Who’s Gone Missing in the Emerald Counties?

Three of the missing in the Emerald Counties: Jeff Joseph, [UPDATE: The woman shown has been located], Johnson Nguyen.

Three of the missing in the Emerald Counties: Jeff Joseph, Barbara Lea Norton, Johnson Nguyen.

Because of the sheer number of the missing, [the North Coast Journal believes Humboldt County has the “highest per-capita rate of people reported missing in California”] three of our local media outlets–the Two Rivers Tribune and the North Coast Journal and our site, Redheaded Blackbelt–have joined together this week to take different angles on this story. (Good news! One person is reunited with their family after the Journal published their story yesterday.)

In Humboldt County, on average, nearly two and a half missing person’s reports were filed per day in 2016. Most didn’t stay missing, but law enforcement expended hundreds of man hours following leads, entering data, scouring wildlands as well as city streets, and attempting to locate the lost, the intentionally wandering, and sometimes, those who were likely murdered and their crumpled bodies hidden from those who searched.

The sheer number of people missing each year that local law enforcement deals with is staggering. In 2016, the latest year for which statistics are available on the California Department of Justice’s website, 513 missing children reports were filed and 348 missing adults reports were filed in Humboldt County alone.  Most of these eventually returned on their own or were located. However, three of the adults were found deceased. Fifteen of the adults reported and seven of the children had been arrested.

Trying to look closely at the numbers of those missing here in the Emerald Counties is like trying to grab water–you know you’ve touched something but you don’t have anything solid when you open your hand. For example, take a closer look at Humboldt. According to Lt. Dennis Young of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, Humboldt County has 176 people currently listed as missing. The county’s records manager Melva Paris tells me that the oldest case is from 1975.

According to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) website, “Law enforcement agencies are required by law to submit reports of missing persons to DOJ.” But, from the research we did, a number of those known to be missing in the Emerald Counties, are not listed on the site.

For instance, we were able to compile only 50 missing people in Humboldt County from the DOJ’s site and other sources such as news reports and websites like NamUs–the National Missing and Unidentified Persons’ System. And, of those 50 we’ve compiled, seventeen of those names are not actually listed on the Department of Justice’s site. This could mean they’ve been located and removed but, in many instances, all available information indicates most of the 17 are actually missing.

In addition, Melva Paris, Humboldt County’s Records Manager, in notes compiled for us by Samantha Karges of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, pointed out the two earliest missing are a pair of brothers swept from the South Jetty, Herbert and Raymond Wall. Neither are listed on the DOJ site.

Paris explained, “The DOJ Website only puts Missing Persons on their Website that could possibly be homicide victims due to the circumstances surrounding their disappearance.” This would mean that the Walls were kept off the site because they are believed to have died of natural causes. However, Gregory James Kuljian (Geddie), who disappeared after being swept away by the ocean, is listed.  Nonetheless, this might account for at least some of the names not listed by the DOJ that we have noted below.

However, some of what we know about those missing but not listed indicate they were not the victims of nature but quite possibly the victims of homicide. Robert Joseph Tennison, missing person number 27 on the list of Humboldt County’s missing we’ve compiled at the bottom of this article, is widely believed to have been murdered and there is no indication of a natural death.

Some of those not listed from Humboldt are well-known or relatively recent like Robert TennisonSumi Gail Juan, and all the 2017 cases. (Note: The 2017 known missing persons are listed for all the other Emerald Counties.)

Paris agrees there is a discrepancy between Humboldt County numbers and the numbers of those listed on the DOJ website. Speaking through Karges, she said, “I’m not sure where DOJ gets the figures because the data they are supplying doesn’t match… I have contacted [the DOJ’s Missing Person] Unit to find out where this information comes from.” As of the time of publishing, Paris hasn’t gotten back to us with an explanation.

She did tell us, “Department of Justice provides downloads for every County of Missing Persons. The list is updated daily.”

We requested that list for publication and were told that the Sheriff’s Department wanted to evaluate our request.

In addition, we spoke to Tania Mercado, Press Secretary from the California Department of Justice, and she would only say that the names of the missing people are added or removed based on information given the DOJ by law enforcement throughout California. She was not able to provide any criteria for why some are listed and some are not.


Missing person search online

The California Department of Justice’s website doesn’t show Robert Tennison as missing.

Long after the missing posters on those who have vanished have faded and blown away in the wind, some family members will keep vigil. Some will keep vigil silently–barely acknowledging out loud the loose thread that caught on their heart when their loved one vanished and which now threatens to unravel their life. Some will keep vigil by reaching out to the media or police or both on a regular basis, hoping even decades after their loss that they will get answers.  They hope but, at the same time, they fear to know for sure that their loved one is dead.Missing in California poster

If you have a family or friend missing, an event this June 9 in Sacramento may be helpful to you. This free event will have law enforcement available to help record information. Family members can give DNA samples if they choose to help with identification. They are also “encouraged to bring photos, along with medical and dental records of their missing loved ones.”


Missing Persons in the Emerald Counties:

Meanwhile, we offer the following information. We have listed and linked every missing person that we know of within the Emerald Counties: Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity. Please feel free to comment below with information about any who might need to be added. We’ll try to verify and update.

  • Most of those listed are found on the California Missing Persons website. The links to the missing found there start with https://oag.ca.gov/
  • The links almost always lead to photos.
  • In addition, there are names with links that match up to information that are not on the California Missing Person website.  
  • In addition, we just put the photos of people who went missing after 2014.
Del Norte: We have only been able to locate information on three of the missing.
  1. 2009 Gregory Ralph Bryan, Jr. https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/gregory-ralph-bryan-jr
  2. 2011 Robert Lee James https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/robert-lee-james
  3. 2012 Jeff Lanum https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/jeff-lanum-1

Humboldt: We have only been able to locate 50 names of the 176 total considered missing, according to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. 

  1. 1975 Herbert Bradley Wall washed into the Pacific Ocean from the South Jetty.
  2. 1975 Raymond Allan Wall washed into the Pacific Ocean from the South Jetty.
  3. 1977 Mary Elizabeth Stuart https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/mary-elizabeth-stuart See also http://deaniepeters-missingangels.blogspot.com/2014/05/missing-37-years-mary-jessie-and-fannie.html
  4. 1977 Jessie Flo Stuart https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/jessie-flo-stuart
  5. 1977 Fannie Fawn Stuart https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/fannie-fawn-stuart
  6. 1977 March 30 Clare Louise Christie —(said to have been lost at sea but was the wife of a man who later is believed to have killed at least one other woman and terrorized more.)
  7. 1981Ollie Letrell Cader https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/ollie-letrell-cader
  8. 1981 Edrel Mae Pierce https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/edrel-mae-pierce
  9. 1985 Charles Detweilder Allen  https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/charles-detweilder-allen See more information on Namus.
  10. 1985 John Stewart Campbell https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/john-stewart-campbell
  11. 1988 Thomas Page Locke https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/thomas-page-locke
  12. 1988 June 7 Penelope Jo Milbourn https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/penelope-jo-milbourn
  13. 1990 Dan Thomas Pogue https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/dan-thomas-pogue
  14. 1991 Andrea Jerri White https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/andrea-jerri-white
  15. 1993 Hannah Rowell https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/hannah-rowell
  16. 1993 Roger Anderson https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/roger-anderson
  17. 1996 Lorie Lynn Walters Pope https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/lorie-lynn-walters-pope
  18. 1997 Karen Mitchell https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/karen-marie-mitchell-0 Also there is more information on Karen Mitchell here.
  19. 2001 Katie Elizabeth Wantz https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/katie-elizabeth-wantz
  20. 2003 Chris Robert Giauque https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/chris-robert-giauque
  21. 2003 Joan Penderell Taylor https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/joan-penderell-taylor
  22. 2005 September Michael William Desmet the person he was with was found in the skeletal form. Also, more information can be found here.
  23. 2006 February 1 Seamus Murphy https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/seamus-murphy
  24. 2007 Kawika David Benjamin Chetron https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/kawika-david-benjamin-chetron
  25. 2007 November 16 Gary Lee Rogers reportedly vanished from Hanson’s Truck Stop.
  26. 2008 Christine Walters https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/christine-lindsey-walters
  27. 2009 January 19 Robert Joseph Tennison [Bob the builder] http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/t/tennison_robert.html Robert Joseph Tennison [Bob the builder] was expected to show up but didn’t. See also here. 
  28. 2009 John Leyden https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/john-leyden
  29. 2010 September Sumi Gail Juan disappeared.
  30. 2011 April Robert Firestone elderly and reportedly wandered away
  31. 2012 November 1 Kevin Michael Kelly https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/kevin-michael-kelly
  32. 2012 November 24 Gregory James Kuljian https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/gregory-james-kuljian (was swept away by a wave near Big Lagoon.)
  33. 2013 August 25 John Edward Morgan https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/john-edward-morgan
  34. Sheila Franks2014 January 11 Sheila Franks https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/sheila-franks
  35. Jeff Joseph2014 June Jeff Joseph https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/jeffrey-keith-joseph
  36. Victoria Tatro2014 August 1 Victoria Joy Tatro https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/victoria-joy-tatro
  37. Daniel Flanagan2014 September 17 Daniel Michael Flanagan https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/daniel-michael-flanagan
  38. Jennifer Leann Atkins2016 May 16 Jennifer Leann Atkins isn’t accessing her bank accounts.
  39. aaron_kaloustian2016 August 24 Aaron Kaloustian missing after a vehicle accident.
  40. No photo available 2016 September 2 Meg Possible overdue hiker.
  41. Ariana Osorio2017 March 10 Ariana Yvette Osorio https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/ariana-yvette-osorio
  42. Natalie Wright2017 June 28 Natalie Rashelle Wright missing after receiving death threats.
  43. No photo available 2017 June 28 Wright’s 19-month-old daughter, Mack Chevelle Grant missing after her mother received death threats.
  44. Ellen Cameron temple2017 July 11 Ellen Cameron Temple older transient.
  45. Leann Eller2017 July 31 Leanne Eller left most of her property behind.
  46. Jeremy Dewayne Ashley2017 November 9 Jeremy Dewayne Ashley https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/jeremy-dewayne-ashley
  47. Ivan Linan2017 November 28 Ivan Linan missing after vehicle accident on Hwy 36.
  48. QUINCY Mendes2018 January 21 Quincy Tod Mendes missing after vehicle accident on Hwy 36.

Mendocino: We have only been able to learn 33 of the names of the missing.

  1. 1974 June Linda Lovell (information from Namus) disappeared while with Stephen Locke Packard below.
  2. 1974 June Stephen Locke Packard (information from Namus)  a travelers check in Packard’s name was cashed at a store in Westport, Mendocino County, CA. Linda Lovell and Stephen Packard have not been heard from since then.
  3. 1976 Frederick Donald Leach https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/frederick-donald-leach Also known as William Donald Leach Namus
  4. 1981 January 17 Craig Herrick Langford III (information from Namus) 
  5. 1981 January 17 Christine Langford (information from Namus) may have drowned.
  6. 1983 January 1 Dorothy Turley Bolton (information from Namus) disappeared from home.
  7. 1983 Peter Harrington https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/peter-harrington
  8. 1986 Feb 21 Clifford Whealdon Cox (information from Namus) He and vehicle reported missing.
  9. 1987 Sept 17 Daniel William Southers (information from Namus) believed to be related to illegal cultivation.
  10. 1992 August 13 Wayne Douglas Rogers (information from Namus) left suicide letters.
  11. 1993 August 9 Kristi Krebs (information from Namus) left behind bra, panties, wallet, and car.
  12. 1995 Danny Ray Michael https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/danny-ray-michael
  13. 2001 Jaime Vasquez https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/jaime-vasquez
  14. 2001 June 11 Remigio Herrera Hernandez (aka Rafael Sanchez)( information from Namus) fell off a boat.
  15. 2004 Chad Richard Kirkendall https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/chad-richard-kirkendall
  16. 2004 Dec 17 Katherine Rebecca Lamadrid https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/katherine-rebecca-lamadrid
  17. 2005 Donald James Cavanaugh https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/donald-james-cavanaugh
  18. 2005 Thomas Michael Thurston https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/thomas-michael-thurston
  19. 2006 Mar 1 David Virgil Neily https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/david-virgil-neily
  20. 2007 12/31 Michele Bonnie Schlick https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/michele-bonnie-schlick
  21. 2010 Eric Christopher Grant https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/eric-christopher-grant
  22. 2011 July 21 Oscar Cabada (Rosario Lopez Bobadilla) Namus [Vehicle left at a local park.
  23. 2013 Apr 4 Genevieve Kathryn Alexander https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/genevieve-kathryn-alexander
  24. 2013 Erik Lamberg https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/erik-swan-lamberg-0 Erik Lamberg
  25. 2013 Sept 12Steven Ernest Wilson  https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/steven-ernest-wilson
  26. 2013 December 4 Paul Ussing Storm (information also from Namus) fell in ocean.
  27. Tellie Jo Simmons2014 January 14 Tellie j. Simmons (information also from websleuths) is not in contact with family.
  28. Barbara Norton2014 April 2 Barbara Lea Norton https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/barbara-lea-norton
  29. Michael Anderson2014 October 22 Michael Anderson https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/michael-anderson
  30. asha Kreimer2015 September 21 https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/asha-kreimer
  31. corey Abernathy2015 October 3 Corey Abernathy (information from website) didn’t show up to work.
  32. James Matthew Begley2017 August 6 James Matthew Begley https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/james-matthew-begley
  33. Duane Masher2017 August 23 Duane Masher (information from website). His vehicle was found in Leggett.

Trinity: We have only been able to locate 20 names of the missing.

  1. 1980 Donna Fowler https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/donna-l-fowler body unlocated but killer confessed. https://www.websleuths.com/forums/threads/ca-donna-fowler-7-weaverville-10-nov-1980.62034/
  2. 1987 Billy Lee Maynard https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/billy-lee-maynard
  3. 1993 Jennifer “Jade” Wilmer https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/jennifer-m-wilmer
  4. 1993 June 11 Beth Ellen Rogers (information from Namus) swept away by river.
  5. 1995 Robin Denise Appel Herring https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/robin-denise-appel-herring-0
  6. 2001 Naomi Nalani Hagerman https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/naomi-nalani-hagerman
  7. 2008 August 29 Louie Taylor (information from Namus) was last reported seen walking away from his father-in-law’s property.
  8. 2009 Christopher Joseph McNeill (information from Facebook) was last seen walking on Hwy 3.
  9. Stephen Michael Morris2014 August 2 Stephen Michael Morris https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/stephen-michael-morris found
  10. Michael Thomas McDonald2014 October 1 Michael Thomas McDonald https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/michael-thomas-mcdonald-0
  11. dustin martin2015 July 20 Dustin Martin [Information from website) left behind his dog, his wallet and his cell phone at a campsite.
  12. Shannon House2015 October 11 Shannon House https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/shannon-michael-house .
  13. Arthur O'Keefe2016 January 4 Arthur O’Keefe https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/arthur-f-okeefe
  14. Stacy smart2016 October 12 Stacy Smart https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/stacey-ellen-smart
  15. Steven Hixson2017 March 1 Steven Lee Hixson https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/steven-lee-hixson
  16. roger her2017 March 26 Roger Her https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/roger-her Roger her
  17. johnson Nguyen2017 May 15 Johnson Nguyen https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/johnson-nguyen See also Four missing
  18. Tony Sysavanh2017 May 16 Tony Sysavanh https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/tony-sysavanh See also Four missing
  19. Dan Nguyen2017 May 16 Dan Anh Nguyen  https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/dan-anh-nguyen See also Four missing
  20. anesi sauta2017 May 17 Anesi Saut https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/anesi-saut See also Four missing
NOTE: An earlier version of this story pictured a woman who we have learned has been located. We removed her image.

UPDATE  2/28/18:  Lucas Dale Blake-Williams body has been found and identified.

UPDATE 3/5/18: Mitchell Hernandez’s body was found and identified.



  • It’s a shame that happens in your county. I would never have imagined that would happen in U.S.A. I’m a friend of Ivan Liñan. We are desperate

    • I would try and find the farm your friend was working on for possible more answers. I don’t know if jumping out of the car and running into the woods on 36 is the truth. People try to get happenings away from the farm. Best wishes.

      • Shame on someone!

        True, folks go out of there ways & do incriminating Shit to protect their grows vs care anything bout a families, longing for their loved ones. For as beautiful a place this can be, there is a lot of dirt underneath the canopy.

        Backtrack your friends moves, don’t trust his supposed friends, workers or bosses. I’d agree the Highway 36 bounce story sounds like total bs.

        Just look at the Bay area recently, for example. A boy visiting his patents from college, went missing. They searched for wks. After much pressure, the friend who last saw him, admitted he was involved in his friends death. He originally told authorities he dropped his friend off at the park, where the poor kid was found deceased.

      • Thank you very much for your response, for your wishes and your help. I suppose the police would have done those things and talked to those workers. I think that’s their job. It is true that the story sounds strange but I know Enrique, the driver’s brother and they are not the kind of family that would hide some detail. Why was someone going to lie about that? There is no fear or anything that matters more than finding Ivan. I still think that Ivan has some mental problem and I hope he appears soon

  • Thank you Kym for putting all this info together. Thank you.

  • Great article, Kym. So many devastated families left behind with no answers. Thank you for shining a light on those still missing.

  • I’m not sure what the purpose of the article is. There are a lot of missing people in our area but it is not surprising with the extent of rough wild areas, rivers, ocean where bodies can be undiscovered and, let’s face it, drugs and criminal activity. But it’s not all violence or traumatic.

    Is it the inconsistency in various data bases that needs fixing? That people disappear is not common but not unknown.

    Anyway, I have interviewed a handful of ‘missing people’ in my life who disappeared for various reasons of their own, mostly personal but a couple criminal. They might have successfully lost themselves for decades. And I have developed presumption of death determinations on people who disappeared. Some in situations of imminent danger and some who disappeared without any indication anything wrong. Even a couple for reasons of fraud. The reasons are as varied as people generally are.

    • Well, we have the largest number of missing reported per Capita in California. The rest of the Emerald Counties are substantially lower. Don’t you think it would be nice to know if that was because Humboldt’s law enforcement do such a great job reporting, the others do such a poor job of reporting, if Humboldt, which has similar terrain and types of criminals has some particular problem, or…if there is something wrong with the DOJ’s method of imputing the information?

      The first step to answering that question is to get people noticing that there is a problem.

      • I’m not sure that it represents anything more than a combination of more visitors (tourists and drugs) and a very difficult natural terrain and a larger population in Eureka Ca and a larger over all population. And an ocean. And remarkably large and tolerated transient population.

        Of the three counties, Humboldt has the highest population, the biggest city. By about a third more? It is only reasonable that it has the most missing persons. Also Humboldt Co has quite a reputation for its drug culture. People who haven’t a clue where Mendocino or Trinity Counties are know what HumboldtCo is famous for and it isn’t the Redwoods. It attracts people engaging in risky activities at a high rate. Who frequently do so in isolated areas where no one is likely to stumble into bodies. And with our thick brush, even in populated areas bodies are not readily discovered.

        It would be surprising if Humboldt Co was not a ‘black hole’ but to know, the stats for the other counties are needed. Then statistically analyzed. Even then, given all the contributing causes like drugs, what difference does it make? We know we have a major drug problem, we know we have a major transient problem. We lose people to the ocean and rivers. We know this already. We could pick any one of those factors to address now.

        If you want a unified reporting system for the missing, ok but that is a national problem. Not local at all. But we as a nation have so many independent jurisdictions, the DOJ stats are not complete or accurate for murders, much less missing.

        • I’m the one who is confused now. You agree we have a problem with high numbers of missing. You seem to agree that are reporting system issues. (The DOJ system is national. I’m just looking at the California information.) WE could pick any one of those factors to address. Well, I addressed the numbers of those missing and the problems with the reporting system. So why do you think this is not worth talking about?

          • Missing is not a cause. It’s a symptom. If we could fix the drug problem, I suspect the missing problem would cure itself. And we do not have the will to do that at all. In fact, the attempts to brand our drug culture for profit is a much touted idea. We could cease making ourselves so attractive a place to live or visit for those unprepared for the realities, yet we do just the opposite.

            But what I’m saying is that I looked for information that shows we have a larger problem that the three counties mentioned and couldn’t find it. If, for example, we have a population 1/3 larger than either of the other two counties and we have a valid missing reports that are only 1/3 larger, then Humboldt isn’t out of line. If we eliminate ocean related disappearances, then compare it to Trinity Co, that might be informative. That part is simply arithmatic.

            And if it is more than 1/3 larger, the first question to ask is if the other counties are reporting, not whether we simply have a bigger problem. That would come later.

            And about it being a national problem, we are politically unable to force other units of government to conform by Constitution to national mandates unless not doing so isitself a Constitutional issue.

            The bottom line is that I don’t think it is worth talking about when we are already committed to not doing anything about the causes. Sorry to stink up a nice idea. But it is already clear why this problem exists.

            • Yes this is a major problem in this area and different in so many ways from other places. All your arguments are moot. You aren’t sorry to stink up a nice idea, you just want your opinion out there. TY Kym for this article.

              • Nonsense. Just look through what info is on so many of the missings’s profiles. Pot industry, coming to work in the the pot industry, involved in a grow. It is clear where a large part of the problem lies, yet it will be denied, dismissed and ignored in favor of blaming the police. It is an industry that attracts problems like sugar attracts flies.

                Yes, it is that simple.

    • “I’m not sure what the purpose of the article is. ” I know it’s rare for the Northcoast to have a real journalist practicing actual, investigative journalism, but that’s what this is. Shining a light into those dark places and investigating how our civil servants do the same, or fail to do so. Your rationale for why Humboldt has a high rate of missing persons may be accurate but your rationalization doesn’t supercede the need and want of families to have answers for why their loved ones have disappeared. If people like Kym doesn’t step up to fill the gap where government agencies fail to do so, then who is going to do it?

      Thanks, Kym, for tackling this difficult subject. I appreciate your service to this community.

      • But first you show there is a problem. That is not reported. May be true but it’s not in the North Coast Journal article or here.

        Then think about it before blaming bureaucrats. People come here to lose themselves. They seek isolation from their family or past. That is not the fault of the bureaucracies that the locals do not cooperate, having interest in avoiding the police, and that the population can not support the level of personnel required to do what they demand.

        • The proof is in the pudding. Your analysis for the “why” is entirely anecdotal. It may very well be true but there is no way to quantify your assumptions. As for the Northcoast having a higher rate per-capita of missing persons that is demonstrable, which Kym has done. Also, these are individuals with individual stories. To lump them all together is presumptuous at best and cold and arrogant at worse. Go through and read some of the individual cases.

          I’m not blaming the bureacracies for the missing people. They do have a job to do and it takes critical citizens to shine a light on them when the fail to do their job.

          Statistical comparison: about 1 in 4000 people are currently missing in the USA. About 1 in 3000 are missing in Humboldt and 1 in 750 are missing in Trinity. Trinity is an outlier with its low population.

          • It’s the pudding that’s missing. Population is not ‘anecdotal.’ As I said, it’s arithmatic.

            As for not blaming bureaucracy- ” I’m not blaming the bureacracies for the missing people. They do have a job to do and it takes critical citizens to shine a light on them when the fail to do their job.” – that is exactly what that sentence does.

            As far as the causes, no one keeps records of who was a resident and who was travelling through, who was allegedly involved in pot growing when they went missing. So assigning any reason is a guess but my guess will be more informed than most.

            In other places of dense population , missing body cases have been mostly either a disappeance accompanied by financial or relationship problems and cases where there was evidence of a murder but no body was located.

            Here they were 1) lost at sea or on the river, 2) disappeared while alleged to be camping or hiking and 3) people who were allegedly involved in pot grow operations with or without allegations of disagreements. I can’t remember even one that was other than these three although others might have been involved in one of the more typical type found elsewhere.

            It’s just the nature of the locale.

      • “I know it’s rare for the Northcoast to have a real journalist practicing actual, investigative journalism, but that’s what this is. Shining a light into those dark places and investigating how our civil servants do the same, or fail to do so….. Thanks, Kym, for tackling this difficult subject. I appreciate your service to this community.”

        I second this!

    • The purpose of the article is fairly obvious:to bring much needed attention to a horrible situation that is usually only viewed one incident at a time. When seen cumulatively like this, the magnitude might be more clearly seen & more resources brought to bear.
      Thank you Kym, this is an awesome article. Thanks especially for including Karen Mitchell, who has not been forgotten by many of us.

  • Thank you Kim and crew. A of valuable information. Personally wish to speak with some of those listed just ONE more time. They’ll come around eventually

  • Of the cases in trinity, how many were handled by det. Josh Ford?

    Families of missing in trinity: Did Josh Ford satisfy you with his efforts?

    In an assault, robbery and attempted murder case I filed in Trinity he never even interviewed the victim, came to the scene or interviewed the 3 suspects.

    F.U. J. Ford.

    • I don’t know who josh ford is but trinity county didn’t do anything for my missing brother. We hired our own search.

  • This is sad, but very important to continue tracking. Thank you. It would also be helpful to see a list of unsolved homicides. Maybe it would encourage a more concerted effort by law enforcement to solve cold cases. We lost a very dear family member to a homicide many years ago, but the investigation was bungled and the case never resolved. Recently a judge apologized for that in a personal interaction, and he and a former law enforcement officer have both told me that “we know who really did that.” So do we, but no justice has been served. It doesn’t go away. It hurts every day.

  • Those last four look like they left the country, or possibly some others took care of them, never to be found.

  • Look closer at spouses and significant others .. rare is the case when the perp is not known to the victim. Let’s start with Humboldt #20 2003 Chris Robert Giauque https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/chris-robert-giauque

    “Wife” of a few short weeks goes to report him missing WITH A LAWYER IN TOW. Refuses to be interviewed . Within few short months divorced him via public notices and he’s likely been declared dead. Wow Humboldt county that’s the best we can do?

    • Yes. Just think about trying to charge a person for murder, which I think is what you are suggesting, without a body. Without a witness to immediate peril. Suspicions are not enough.

      He can’t be declared dead in those circumstances for 7 years. Even then if remains are found, murder does not have a statute of limitations in prosecution. But in the absense of anything to go on, the law can not act.

    • She also sold a bunch of his stuff right after he went missing as well.

      • Omfg . And what else do ppl know? I’m not suggesting charging the wife with murder directly but her behavior afterwards and that of his close partners/associates raises huge red flags. Wthell. His poor brother and family 14 years no closure and knowing his estate went to her etc. Read his website and do some internet digging yourself . It’s disturbing. My hunch, someone knows something.

    • I might be misremembering some details; but didn’t he have a court case right before he disappeared where the sherif ended up being help in contempt for not returning marijuana to him (thereby pissing the sherif off majorly) and then he held a marijuana giveaway on the courthouse steps? I always thought he pissed off the wrong people in power, that might have had something to do with him disappearing.

  • Alot of times they will write a missing then body found as a suicide,in stead of doing they jobs and investagateing,it.and the corner in humboldt also has vacations to get to instead of doing a full and throw ortopsy,easyer to just write in off he drawed cause found on beach..

  • Wonder what ever happen to Brad Thomas, the painter? Believe that was back in the latter 90’s.

  • 2012 November 21 Charles Detweilder Allen https://oag.ca.gov/missing/person/charles-detweilder-allen Namus is listed twice… once in 2012 and once when he actually disappeared in 1985

  • Humboldt County has the most incompetent and disgraceful Law Enforcement community I have EVER witnessed. From the investigations to the district attorneys… incompetence is the standard as evidenced here. ( I do have a fair share of personal experience as well).

    Michael Bear Carson and Suzan Carson, Wayne Adam Ford, The killing of Larry Amsterdam the “deal” given to individuals involved just to name a few of the more high profile incidents of gross negligence over the years.

    Humboldt is a GREAT place to get away with crime and will remain so.

    • I agree,as they have been saying for a long time ,if ya want to off some one, ya do it in humboldt,ya get away with it!

  • Thank you, Kym! What ever happened w the skeleton found on the riverbank on Halloween near Mendo county line?…Also I don’t see listed here the young woman who disappeared while hitchhiking from Willow Creek to Arcata in late eighties/ early nineties (Tro’s girlfriend)?

    • The skeleton is still unidentified. It has been found so it doesn’t really fit under missing persons.

      Jennifer “Jade” Wilmer is #3 under Trinity County which is where she was living at the time of her disappearance but many folks believed she disappeared between Willow Creek and Arcata so a case for her being one of Humboldt’s missing could be made.

  • When beutiful young women stand on the side of a back road desperately looking “for work” at harvest time, it’s just a invite for methed out hillbilly’s to take advantage. They don’t think twice about getting in a truck with a stranger and going out 10 miles down a dirt road with a promise of “work”! I ve lived here all my life and backroads in honeydew and kettenpom still scare me!

  • Was Roy Alan Gibbs ever found? He went missing, then it wad reported he was accused of molesting a child. I never heard anything but I noticed his name isn’t on that list.

  • Victims of nature….. crumpled bodies….. ??????? Never heard those terms
    used before.

  • Eric Day, Rio Dell-Scotia, 1996

  • The Jinx, Robert Durst

    Watch the HBO Doc. on Robert Durst, The Jinx. He lived in Trinidad off an on. The last phone call to one of his alleged victims was from the old pay phone alongside Calico’s! He was around during the time of Karen Mitchell’s disappearence… The documentary will burn through 6 hrs of your life, but the last five min. are the best. The lead up is worth it for understanding the significance.

  • Mitchell Hernandez went missing in Nov. 2016, was found in the river 30 miles from the open waters in Jan. 2017. He remained a John doe for a year. His mother was notified a couple weeks ago in the beginning of Jan. 2018. She was told they were understaffed that was the reason she suffered wondering for over a year.

  • Thank you for including Linda Lovell and Stephen Packard. They often get forgotten.

  • Someone he left behind

    Great article Kym. I cant express my appreciation enough for not letting our loved ones be forgotten. Keep up the great work and tune out the ignorant comments. You are doing amazing work and those left behind by the missing are thankful you are keeping the light on for them. Love love love.

  • Eric Day, went missing from his home in Stafford, Ca, in the 90s I believe, he’s never mentioned as missing.
    He was there one evening and gone the next morning.
    Just gone.

  • Kym I wondered why Austin Cade Brown wasn’t included on the Humboldt County list. Reported missing Jan. 2017. Body found Dec. 2016 and remained a John Doe with Coroners office until Nov. 2017. You remember I’m sure. I’m still not convinced his death was an accident and have made contacts to attempt to understand why law enforcement did very little to help. I reported rumors and no one was questioned as I was told the names I gave them were “known” and were unreliable.

  • Another missing

    And Mark Burleigh of Garberville. Since April of 2017

    • We as family just need to know that Mark is ok. His mother just needs some sort of piece of mind so if ANYONE knows any information on his whereabouts then please please contact his mother or his sister. All information will be kept confidential. Thank you,

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