Vehicle Crashes, Knocks Down Power Lines Near Carlotta

According to scanner traffic, a vehicle crashed into a power pole in the Carlotta area around 6 p.m. The vehicle reportedly knocked down power lines near the Highway 36/Barber Shop Lane intersection. The PG&E Outage map estimates about 21 people are without power near the scene of the crash.

The vehicle involved is a Mazda truck.

Update 6:40 p.m.: All lanes of Highway 36 are blocked, according to the scanner.



  • Accident was t T-bone accident near the Carlotta Post Office. FYI…..If you haven’t been to the new restaurant, “Tornado Dave’s” Bar and Grill on Hwy 36, it is excellent. Great food and the coldest beer in Humboldt. Used to be Restaurant 36; and before that, Shamus.

  • Hope you’re allright! But JFC that’s a straight stretch of road.

  • Just heard there were two accidents. The pole taken out by Barbershop and the one at the post office. Hope all are ok.

  • Yes Shamus T-bones was an accident and restaurant 36 was the home of the $20. Burger. High hopes for Torado Dave’s. It would be nice to have an affordable place to eat locally.

  • Thanks for using this to plug another pre failed restraunt. perfect time and place, in fact ill never be going to tornado daves, why tornado daves? Why not decent price daves or, something a bit more relevent to our area? Make me want to go there.

  • Better living through lower standards!

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