Local Distillery Receives Good Food Award

This is a press release from Alchemy Distillery:

Alchemy Distillery is proud to announce that their Boldt Genever style Gin is the recipient of a “Good Food Award.”

Alchemy’s award winning Gin is made with a base of Hollis hard red wheat locally grown by Lisa and Lawrence Hindley in

Honeydew, CA. less than 80 miles from Alchemy Distillery.

As quoted from their web site, the Good Food Awards (GFA) “honor recipients who push their industries towards craftsmanship and

sustainability while enhancing our agricultural landscape and building strong communities. The Good Food Awards Seal, found on

winning products, assures consumers they have found something exceptionally delicious which also supports sustainability and social


In order to be eligible for a Good Food Award, spirits entries must meet the following standards:

  Made in the USA or US territories.

  Utilize ingredients that are grown and sourced responsibly, with awareness of origin, seasonality, trade and labor practices.

  If the primary ingredient is a fruit, it is sourced domestically where possible, and grown without the use of synthetic herbicides,

pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers. Where a grain is the primary ingredient there is a strong effort made to use ingredients free of

these inputs wherever possible.

  Free of artificial ingredients, including colors, flavors and preservatives.

  Distilled without genetically modified ingredients, including the use of GM corn to produce grain neutral spirits.”

2,057 products were entered into this year’s GFA spanning 15 categories. Only 16 spirits were chosen as winners.

Alchemy Distillery is Arcata’s first and only craft distillery. It is also Humboldt’s lone distillery procuring and milling local grains,

producing the freshest spirits possible. Alchemy’s focus is small batch spirits made exclusively on American-Made

equipment. Their brand name is “Boldt” a nod to the incredibly beautiful County in which they are made.

Alchemy Distillery is owned by husband and wife team Amy and Steve Bohner. Community members may recognize the Bohners

from their first business- Alchemy Construction- awarded the North Coast Journal’s “Best Construction Company” the past 4 years in

a row. Their construction projects include Café Brio, The Arcata Alibi, Dead Reckoning Tavern, Arcata Scoop, Campground

Restaurant and a plethora of custom residential projects. Sharing a love of craft spirits and small business, these entrepreneurs started

pursuing their dreams of a distillery in 2010. Their first spirit, Boldt Clear Whiskey, hit shelves in March 2016 and sold out in one


In addition to Clear Whiskey, their award winning Genever style Gin can be found in local stores, restaurants and bars thanks to

Humboldt Beer Distributors- a family owned and operated company since 1974. California retailers outside of Humboldt County can

carry Boldt Spirits by contacting Libdib.com.

Future release of Boldt spirits include “Single grain, single barrel” Whiskies as well as Humboldt County Straight Bourbon which are

aging in barrels. Alchemy Distillery will also be releasing a Los Bagels Whiskey which is made from “upcycled” day old bagels from

the popular local bakery. This creative re-use Whiskey has been highlighted in Distiller Magazine as well as The Daily Beast.

Alchemy has also been featured in Artisan Spirits, California Bountiful and Contractor Magazines which focused on the Bohner’s

building their own distillery from the ground up.

Alchemy Distillery is open to the public the second Friday (Arts Arcata) and the last Saturday of each month. Their location is 330

South G Street, just across from the Arcata Marsh parking lot. Friday’s hours are 6-9 PM. Saturday’s hours are 2-7. Free tours are

offered at the top of every hour and no reservations are needed. This Saturday’s signature cocktail will be “Grown-Up Chocolate

Milk” made with Boldt Clear Whiskey infused with Dick Taylor’s cocoa nibs and Humboldt Creamery’s milk. Dick Taylor Craft

Chocolate also won a Good Food Award this past week for their 73% Northerner Blend bar.

For more information about Alchemy Distillery visit their web site www.alchemydistillery.com or their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.



  • Gin made of wheat? Thought it was supposed to be juniper berries?

  • love the clear glass bottle with the wood like cork – we bought the whisky of course

  • unbridled phillistine

    I had a boss who drank that stuff! I cannot do it, So nasty. Now Tequila, Now ur talking.

  • Cabin in the woods

    Steve & Amy are great people.

    Unfortunately, Boldt whiskey is best described as a solvent rather than an alcohol.

  • Pro’s disagree:
    That’s the same score as AGED Bulleit Bourbon.
    Imagine what Boldt will taste like when its two years old!

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    I once broke a tooth on a day-old Los Bagels slug. I’ll be happy to sip a Los Bagels Whiskey!

  • What an oxymoron, an alcohol that promotes social good. Does that mean they can gaurantee no one will ever drive drunk after drinking it, no one will bear their wife or berate their kids drinking it. So weird!!!! Food is something you need to survive, how is this a good food that promotes social good? They took something that actually was food and turned it into something that frequently causes bad things, has no medicinal value, is highly addictive and shortens life’s. My mind is officially blown!

  • I’ve always been told that in order for whiskey to be labeled as “Bourbon” it has to be made in Kentucky, possibly even one specific county in Kentucky.

  • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

    What watershed are they draining while cultivating the ingredients for their poison? Has DFW been informed of the activities they are engaged in? Next thing we now distilleries are going to be popping up all over the hillsides

    • What, aren’t there any other permits you should be worried about for them? Sounds like this business has popped up out of nowhere for you, and it must be the same for the authorities!

  • Cabin in the woods

    One alcoholic disagrees:
    I’m providing you w/ ‘pro’ feedback from a 67 year old man who’s been drinking whiskey for over 50 years.

    I gave a bottle of Boldt whiskey to a friend & he drank half, then had me pour out the rest because he said it was like drinking thinner.

    As I previously stated – Steve & Amy are great people.
    I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear some honest feedback about their product so they can make adjustments as necessary.

    • My lady went to ireland a couple years ago. She brought back 2 bottles of Hyde. 2 Celtic cask’s, one aged for 16 years the other for 24 years. And one bottle of irish-made jameson.

      It’s hard to go back to what I can buy at the store after those delights…

  • Agree about the Boldt Whiskey’s harsh taste. They need to go back to the drawing…er-drinking board on that one. Congratulations on the gin!

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