadly nightshade is beloved by birds. That doesn’t mean it’s a good thing for man to abuse.

  • Pot. Is. Not. Medicine.

    It is a drug. And not a very good one.

    • All. Medicines. Are. Drugs. Pharmaceuticals being the worst. I’ll stick with the one grown in the ground before one cooked up in a lab. Wake Up. Or, keep giving your $s to big pharma.

      • Agree. Medicines are drugs

        • Pointless to argue with dopers, about nearly anything.

          I agree, however, that most pharmaceuticals are nearly worthless, that nearly any substance used as medicine will lose it’s effect over time, and that many common drugs are harmful.

          I choose: no medicine, no weed, no substances, no drugs, no alcohol.

          Good luck and a great deal of happiness with your drugs of choice…

    • Not for you. You should probably avoid it if that’s the way it treats you. Luckily, it is kinder to me.

  • (before big pharma…)

    These are some of the people that helped and the strain was developed here in Humboldt folks…

    this video is 2013..

    I cry every time I watch it..

  • This is a pharmaceutical extraction of CBD and a very expensive medical trial. This is the proper use of Medical Cannabis.

  • Guest you need to google Nightshade.

    • And you need to google “deadly nightshade.” “Deadly” is part of a proper name of a plant, not a general adjective. Atropia Belladonna. Sheesh. It grows here a lot.

  • I don’t understand Guest. When I googled “Deadly Nightshade”, it said all parts of the plant is very poisonous yet it has many medical benefits if used in proper proportions and way. It is used to treat many health issues. So I don’t understand what you mean. I’m always open to learning.

  • Its not a drug!!!!! It’s a herb…..oh wAit…it’s a drug? Pfizer is gonna fuk you all. CBD will be government owned and controlled.

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