Roads Conditions in Humboldt

Coffee Creek road flooded

Coffee Creek road yesterday. [Photo by Laurie Jensen–see her Facebook page Humboldt Bay Birds]

According to the County of Humboldt,

The following road closures are still in effect:

  • Coffee Creek
  • Meridian Road @ m.p. 0.7
  • Port Kenyon @ m.p. 0.60

The following roads are opened but could be flooded:

  • Berta Road


  • unbridled phillistine

    Seen two cars sputter out on Portkenyon Rd. in a giant ass puddle the past couple weeks. Hard to feel sorry for them when when they drive around a road closed sign due to flooding. Im over helping people that dumb.

  • Love the picture you posted for this story! ….Oh! Now I see it is Coffee Creek at high water.
    Sorry if this beautiful this aspect of nature is someone else’s pain in the butt!

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