[UPDATE 10:37 a.m.: Now Open] Alderpoint Road Blocked at Upper Sawmill by Big Rig

Sign on Alderpoint Road [Photo courtesy of Brian Craig]

Sign on Alderpoint Road [Photo courtesy of Brian Craig]

A big rig is stuck in a ditch and blocking both lanes of Alderpoint Road about three miles east of Redwood Drive near Garberville. The incident is near the intersection with Upper Sawmill and occurred about 7:26 a.m.

According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the 53-foot semi is hauling household supplies.

UPDATE 8:34 a.m.:

Semi stuck on Alderpoint Road by Upper Sawmill Road.

Semi stuck on Alderpoint Road by Upper Sawmill Road. [Photo by Karley Davis]

According to a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol in Garberville, vehicles with 4Wheel Drive are able to get around the truck. However, those without can’t.

In addition, he tells us that the tow truck has to come all the way from Willits so with drive time as well as clear time, the road is not expected to be open for a couple of hours.

He explained that the vehicle is over the advised length for being on the road and said the CHP would do there best to get the road cleared as soon as possible.

UPDATE 9:34 a.m.: According to the Garberville CHP’s Facebook page,

A big rig traveling eastbound on Alderpoint Rd. became stuck and is blocking both lanes of Alderpoint Rd. at Sawmill Rd. It appears the driver was unfamiliar with the area and became stuck after trying to turn around. Officers on scene advise that even though the road is blocked, 4×4 vehicles might be able to get around on the shoulder. Officers are on scene providing traffic control and facilitating the recovery of the big rig. As of 0813 hours, a heavy duty tow truck is in route but traffic on Alderpoint Rd. will most likely be affected for most of the morning. Please you caution if you travel through the area and pay attention to the officers on scene.


Here are some photos from the CHP:
CHP photos of semi stuck on Alderpoint Road at Upper Sawmill

CHP photos of semi stuck on Alderpoint Road at Upper Sawmill

UPDATE 10:38 a.m.:
According to the CHP’s Facebook page, the roadway is now clear!



  • Opps. Someone didn’t read. Or got lost. Or both.

  • CHP showed up about 15 minutes ago. Gonna be a while.

  • 53 footers are illegal considered overlength past Legget because of Richardson grove it’s too narrow to allow 53 footers through there so if you are caught with a 53 footer the CHP will make pay once this truck hits Highway 101 again he will not be allowed to pull that trailer with the truck they will have to hire dons towing to come and pull it to Legget

  • That looks more like the results of a mis-planned u-turn, not just being too long.

    Also, my first thought with all that room and the side road behind the truck, and only a wheel or two off the road, is that a few of those waiting trucks should have tried giving it a tug backwards while waiting for the heavy wrecker to get there. Am I the only one these days who keeps a strap in every vehicle?

    • Most locals do! I agree with you, have helped travel trailer mishap out past Founders Tree.

    • Id pull out the chain for that tug…and don’t pull in reverse…

      I totally agree on the u-turn attempt.

      • Yep. “It appears the driver was unfamiliar with the area and became stuck after trying to turn around.”

        The updated pictures confirm that the truck is not badly stuck, and has a clear safe recovery path. Pop a couple of those pickups in 4-low and give it a tug. Hell, might only take one – it does not look badly stuck at all, and the drive wheels should still have some traction.

        I’m not a fan of chains for recovery… a little bit of give with a strap helps keep you from breaking things, and straps make much smaller dents when they break. 🙂

  • Was taking my son to the bus at 7:00am and he almost took me out on the switchbacks. Put me in a ditch. Idiot. Looks like he was trying to turn around here.

  • The gps software supplied to the drivers only deals with the shortest distance from point a to b. They do not concern themselves with length or other regulations because if this happens, it’s the driver that usually gets fined, not the transport company. Drivers are not familiar with rural roads and are pressured not to deviate from from their laptop………

    • That is why I call transport companies to give them a heads up about the issue. I even made arrangements to meet one driver at the bottom of the mountain and drove him back up so he could judge for himself.

  • It would be my opinion that it was more driver error.its not an easy task driving a fifth wheel equipped truck on that road but it’s possible.logging dolly equipped trucks hauled millions of loads for yrs over that road.numerous lowboy trucks have hauled equipment there to.the sign is for flat land drivers lol

  • Lord have mercy have we become soft, what would happen in a REAL emergency…. Get that Rig out of the road. The WWII mentality of Humboldt is almost dead…here was a road grader sitting there for weeks… hook it up and gitter done for Christ sake.

  • I am with ya Covelo or busted! A 4×4 would get that out of there! The problem is everybody is worried about liability. Another way California has turned most into [edit]!

  • Household supplies, huh?What say we have a little look see what’s in the back?

  • They need to fine the driver and trucking companies. How about 10,000 each.

  • Does anyone know if they cleared the road yet?

  • It’s 10:40. Is the truck still blocking the road?

  • roundhouse to your face

    ass clowns

  • Enuf already, these companies/drivers ought to be fined and have to pay for chp time.
    In my experience most people meet big trucks at the bottom of these kind of roads, if youre a good neighbor then you have people to ask for help. We used to meet semi trucks at big turnouts and load our trucks up.

    Haven’t the companies learned by now that many roads here are not semi friendly??? The wear and tear on the road itself from these trucks is awful.
    The semi drivers are getting worse, even on 101 they’re going too fast and weaving a lot.

  • Freakin’ city slicker attempting to turn into a true Humboldt County truck driver. Stay on I5 !!! Leave it to the best truck drivers in the state to get er done safely.

  • Okay readers, I spoke with the driver and the CHP yesterday morning. that driver came from somewhere called Frenchy’s by Tracy. His destination was Fortuna. he came through Richardson Grove with a 53 footer,a no no. He explained: the GPS sent him East out of Garberville. He was trying to turn around at upper Sawmill. The grader did pull him out. Initially his landing gear was bottomed out on the pavement.

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