Bayshore Mall Not as Welcoming as Before, Claims Letter to the Editor

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Bayshore mall


The Bayshore Mall has always been a welcoming place for everyone. Things have changed. No longer are the early morning walkers welcome.

We were informed the Mall doors would not open until 9:30 a.m. They use to open at 6 a.m. but the last few years it changed to 7 a.m.

Walkers have always had a safe and dry place to walk as our winters are normally very wet. Many of us have been meeting there since the Mall opened. Some are in their 80’s and still trucking along.

New management has decided to try and keep the homeless away by using this tactic. They are also alienating the general public. Benches and seating are also disappearing. People who utilize the bus lines no longer have a place to go while waiting for their transfer bus.

Many men “shop” with their wives and enjoy the benches. Some of the walkers have medical conditions and need to rest before continuing. Benches are quite scarce.

The Mall stores seem to be declining more each year. Could it be that customers are not feeling welcome at Bayshore Mall? Just a thought.

Judy Jones
Tom Testerman



  • That tied old “walkers have medical conditions and need to rest before continuing. Benches are quite scarce.”
    Just doesn’t cut it take charge of your life and get a walker with a seat. The world doesn’t owe you anything and neither does Bay Shore Mall stop this incessant whining. The Mall is only doing what it has to do to keep the place safe and clean. You what to have a 24/7 open mall then buy it. I’m sure they’re open to selling it, probably cheaper than you think.
    You can thank our California governor and legislators for their lack of support for law enforcement and emptying our prisons and jails.

    • Nonsense. Of course the mall doesn’t “owe” them anything. But they certainly are interested in selling them something. Pointing out that they might be offending some of the people they would like as customers did not deserve cutting remarks.

      • Homeless social parasites. Give the mall to them. It could be like dawn of the dead and we could pick em off from the roof !😀. On another note I’m sure business will pick up with the legalization of weed….oh I can’t stop laughing now…

    • Sad & deplorable comment!!

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yeah, from the “deploreables” of recent election fame. Remember when that was used against Hillary as just a smarmy insult? They’re coming out of the woodwork now since Great Supreme Leader’s installation.

    • Next time rusty asks for a glass of water tell him to take control of his life. What a distasteful sentiment. You found like s bad citizen and neighbor

    • Let me guess Rusty; You are not very old and someone pooped in your Cheetos recently!

    • That graffiti on the side of the building and all over the bus stop really says “WELCOME” in MS-13 gang language. It is ‘diverse’ so we should all roll over and get used to it.

      • Ralph I can assure you that there hasn’t been and never will be MS-13 graffitti on the mall. Your “diversity” comment was pretty pathetic.

    • Safe, Clean, and out of business

    • Rusty… can u read? It states that older men shopping with wives occasionally need to stop and rest. The morning walkers are mostly senior citizens. The mall is a dry safer place for them to walk. But now with the ever increasing rise in crime this is being taken away. It’s not the respectful people who are to blame. Perhaps if it were your parents or grandparents who use this place to keep in good health you’d feel different. Or maybe your just a bent out of shape key board warrior seeing how many feathers you can ruffle. Either way reading and understanding what you read is key..[edit].

    • I guess the mall doesn’t need my dollars either….
      It goes both ways

    • bankrupt on selling

      Let’s all have another Orange Julius
      Thick syrup standing in lines
      The malls are the soon to be ghost towns
      Well so long, farewell, goodbye

    • Hey! Next time you are annoyed by those older folks who are living far too long and getting in your way, have some respect! We are increasing in number and we have plenty of sway and authority! And we are not going away anytime soon.

      Young people seem to complain a lot and have no manners at all! Go home and treat your parents to some of your attitude and see where it gets you…

      Mall walking does not appeal to me very much, but neither does allowing homeless and indigent persons to overrun and rule everything in California. I was just in Pismo Beach, and there they were, muttering and sitting in the street, out of their minds and intoxicated.

      If a wealthy community can’t fix this, what is Eureka to do?

      My suggestion: have the under-performing EPD scoop up the folks who insist upon residing in the bushes of your town and who aggressively panhandle in front of the Winco every morning, run these folks out 15 miles past the city limits, photograph them and give them a stern lecture about what will happen if they return.

      Only the “bums rush” will improve this situation, and toleration and marginal support for these folks will only make things get worse.

      Complaining about “old whiny people” is facile, specious and puerile. There are 80 million retired and retiring baby boomers, and fussing because we are around will solve nothing in Eureka.

      • Hrmm yeah, bum rush the bums begging on the streets, but kiss the feet of the elderly that wasted their funds and health and now expect everyone else to kick down to pay for their illnesses and lack of proper planing and can not afford all their drugs food and rent. Boohoo. Must be nice to wear such rose colored glasses all the time

        • Eek! Sorry I didn’t die yet. Anti-everything, more like!

          Don’t live past 50, as eating a constant diet of disrespect from your ilk is not very pleasant.

          Damn those sick old people!

          Enjoy your lovely town!

          • it isnt about dieing or not, it is about seniors expecting everyone to cater to them. For instance , the one that commented to me that i was to young to have a disabled parking permit, they were certain those were merely for seniors and that i must have stolen mine. manors are just that some folks still have them, but age does not entittle anymore or anyless than anyone else, that is my point. baby boomers have long had their hands out demanding this or that, and now that most are retiring we see it more and more. the first to judge others and the last to look at what they have done to help. that is what i see of that generation, and that judgy attiude is want upsets me.

            • Rooooollllllll another one,

              Just like the other one.

              Get help. I worked for what I have, 5 days a week for 40+ years: no one gave me anything. I was not raised to have my hand out
              and Medicare and Social Security are a pittance. Good luck to you!

              • Lost Croat Outburst

                Don’t worry, continued Republican victories will allow them to achieve their dream of ending Social Security and Medicare. See, the national debt will be just so high due to tax cuts for the rich. Poor little babies. Sorry. So sad; it’s bad. Antichrist is way off base since Social Security started in 1935, way ahead of “boomers.” MediCare in 1965, both opposed by Republicans.

                Social Security was never meant to replace wise retirement planning from an early age, including a living wage, company pensions, savings and investments. Just meant to be a supplement only. If MediCare is such a pittance, then T. ballzhoff should drop out for a better program and pray, tell us what it is. All the people against MediCare for everyone should tell us who their company is. Be sure not to accept that Social Security check. It’s a pittance, not worth cashing.

                These programs were based on mercy as well as justice by by a nation committed to the “better angels” of our nature; the best ideals of Abrahamic religions and good people of all faiths or none at all. The idea was a first-rate, first-world nation where old people who failed financial planning, even through their own fault, would nonetheless not die in the street, moaning in the agony of hunger and untreated diseases.

                So, then, this is why Trumpism is a poison, a toxin seeping through our political system which debases and corrupts all it touches. It is the poison of arrogance, selfishness and loathing. Ergo, a pox (kidding) on both houses, Antichrist and T. Ballzhoff. The able-bodied parasites have no right to harass and frighten customers and businesses. But what can the Mall management do against the onslaught? Safeway decided to close during the wee hours of the night due to a high crime rate.

                I have long said that my near ancestors came to this blessed and favored nation (that was already great when they got here and getting better) with the idea that they would go where the work was. Most of the homeless could find some work somewhere but that would entail showing up, following instructions and applying themselves for 8 hours or more for days at a time.

            • THEIR “judgy attitude”???? ROFL

    • your momma done raised you with impeccable moral standards. Rust on!

  • Was there just a few Nights ago. About 745 grabbing a bite to eat. All
    Of the sudden all the chairs around me are going on top of the tables and people sweeping while I eat. I felt this was disrespectful. Let’s stir up the dust and crap from the floor into my face and food.

  • I agree with the letter writer. The early morning walkers, the parents with small children on the play ground and the waiting husbands all enjoyed the benches. I enjoy a multi age community where all are welcome. When I took my dad shopping there, he was in poor health and had to rest often. When my step mom was going through chemo, the mall was one of the few places that she felt safe walking in her feable state. I’ve spent a lot of time listening and holding hands on those benches. And I’ve continued to shop at the mall out of gratitude for this.

  • I am not a *local* up there but have to say (as someone who works with Seniors) shopping malls have always been places where seniors have been welcome to walk, rest, hang out and socialize, get out of the heat in the hot summers, or as mentioned in the opinion piece, get out of the rain or snow in the winter. This is not to say that the business establishments *owe* anybody anything. Malls all over the country are losing business largely as a result of online shopping and other economic factors. It is too bad that businesses have to cut services to responsible citizens as a direct result of the over-population of transients who are now endemic in every urban area in the State and unfortunately trashing everything. Come on down to Ukiah and check out the Wal-Mart and Jack-In-the-Box parking areas. Bus shelters around town are often overflowing with transients, their shopping carts full of stuff, and their ubiquitous pitbulls. While I agree with Rusty’s observation w/r/t CA government’s responsibility for contributing to the plague of transients, I sure hope he remembers his heartless remarks about Seniors when he is 70+ years old, alone, and disabled and has no
    place safe to go.

    • They are not ‘transients’ they are ‘transitionists’ waiting for socialism to kick in. Can’t you get it straight?

  • The problem is if there are benches Mall security cannot pick and choose who gets to use them because that’s discrimination, so they alleviate the transient Problem by simply removing the benches. Maybe California should follow Denver’s example and legalize defecating and urinating on the streets, to be more inclusive.

  • All neg comments in this section prove and expose what’s wrong with our beautiful country, A******s!


      I agree the poor business owners in there barely or not even making the $3000 a month shop rent with few customers, the mall could probably soon close and then the city can buy the facility for a homeless center. Hopefully the food court businesses will leave the appliances. Maybe it could be set up like a zoo so city officials could monitor the homeless.

  • Rusty… go home.

    To the letter writer, I’m so sorry. It looks like the Bayshore Mall just cut off the last group of people that believed in it.

    I don’t shop there. On the rare occasion I HAVE to go, I keep my pepper spray in hand.

    The chairs aren’t going to keep the tweekers away. They will gladly sit on the floor.

    • Oh please. You never shop unless You have pepper spray? Way to contribute to the climate of fear. I work inn the mall and have never been physically threatened, and this is with years of retail and thieves and tweaking scumbags under my belt. You’re no more likely to be robbed or assaulted at the mall than anywhere else.


        Exactly, The eureka mess is coming

      • Great! What shop do you work in?! Next time I have my car keyed, or harassed coming in or out of the mall or feel unsafe by the creeps roaming the lot, I want to come to your store and have you assist me with these ongoing issues, friend! Thanks!! I won’t impose on you much because it is really just too creepy down there to spend much time.

        • I would be happy to help. I have no problem moving tweakers along.

          • Firebrand, thank you for your positive and practical attitude. I don’t understand all the fear and paranoia out there. I think people must just read the news, which is of course mostly bad news. If they actually got out and walked around in the real world, they’d find that 99% or more of everything out there is “safe”–maybe not all pleasant, and maybe not good if you’re the down-and-out unfortunate… but “safe” enough for regular everyday people to function in a regular, normal way.
            The way i look at it is, we’ve got the Other One Percent. The population of Humboldt County is about 136,000 people. Maybe 1,360 people are angry, filthy, meth-addled messes, out on the streets meaning to rob or brutally attack you. That’s One Percent. So for every one of these fearsome folk, there are 99 non-dangerous people.
            Who knows, maybe there are way more or way less than that many threatening people–it’s a rough estimate. But i don’t mistake dirty or poor for dangerous and threatening; that’s one advantage that keeps me from being too frightened to function.

      • Firebrand I would agree with you about most of the mall, but wallmart is on the backside right next to the greenbelt. I’ve definitely felt uneasy walking to my car at night. There can be some strange characters that dont give off the friendly vibe.

  • Just freeloader system suckers ruining this country for everyone that works

    • I totally agree with the “Lone ranger,” let’s get those billionaire-republican bastards out of there!

      • In real life, not movieland, someone has to pay. I think Democrats should set an example by distributing their own wealth as they so often preach (at least publicly when talking about Republicans) . You know. Set a good example.

  • Ridiculous! Just more reason to go out of area to better malls. Where atleast you can sit and rest if you need to. Not everyone with medical problems or pregnancy need a walker with a seat. Give me a break. Anyone should be able to sit down in the mall for a break while shopping.

  • Man, people sure need to vent and whine in the comments.

    All the time.

  • Could it be that the early morning walkers simply do not do much shopping?

    One thing that would get me to the mall, replace the disgusting Mrs. Fields with Hungry Bear Cookies.

  • No one has pointed out that the Bayshore Mall, which is a business for profit not a community non-profit, does not open for business till 10 a.m. Opening their doors early for Mall Walkers was something the cooperation did at their own expense. To be open an extra 3 hours a day, 7 days a week, requires extra employees. Security, janitors, and maintenance personnel are on duty for those extra hours. Which drives up operating costs. It appears that the mall walkers are still welcome to use the mall during regular business hours. I understand that those with jobs want a place to exercise before work, but my observations of our mall walkers is they are mainly retired. So why not start your walk at 9:30 instead of 7 in the morning? If you are really upset about being denied early access, have you written to the corporation that owns the mall? Over the last 10 years, the mall has changed ownership and there has been many different mall managers overseeing Bayshore, some not even located in Humboldt.

    • The state, county & city all gave giant tax incentives to the mall owners to build a monstrosity(we already had a mall, why not make it 2 story instead of destroying the wetland). The mall OWES the people of the city & county just for it’s existance.

  • You have a few meth addicts breaking into the stores in the early morning and they ruin it for everyone. Untill they acually start punnishing the addicts and treating them as criminals ( currently hust a catch and release program) Eureka will continue to become karger sh** hole.

  • Everyone is wrong look at the big pitcher people its not just eureka its everywere and we are the ones who created it we have a nation that wants to be devided either ur rich or ur poor nothing in the middle were allowing this to happen our country started going go shit when we decided to let women into the work force thats when we lost all family values our kids were comming home and rasing themselfs this is what our socity has created u can live in denieal but its reality and its going to get worse the cost if living goes up but our wages stay the same thus making it to were both parents have to work leaving children to rase themselfs go figure

    • so your blaming it on feminism? My step mother did not ask to become a divorice. Her husband cheated on her & left her to raise 3 children on her own. Thankfully she already had a degree & a job as a nurse. Her X did nothing to be an appropriate father. She worked all day and wasn’t home till 8pm. She Sat down with each kid as soon she walked in, to discuss any questions or problems they had that day. Then tucked them in at 10pm. All those kids are successful in business & family. My step mom did not ask or persue her feminism, she accepted it and rocked it to the core of what a single parent can accomplish. Your theory has holes and is biased cause what you described, does not describe my step mom & her grown children?

  • Open a Law enforcement/security guard school at the mall. Then the mall would need to be open much earlier in the morning for the attendees to gather for classes.
    Also doing this would serve 2 other wonderful purposes…they could keep the mall safe for all, and it would provide ample opportunity to profile.

    When life gives you lemons!!!

  • Love the mall, so sorry to hear of the latest news. Time to help the seniors more. Not less!

  • You will see a new mall walker program in the very near future, with a variety of offerings. We needed to re-create/revamp this program as the turnout was very limited. Our programs will have a new look and feel which everyone will enjoy. You can check our Facebook and website in the very near future for a new mall walking program and additional mall offerings; you will also see true press releases as we push out our new programs to the Humboldt Community. Persons can come and speak with me directly, and offer suggestions on how we can have more community buy-in at the mall management office. We have already taken a few positive suggestions from the Mall walkers themselves.

    • Thank you for this enlightening information. Nice to get the whole story right from the person in charge. Or did y’all miss that? Here is what is truly happening, not some outrage from someone that didn’t bother to tell both sides of the issue. The short story is that having the doors open so early has caused some real problems. The Mall Walkers are not going to be permanently “inconvenienced” Give management a chance to implement some fresh new ideas. Be Patient! Nothing happens overnight. And in the future, maybe do some research as well to find out why a thing is the way it is.

  • Perhaps The Adorni ctr. could accommodate the early morning walkers. After all, it was built for the people of Eureka.

  • Treadmills at Planet Fitness and other gyms are in safe, dry locations, and available early in the morning.

  • There will be a final victory for our local seniors in the future when the mall shuts down and it’s converted into a senior living community. This is the perfect solution for all the ill-fated malls across the country.
    Turn the stores into residences, keep the “streets,” maybe a have a clinic set up shop.
    Doesn’t really matter what the hater-traitors think anymore. They’re not part of any solutions anywhere, unless it involves hurting people of color, minorities, disabled, veterans, families, seniors, children and anyone else they’re told to blame by their fascist heroes.

    • By “hurting people of color, minorities, disabled, veterans, families, seniors, children and anyone else they’re told to blame by their fascist heroes”, you mean those who use these groups as leverage to pry more and more of people’s own earnings to give to the agenda of social leveling.

      If by fascist, you mean “Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce” , you are advocating your own version of it where you insist the government (authoritarian, forcible suppressing opposition and control of industry) remake every human into someone afraid to point out the ridiculous of a government that must oppress to get a hold of others’ wealth.

      The delusion is that it ever ends up better than past attempts have. Ever notice that increasing the iron hand of government, no matter the ‘intent’, has always meant social abuse and collapse? Probably not because the first suppression of peopke usually is lead by the education section, which shouts down all contrary ipiniind, facts and history.

  • I don’t believe anyone would miss that mall if it wasn’t there in the morning. That property sells more heroin and meth than any other product inside it’s walls. If it’s a fix your looking for, they are always open, just go around back and look for, well, anyone.

  • Might have something to do with the early morning break in of the mall and theft of thousands of dollars of merchandise last week during the “walkers” timeframe…

  • I shop Ross Dress for Less. I noticed a while ago that the bench just inside the doors of the mall there was gone. I usually sit there for a couple minutes before going out to the car. This is not user friendly to people with disabilities. On another subject of the Dollar Tree at Eureka Mall rarely has carts. Because I can’t walk for long, I’ve quit shopping there and go to the Dollar Tree on Myrtle Avenue who provide carts for their customers. If you want me to shop at your business make it easier for me to do so.

  • Maggot sauce extra saucey

    They need more Security guards that are inshape ,and are afraid to keep out the tweeter-junky bums,ive seen them just sitting there charging their phones, using the Free Wi-Fi, do your job, and keep out the drift-raft. Then there would be no problem !

  • Maggot sauce extra saucey

    Any chance of world peace?

  • Fix the homeless issue and the doors will open again and benches will return.

  • Eureka scares the crap out of me, and I would not shop at Bayshore Mall if you gave me $100 at each visit.

    I am pretty much done with Humboldt County too!

    Sedona bound… Hippies with self respect! Hell yeah!

  • White trash capital of the west coast

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