Cops Count Cash After Cannabis Catch

Two CHP officers count cash on the hood of their vehicle. [Crop of photo provided by a reader]

A California Highway Patrol officer pulled over a white Dodge Ram with dealer plates about 4:30 p.m. on Redwood Drive in Redway.

CHP Officers Counting Cannabis

CHP officers counting what appeared to be pounds of marijuana. [Crop of photo provided by a reader]

According to a witness, other officers soon joined the first. The officers then began searching large garbage bags located in the bed of the pickup. They appeared to discover multiple pounds of marijuana.

Then the officers began searching the cab of the truck. “Every place they looked, they kept pulling out more and more bundles of cash,” the witness said. The officers counted the cash as seen in the top photo.

Eventually, the driver was taken away in a CHP vehicle. Presumably, he was arrested. We’ll update with more information tomorrow.



  • Reason for stop?

  • Grower greed.

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      Who pissed in your Cheerios this morning..? So much hate for someone you don’t know. Basically you don’t know shit about this person, their life, their family, and apparently you feel the need to be an ass. Get a life.

  • I’m sorry I’m confused. I read that cannabis had been legalized in California?

    • Yeah, one ounce I believe. Not 35 lbs.

    • You are confused. Read the laws a little closer, unless transporting marijuana to a dispensary (which requires permits), you can only transport 1 ounce of your beloved “cannabis” in a vehicle. Let’s just call it what it is, drug dealer who likely doesn’t pay taxes gets arrested for being a drug dealer. The End.

      • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

        He certainly paid taxes on that truck

      • Actually that’s not “The end.” There’s still a thing called due process which begins at the point of arrest. Chances are if this person was carrying that much cash with him/her then he/she probably has enough cash elsewhere to be used for an attorney who has the skills to get the stolen money back from the government thieves. The big question though is if this person is wise enough to know to do that. Either way it’s far from “The end.” at this point.

  • Why are you messing with people in possession of money or weed. We the citizens do not want that. We want you to deal,with the worse drugs. When was a big bust on those? Oh ya they don’t happen cause Humboldt is laundering money galore!!


    Did they have a sellers permit? Maybe all that cash was the taxes from the sales they were collecting for the state– seems at 40% that’s gonna be a lot of cash

  • Free Money for CHP

    So easy for officers to slip those wads of $100 bills into their pockets. Happens all the time in Mendo and Humboldt. Who is to stop them if they are both partners?

  • Oh boy

  • Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks Kym. Keep up the good work!

  • Counting cash. One for you , one for me, and one for the evidence bag. O e for you, two for me, and no more for the evidence bag. Man I think we need to take the rest home for our own evidence. Ha ha.

  • Only 35? Everyone is toting 100 plants or 100 pounds depending on the day.

  • It was one of the BULGARIANS!!;)

    • Maybe it was just another Humboldt county xenophobe who fails to see we live in a capitalist country and America is the land of opportunity.

  • Asset Forfeiture Tale

    More money than those 20 something knucklehead wookies will ever hold right there… must make them think…. hummmm ” I am in the wrong business”…. or as they slighly slip 20 or 30 bills away…… “I am in the right business… free donuts for the department, new swat gear new vests and firearms…… geez we love asset forfeiture theft!”

    • We know they’re not that smart.

    • A $50,000 dollar a year job to start, paid vacations, excellent health/dental insurance that covers your immediate family and a pension that allows them to live plenty comfortably in retirement. That’s sounds horrible.
      There’s a lot of moaning these days from growers who pissed their money away like it grew on trees (no pun intended). All the property, vehicles & toys, doesn’t add up to the salary and benefits that law enforcement receive. The hidden perks out weigh stacks of cash.

      • 50,000 a year can’t support a family. We barely make ends meet for our family of 3 on a $65,000/year salary. Thanks to Obama care, our health insurance is now more than our car payment. I can see why people are still trying to get their money in cash while they still can.

      • The hidden perks are coming home with pot to sell and pills for the wife and extra $$ for vacation…
        Asset forfeiture and pot laws make being a cop in SoHum or Mendo a profitable business.

    • Po ick ur battles

      You said wookie. Kim don’t like wookies.

  • 35 pounds= $960 street value.

  • Boy that’s one unlucky moron, should have had 2000lbs in a trailer and they would have gave him a ticket like the guy the other day in trinity

  • Dealer plates huh? Very curious as to how that came about. What dealer (not the pot dealer)?

  • Ill gotten goods is right…. For one the farmer in the truck mostly likely farmed this medicine, was honest in his endeavors to sell the product he lovingly grew…. and was getting paid for their hard work…..
    The officers on the other hand are nothin but Highway Bandits.. thieves… robbers! The farmer has every right to his property…. the cops are doing their jobs, but they are thieves and no different than a home invader in the middle of the night! Pure ripoffs and thieves who will carry the karma of their actions the rest of their lives

    • Give me a frigging break!

      • He is right though, on a moral level a thief is way worse than a farmer, regardless if it is cannabis….
        Regardless if the thief if empowered by a badge, he still uses a gun and threats of violence to rob the property…. Asset Forfeiture laws corrupt Police Forces.. a thief is a thief regardless

      • Dwayne Elizondo Bigleggins

        Asset forfeiture is an insult to the rule of law and basic human rights. Any officer that does it is not an officer you can trust when things get difficult.

    • home invader in the middle of the night??? please be reasonable

  • Looks like 3 to 5 grand. I’m sure that wouldn’t even cover his bill at Dazeys.

  • With our elected officials changing permit laws and regs at their own discretion, expect more of this as the illegal grows start coming back. They are really messing with a good money maker for state and county for their own greed and power.

    • Nothing to see here

      And Also with our local supervisor living in an unpermitted house on illegally subdivided land, it’s all a farce .The trac and trace will not work with the state trac and trace .The county is run by crooks .Supervisors and building inspectors having investments in growers and farms .Completly corrupt county

    • Po ick ur battles

      What dobyih mean our illegal grows coming back? Oh
      You’re brainwashed that’s right

      • I wonder what the rules might be if there weren’t so very many willing to act illegally. Trying to make uncooperative people behave is a never ending chore and expense.

        • Well it would appear that if so many werent heeling like good little robots maybe the laws should be changed. There is no need to make otherwise good people into crimminals simply because a few folks dont like what they do. Live and let live live your life stop attenpting to control others and the world could be a happy place.

  • Pun points for Crop Photo and Dealer Plates

  • A dealer license plate, as in the ones issues to car dealerships by DMV? or those cardstock paper plates advertising the dealership the vehicle was purchased from, because the vehicle (for whatever reason) does not have plates issued by DMV, yet?

  • I’m not sure which is more ignorant.

    Driving around with pounds in the back of your pickup, no license plates and money all over the cab.


    People here thinking that “dealer plates” actually means they had plates that signaled they are “dealers”.


  • Don’ttalkonyourphone

    Rumor has it he was on his cell phone. That’s what Kyms “witness” said. I’m not sure why he failed to tell Kim that part.

  • Cop one “how many 20s in a thousand?” Cop two “ im just making stacks of 5 20s then when I get to 10 stacks of 5 I put that together until….shit,I lost track again?” Cop two “ so 10 stacks of 5s is a hundred dollars?” Cop one “just pretend we know what we’re doing and put the money on the hood!”

  • Typical of so many pot posters. Thinking that alleging dishonesty by cops zeros out the dishonesty of the criminals. Same as thinking producing recreational drugs is just like farming tomatoes. Or paying property taxes absolves them from the need to pay income taxes. Or that being routinely involved with business dealing with other criminals is totally unrelated to those same criminals ripping them off and simultaneously expecting the police they allege to be criminals too to protect them.

    First you believe in the holy gods Pot and Greed then every other ridiculous convenient self aggrandizing illogic falls right into place. It’s the same litany of “me, me, always me” that leads to such deep anger in the believer when the rest of the world finds it a silly monotony.

    • I guess we should just deputize all red necks and let them just steal from everybody. I mean its illegal to have so deputies should be entitled steal anything they want.
      Property rights don’t matter.
      Morals of “do not kill or steal” do not matter. There is a drug war to fight and money to steal….

  • Good job CHP, keep it up. For those commenters that are giving the “why” and “poor guy” get the hell out of Humboldt. We need this type of activity on a daily basis to clean the greedy, dumb ass, community destroying, environment damaging growers out of Humboldt.

    No MORE!!!

    • Legalized Theft Not Right

      How is stealing from our community members a “good job”?
      What is so great about stealing small farmers pay checks when they are going to cash in their hard work?
      How about we steal your paycheck just because we dont like what you do for a living….. reverse the roles, how would you like some guy with a gun stealing your property which belongs to you? Asset Forfeiture is nothing but legalized theft! Maybe they convinced themselves but deep down there is a sense of guilt and even the deputies know what they are doing is called theft and robbery and is wrong to the core of our civilization. The Officers are working with an organized criminal enterprise which goes around using violence fear trauma and guns to bully itself and rob steal and kill. No different than a band of highway robbers.

    • Wait did I miss the pictures of his environmently destructive grow? Oh that’s right you are assuming. Nice one.

  • Drone pollinators inc.

    Spot on Bill. Let the Sessions parade begin.

    • Yep. The black market demands that people get busted. Lets bring up the price!

    • Jeff Sessions Kush

      Yes, thank you Jeff Sessions for keeping the price high for all the Cartels to profit on.
      It is so great we fight cannabis by increasing the price. NOT TO MENTION SESSIONS HAS BIG MONEY INVESTED IN THE US PRISON INDUSTRY, HE HAS LOTS TO GAIN!
      But then again the CIA brought plane loads of cocaine to our inner cities in the 1980’s…. traded for confiscated weapons to the Contras… it isnt about stopping drugs, its about keeping a scarcity and the price high, YES THE US GOVERNMENT MAKES LOTS OF MONEY KEEPING DRUGS ILLEGAL.. wouldnt want poor people not in the high class cocaine circles in Washington to have access, got to keep the price high. Even during alcohol prohibition bootleggers were delivering moonshine to the whitehouse for the presidents poker games…. two sets of rules, one for the wealthy and one for the worker class… cocaine fits the lifestyle of the wealthy, pot the sore bodies of the poor working class… this is why we never ever barely hear of hard drug busts, but have a joint and they wanna search your whole property..

  • To all you greenhorns out there, you can get pulled over at anytime for driving around with dealership plates. Try driving cross ountry with dealership plates, you’ll be sure guaranteed to be pulled over just so law enforcement can check your paperwork in many states.

    • Technically you don’t have to have a license plate just a valid registration,drivers license,and insurance. But….you will get pulled over to make sure your in compliance

    • I once drove all the way to Detroit with a ONE DAY ONE WAY moving permit. The only place I got pulled over was in Illinois and the officer was so confused he let me go without a citation😁

    • Boudreaux it sounds like you’re the greenhorn here because, you’re wrong, it is absolutely not illegal to drive with dealer plates on a vehicle (why do you think dealer plates exist in the first place? Duh!) and it is illegal for law enforcement to pull you over just because you have dealer plates. No doubt cops illegally pull people over everyday but they just lie about the reason for initiating the stop so they get away with it.

      • Sleepy Alligator must be a greenhorn when it comes to reading comprehension. Where did they say it was illegal? I missed that sentence.
        Geez, it sounded more like they were offering a bit of advice from experience, a fair warning to all.

  • Common sense isn’t as common as it used to be.

  • Crossed checked LOCO’s “booked” report and there’s no record of anyone being booked by the CHP or released yesterday after this time. Will it just be “asset forfeiture” or is someone making a deal and bigger fish will fry (in other words, part of an on-going investigation)? Either way it stinks.

    • I called the CHP. Officer Wunderlich told me that he’d get back to me soon with answers to my questions.

    • Maybe the CHP just took the money and let them go, like hey ” you can go to jail and get an evidence receipt and we take the truck too… or we can just take the money and you can go home”…. Deputies do this all the time…… no report, no evidence, no arrest, no problem. Then they take a vacation to Mexico and have a blast, they pick up the departments steroids for everybody…. They make way more if they have a friend as a partner as the partners can stick together with their story. How many times have local farmers been subjected to theft and robberies by local law enforcement…. many …many.. times!

  • Everywhere they looked they found more cash?That doesn’t look like a big amount of cash to me…unless they stuffed some in their pockets!

  • Kym, I enjoy your alliteration.

  • Interesting all the jealousy and hate being spewed on growers….
    They must have forgotten that it is marijuana that built Humboldt, Marijuana which feeds Humboldt and Marijuana which keeps all of Humboldt’s businesses in operation. It is not pot haters and hypocrites, they do nothing but take from the system and create problems. Let them all move away to a place that is pot hater friendly. Nobody likes you folks here!

  • A thief is a thief

    Edmund Tooll, Highway Robbery

  • Pickle Barrel Bandit 🌟

    Its all good! Hes got 15 pickle barrells full of hundreds. Worse would be if the pickle barrel bandid struck his spot!

  • A robber is a robber badge or not

    Isn’t this exactly what these Officers did….. Robbery is the crime of taking or attempting to take anything of value by force, threat of force, or by putting the victim in fear. According to common law, robbery is defined as taking the property of another, with the intent to permanently deprive the person of that property, by means of force or fear; that is, it is a larceny or theft accomplished by an assault.

  • Two for you, two for me, one for evidence………

  • Sounds like some low hanging fruit!

    Humboldt cops, ESPECIALLY CHP are pretty damn cool in general- go visit some other states if you think otherwise.

    When they get pitched a softball though what do you think they’re going to just ignore it?

  • Long ago we lost our ability to distinguish the dangerous from the nuisance, and it has broken our pocket books, the fabric of our communities, and we are no safer for it,”

  • Planning note to self when transporting lb’s ‘o weed: Register the dang truck.

  • [edit]
    Thise stupid fuckers have done nothing but piss everyone off in a tight tiny neighborhood since they bought the place. Guaranteed it was the same [edit] that ran the white car with with woman and children off the road causing them to wreck.
    Nobody wants you on the hill fuckoff [edit]v
    The same idiots are shooting full auto weapons daily! Not exactly compliant if you ask me. Gonna call the ATF on these fuckers since the sheriff and dfw are useless then they might go away for a while

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