7.9 Quake Off Coast of Alaska Followed by Over a Dozen Smaller Triggers Tsunami Warning

At 1:31 PST a 7.9 quake struck in the Gulf of Alaska triggering a tsunami watch from Alaska to San Francisco. Residents on the Coast of Alaska were asked to evacuate.

Around 3 a.m. residents on the West Coast were told that they were no longer in a tsunami watch. Evacuees in Alaska were sent home. Currently, Alaska is in a Tsunami advisory.



  • On the morning news programs, people are showing the warnings they received on their phones. Do we have the ability to receive those here? If so, does anyone know how?

  • I signed up previously and did not receive any notification. I wonder because it was a “watch” and not a “warning” so Humboldt did not send it out? Does anyone know?

    • I am too, so I called OES to ask what happened. Brian Lee explained that when they got word, they got up and looked at the details coming out of NOAA and the Tsunami warning center. They learned the warning level was low and that the earthquake type was a strike/slip which doesn’t tend to produce the big tsunamis, they held off on initiating the warning system.
      He said if they initiate warnings too often , people will soon disregard them and not take action when they need to act.
      Thank you OESfor losing sleep so I didn’t have to.

  • No more earthquake/disaster/ Fire tsunami sirens??? Air raid style/Huge PA system??? …Picture this, we could listen to Trumpys Daily Tweets and Mussolini style speeches… SIREN could have saved many lives in Santa Rosa Fires…..Get PGE to install and maintain? EVERY small town here and everywhere had them when we lived under the Cold war threat / Cuban Misled Crisscross….[ Oh, that EVENT was as fun as a pet monkey,] …. As a 7yrs old, @ the 11 th hour i watched… Most of the parents hugged there kids alot and cried and told us we were loved, and maybe there was a heaven if we had been good kids…..There was a Huge party …. Many got really drunk and had sex with the neighbors wife….Some just howled at the moon and fell down in a drunkin stupor…NO KIDDIDNG, it was Fun… Still thank god that mess fell to its knees in the face of Mercy…Now we have Emperor Truumpollini and still no Siren…Warning system.. What battery dead on your cell…OH MY!

    • There’s sirens on Samoa beach and other locations here, thing is, with the winds they are very hard to gear. Most people don’t even know we have them here..

  • Dem plates a'movin

    Get your emergency kits ready!!
    230 small quakes in reno over a few days, volcanoes going off in Philippines and yesterday Japan, earthquakes over 6.0 in the ocean. All in the ring of fire.

    There are lots of places to find how to build/make a kit for each family member, take the time to do it, the writings on the wall in big bright neon letters.
    Making a backpack with emergency supplies for each family member works great and allows kids to put things they would want in there, like a game or stuffie.
    Highly recommend getting a small solar charger for phones, & keep a few watches in ur kit in case your phones die.

    Think right now if a massive quake happened here, would your family know who and where to check in at? My whole life in CA they’ve said to have an out of state contact for everyone to check in with as in state transmissions may go out or be super overwhelmed.
    Practice an emergency drill, & keep ur camping gear in easy reach.
    I feel so much safer living here where lots of folks know how to camp and have gear!

    Like they say, shift happens!
    And preparation helps keep the fear down.

    • Several years ago, KMUD offered a premium of a hand-crank radio made by C.Crane. It also charges phones, small recyclable batteries, and is a flash light with both red and clear lenses.
      It picks up radio signals very well, both AM and FM, and I use it a LOT!

      C.Crane is a local business, and has a good web site. Check it out (and donate to KMUD while you’re up.) The radio (etc) was about $100 and well worth it.

  • You said it! Be prepared I know I am. You can’t be to careful. I’m with you dem plates

  • Wow! Crescent City coulda been famous again.

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