CDFW Conducting Elk Captures in Northern California

This is a press release from the  California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is planning to capture numerous elk in northern California in late January and early February.

From Jan. 31 through Feb. 4, CDFW will capture as many as 43 adult Rocky Mountain elk (nine bulls and 34 cows) in Lassen, Modoc and Siskiyou counties in northeastern California. From Feb. 6 through Feb. 8, CDFW will capture up to 16 Roosevelt elk cows in Humboldt County in northwestern California.

The elk will be captured on lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) as well as on private properties with permission from landowners. CDFW is grateful to the USFS, timberland owners and other private landowners that are providing access to their lands for the captures.

Under the direction of CDFW veterinary staff, CDFW wildlife biologists will lead the captures. Capture crews will locate elk via helicopter, capture them with net guns and restrain the captured animals for tagging.

Each elk will be ear tagged and fitted with a GPS collar. Pregnant female elk from specific herds will receive an additional transmitter that will monitor their pregnancies and aid biologists in finding their calves in the spring. The collars will provide detailed information about elk for approximately two years. This information will enhance CDFW’s knowledge of current elk distribution, abundance, calf recruitment, survival and habitat use.

For additional information regarding captures in Lassen, Modoc or Siskiyou counties, please contact CDFW Wildlife Biologist Reid Plumb at (530) 598-6011. For information regarding captures in Humboldt County, please contact CDFW Environmental Scientist Carrington Hilson at (707) 445-6493.



  • Can someone tell me what the objective is. I grew up in Eureka; my parents would take us up North and we saw Elk. Are the Elk on a decline situation? Thank you. Dena

    • All in the name of information gathering and monitoring .. (we are and should well be guardians of the earth .. because it is where our very life comes from, is supported by, and passed on to our children … i really don’t want to give my grandchildren a turd to live in.

  • The Elk are expanding, but not for long here comes cannabis lupus haha “WOLVES” the large imported 135lb Canadian monsters who run in packs of 12 on average, elk will soon be extinct after the alpha predator cleans up, go fish and game Dept. keep importing non native invasive species to kill off all of our native deer and elk, who knows maybe the Hmong will save the day and slaughter the wolves for food. I hear the chump is moving to Hmong fork for cultural diversity.

    • Hmong fork???…cultural diversity???

    • Barney Fife should go back to Mayberry and live out his fantasy life there. Contrary to his uneducated rant above, wolves are in fact a native California species. The “non-native invasive species” that has caused untold damage and detrimental changes in California (and worldwide), and the one I’m most worried about, is Homo sapiens of European descent.

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