[UPDATE] Stabbing Victim Travels From Willow Creek Area to Fortuna to Get Help

Assault FeatureThis morning a stabbing victim arrived at Redwood Memorial Hospital. While the victim was being treated, Fortuna Police were notified of the assault. Fortuna Police determined the stabbing had actually occurred in the Three Creeks area near Willow Creek and Hoopa which is in the Humboldt County Sheriff’s jurisdiction.

When deputies arrived at the hospital, the victim, a 45-year-old Fortuna resident, had already been treated and released, according to Samantha Karges spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriffs Department.

The victim told the Sheriff’s Department that he had been stabbed at a rural property. There were quite a few people on the property apparently, explained Karges. “Eventually, the suspect accused the victim of looking inappropriately at a female who was there,” Karges said. “According to the victim’s report, he woke up to the suspect standing over him and attempting to stab him.”

The victim told deputies that there was a struggle and he was able to get away, Karges told us. “The victim was picked up from the property and able to get out of the area,” she said. “Deputies have made contact with the property owner…and are investigating this as an assault with a deadly weapon.”

The suspect, known only as James, is described as being in his early twenties, about 5′ 11″ tall and 160 pounds with red hair. He has no facial hair and no tattoos only.

“Deputies have made contact with the property owner and are investigating this as an assault with a deadly weapon,” Karges said. “James was last seen fleeing the area eastbound on 299 towards Redding in a lowered black hatchback.


NOTE: After eastern Humboldt residents contacted us and pointed out that Three Creeks Road is in the Willow Creek section not the Hoopa section, we adjusted the wording in the article to reflect that the incident is somewhere in the general area southwest of Hoopa and northwest of Willow Creek.


UPDATE Friday: Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department:

On Feb. 1, 2018, at about 9:03 a.m., Humboldt County sheriff’s deputies were called to assist the Fortuna Police Department with a reported stabbing incident that occurred within the Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction.

During their investigation, deputies learned that the incident occurred at a rural property near Brannon Mountain Road in the Three Creeks area of Willow Creek. According to the 45-year-old male victim, the suspect, only known as “James”, accused the victim of looking at a female on the property inappropriately. The victim reportedly awoke later that night to the suspect stabbing him with a knife.

The victim was able to escape with multiple stab wounds to the neck and head area. He was later picked up from the property by a friend and taken to Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna for treatment.

The suspect is described as a male in his early twenties, 5 feet 11 inches tall, 160 pounds, red hair with no facial hair or visible tattoos. James was reportedly observed fleeing eastbound on Highway 299 toward Redding, with another male and a female, in a lowered black hatchback.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • I wonder why he went to Fortuna… as opposed to Mad River or St. Joe ?

  • Welcome to coverd california.

  • Three Creeks is not located in Hoopa but 5 miles west of Willow Creek. Give Hoopa a bad name when locations of crime are incorrect.

  • Just to be clear 3 creeks is right outside of Willow Creek making it the Willow Creek area not Hoopa. Not everything bad that happens on this side of the county is Hoopa, and it seems like we in Hoopa are being painted in a negative light. I’m sure that’s not the writers intention but it upsets a lot of people in our Valley to have our reservation’s name on an article like this when the people in this article aren’t from Hoopa and it didn’t happen in or that close to Hoopa so I’m confused why our names up there and not Willow Creek.

    • I have heard more than a few people make the same argument about different rural locations over the years. You need to develop thicker skin is the main problem. It’s typically to be listed as the the most known place that people can recognize, there is not a campaign to make hoopa seem like a bad area, just like there isn’t one for Alderpoint. However if it concerns you that the media is doing something to negatively portray your area maybe you could do something to help the situation?

  • Don’t party in or even near a rez …

  • Since I can’t get hold of the Public Information Officer that gave me the information and after input from a friend in Hoopa who pointed out that Three Creeks Road is in the Willow Creek section not the Hoopa section, I adjusted the wording in the article to reflect that the incident is somewhere in the general area southwest of Hoopa and northwest of Willow Creek.

  • What did St. Peter say to Custer at the pearly gates? Sorry, no reservations.

  • Three creeks road if u have key will get u to houpa

  • Three Creeks- nearly every single property has large weed grows and with zero eradication efforts it has gotten scuzzier and more desperado style up there every year. If the HCSO just did their job and knocked down some very obvious grows then areas like this would not “prosper” their way into lawlessness and terrible behavior. We might not be seeing news like this or oh yeah- that guy w/ the Three Creeks connection getting shot dead in his Manila driveway that nobody talks about anymore. Weed infested criminal neighborhood that needs to be purged manually.

    • I saw recently on the tv show Profit an interview with the local sheriff. He claimed they bust 150 gardens a year. A blatant lie. It is mostly on their watch that 12 to 15k gardens proliferated and changed Humboldt into a greedy free for all.

      • Imagine thinking there is “good” lawlessness and violence versus “bad” lawlessness and violence. A culture of lawlessness created our current situation step by step.

  • Your entering a whole other mentality when you get to redwood valley, threes creeks to willow creek to hoopa all the way up through 96 to happy camp, it’s lawless more or less people up there have there backwoods gangster tendencies, dead people floating down the klamath and trinity seems to be a normal thing every summer and fall be careful out there people.

    • Don’t forget Titlow and Sabertooth, back of Redwood Valley. Area really needs a federal douching. Since the local sheriff refuses to do his job.

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