NCPA Endorses Steve (Sungnome) Madrone for 5th District Supervisor

This is a press release from the North Coast People’s Alliance:

North Coast People's Alliance NCPAThe North Coast People’s Alliance (NCPA) membership voted unanimously to endorse Steve (Sungnome) Madrone for Humboldt County’s 5th District Supervisor at its January monthly meeting. With a history of victory in local races, NCPA plans to turn out the same grassroots energy that first helped presidential primary candidate Bernie Sanders win the county in a landslide and has won multiple races for NCPA-endorsed candidates and a significant ballot measure since.

Madrone already spearheads and supports successful local projects and this track record impressed NCPA membership. His leadership helped make McKinleyville’s beloved Hammond Trail a reality. As executive director of the Mattole Salmon Group he currently leads the effort to restore Chinook and coho salmon in the Mattole River watershed. The Hoopa Valley tribe has already endorsed Madrone and credits him for his 44 years of work to restore the county’s important salmon resource.

Prior to the endorsement, NCPA membership questioned Madrone about a variety of local issues including the newly adopted general plan, voters’ current economic challenges, and the crisis of homelessness. Madrone, well-informed on these issues and many more, offered creative solutions likely to appeal to practical people of many political leanings. As Patti Rose, an NCPA member and twenty year resident of McKinleyville, commented: “Obviously the establishment of the Hammond Trail required Madrone to work successfully with a variety of individuals, groups and political entities. With the many challenges facing Humboldt County, fiscally, socially, and environmentally, it would be a great benefit to have someone of Madrone’s talents and skills as our 5th District supervisorial representative.”

North Coast People’s Alliance is a hub of organizing activity for Northern California. The group advocates for economic, environmental, and social justice, with a particular focus on local progressive electoral issues. Not aligned with any political party, it seeks common ground on issues that transcend partisan politics. Satisfied that Madrone’s track record and his current positions exemplify these values, NCPA will be working to ensure he not only is elected in November 2018 but will continue to champion these as Supervisor.

For more information on Madrone and his campaign, check out his website at NCPA’s website address is



  • Sunnome not electable

    Sungnome knows he has a pretty big uphill battle because he has historically a long history of having such a bad temper, that nobody really wants to work with him or be around him.
    He’s unelectable.

    • It is blatantly obvious that the negative commenters here are simply trolls who have never worked with Steve Madrone, and who don’t know the first thing about him and his impressive resume and productive track record working on difficult and contentious issues here in Humboldt County and elsewhere in California. Steve is well informed on the issues confronting the 5th District and our County as a whole; he is a problem solver and a team player who gets results, contrary to the outright lies that the above commenter spewed out. Kudos to the North Coast People’s Alliance for making the right choice in endorsing Steve Madrone to defeat Sundberg in the 5th District Supervisor’s race!

      • Agree he’s not electable

        Oh Sungnome, or Gary fish or whatever you call yourself, you know that you don’t work well with people. Maybe once in a blue moon you can, but most of the time you know you’re prone to just go bat shit off the handle.
        I agree that’s mostly the reason you are not electable, even your own “people” have a hard time with you and your volatility.

        • At least I use my real name while posting comments here, unlike almost all of the trolls and detractors. It’s easy to post negative and inflammatory comments when you’re behind the cloak of anonymity.

  • Way to go Humboldt! Keep those ENVIRO’s to run your county. He’s a P.O.S. To bad D. Fir and J. Butterfly are not on his team.

    • Steve Madrone has been working to restore local Salmon for 44 years. Your comment makes you sound like a fish out of water.

  • Sungnome is a unqualified kook but that doesn’t matter to the People’s Alliance because they are too.

    This is a dog bites man story. Who cares?

  • I hope they can find someone half that good (at least) to run against the sold out Fennel.

    • Bluehaired Hillbetty

      Madrone wouldn’t be running against Fennel. He would be running against current 5th District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg who represents north eastern Humboldt. I have no opinion of Steve Madrone as I do not know him but I am leery of environmentalists. I am equally leery of developers. Our county has some big problems. We need elected officials whio are ready and willing to be public servants first.

  • Be here, seem some

    Humboldt would be extremely lucky to have Sungnome for supervisor. The least kook in kookville, and a hardworking realist with a heart. Check him out.

  • He does not play well with others. Poor candidate to endorse.

  • Bluehaired Hillbetty

    Sungnome(?)okayyyyyy what the heck is that supposed to mean and why is it in parenthesis? Aside from that Fennell is not his opponent as she is not the 5th District Supervisor. Sundberg, the current supervisor for the 5th district is crooked and needs replaced. Oh why bother.

    • Lol. No one ever said that but you. Taxpayer’s comment above, referred to hoping someone half as good, to run against Fennel.

  • Anybody but the incumbent, across the entire Board. Take a good look at Sundberg’s district. It’s leading the pack of status quo big box sprawl style development and mismanagement. He’s anything but “affordable” unless by that to mean creating a foundation of crowded poverty and overpriced “services”, a revolving door population of minimum wage desperation. Permanent residents beware.

  • Big box sprawl and development?
    I love being able to shop in the big box (joking) Eureka Health Foods, K-Mart, and now Grocery Outlet. It is nice to reduce our carbon foot print by not shopping in Eureka for everything.
    Will Mr. Madrone assist the tribe in Hoopa in getting a regular supermarket set up for valley residents?
    Will he be working with the schools to encourage a real vocational education program in the high school?
    Will he address the lack of a memorandum of understanding between the tribe and the Humboldt County Animal Shelter?
    Will be working with the tribe in the expansion of current efforts to have more food grown in Hoopa?
    Our family hopes so.

  • I’ll never forget when Sundberg ran for supervisor his first time – against Patrick Cleary. At the Azalea Hall candidate forum, each candidate was given a chance to tell about their work with the community. Cleary took several minutes highlighting actual community involvement, initiatives he took, groups he worked with, etc. Meanwhile, when Sundberg’s big chance came all he could say was he had served on the Rancheria council and had worked at fundraisers with the Rotary Club. That was it!!! He hadn’t done a fucking thing. Don’t forget that. He was an apprentice. A wannabe politician. A farce, really. Won by like 57 votes. Now, we have someone who has really done their work in the community and knows the issues. Has a good work ethic and knows his stuff. Go Madrone.

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