[UPDATE] Shots Fired/Officers Stabbed in Crescent City

At approximately 9:30 a.m., two officers were stabbed and one suspect was shot in the 300 block of East Madison in Crescent City.

In the recording below, an officer first reports that one person is being held at gunpoint. Then soon after, an officer said in an excited voice, “Shots fired. Officer down.” Later, he can be heard telling dispatch that he and another officer have been stabbed.

After that, the officer tells dispatch that he has been injured on the hand and in the stomach. He also states, “Multiple gunshots to suspect.”

Below a medical person reports what he has found and then scanner traffic follows for a short time describing where the incident occurred which was across from the Seventh Day Adventist Church. There is also a report that there are “no outstanding suspects” meaning that the only suspect/s is/are detained.

UPDATE 2:38 p.m.:
According to information posted on the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page,

This morning, two deputies responded to a call for service and were directed towards an armed individual that was hostile. Both deputies were ultimately injured but are expected to make full recoveries.

At this time we can release no information about the armed individual or his/her status. We would like to thank all of the agencies that came to our assistance. We would also like to thank our community for their support.

UPDATE Tuesday:
The Del Norte Triplicate reports that the suspect has died and two Del Norte County Sheriff’s deputies were wounded.



  • Times have changed…We as citizens need to back our leo’s like never before. Our second amendments rights have never been more crucial than now. Our society as a whole has slowly been collapsing and many have been turned into sheeple. We will continue to see our crime rise on the North Coast. Individuals are becoming desperate for many different reasons.

    • what you need to do is go back to valuing education and making sure your kids get one. the new sheeple is an uneducated wingnut. keep in mind that your kids don’t become you, they become their image of you (see Fortuna as a recent example).

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Seems like marijuana may have claimed another victim. It’s not easy out there for LEO because of all the marijuana and the addicts it creates.
    I’m glad marijuana is leaving the area and now will be government controlled.
    Crescent City struggles with marijuana users, bums, tsunamis, and doesn’t need LEO’S being injured by stoned zombies.

    • What do the letters in your name mean ? C.H.U.M.P. At first I thought it meant chump as in fool or idiot, But I was just assuming . as you have capitol letters with periods after each letter, It must stand for something else. Could you take the time and explain this ? Thank You. sincerely Pat

      • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

        Communities Hating Ungodly Marijuana Production

        Marijuana destroys communities and has lead to Neo Hippies waging a war against nature under the banner of The Marijuana Caliphate.

        • who do these hippies hire to do the actual “war” part? more specifically, who does the grading of the land for the greenhouses to be erected upon?

        • Lol c.h.u.m.p. That is seriously funny

        • [edit—no, not on my site. See here for more information on why. Kym]

          • So why was my comment deleted? That`s not very nice! I didn`t threaten anyone nor did I use any pejorative terms. What I wrote isn`t any more absurd than 80% of what`s on this site. From what I can see, Humboldt Co. is a little like something out of a Zap comic that`s come to life. Of course I just made this up but who knows, it could be true. Actually I`ve read this so many times now I`m beginning to think there is some truth to it.

            • I deleted it because when you made that assertion months ago, I asked for proof. You never gave me any.

              “Of course I just made this up but who knows, it could be true” feels like a cavalier way to talk when gay people are stilled killed in some places.

              I try to be tolerant of a variety of views but that one just went too far for me.

              • You let that guy CHUMP post his nonsense. His is kind of mean spirited. At least mine is funny. I think I first read this in a Zap comic; I think it was a Furry Freak Bros, cartoon; aomething about a drug that turns you queer. If Chump can post on here that marijuana makes you violent & etc.; why can`t I post that it turns you queer? I have just as much proof as he does.

                And no, I don`t smoke marijuana. I don`t let my workmen do either. I want everyone to go home at the end of the day with all their fingers.

                I don`t want to turn queer, either, just in case there is somehow merit to this. You never know…..

                • JR, I may be somewhat thin in the humor department but I suspect I was not the only one who did not grasp your sense of humor. While gay people still face assault and death, I’m uncomfortable with a joke about gay people that not everyone clearly gets.

        • C.H.U.M.P. = County of Humboldt’s Ultimate Marijuana Producer.

      • No. You were right the first time.

      • Consistently Having to Utter Marijuana Propaganda

    • Mary Jane ain’t leaving bro. You might as well join em, cuz your CHUMP ass sure as fuck ain’t gonna beat em.

      • The chump prefers jenkem, way mellower high, and all natural! Can be made anywhere free! with stuff people just throw away! If your real lucky 🍀 you can find it just laying around too! How awesome is that! I think I’ll go look for some now at the Garberville square (dibs on that spot)

      • I remember the last time things got this bad. I was just back from Vietnam and the place was taken over by hippies. They didn’t work and just used food stamps to live and were high all the time. Now the hippies are spoiled children who have been held by the hand and handed over to a bunch of progressive fools who think that they are saving the world. They choose to not follow anyone who tries to lead them to a place where they might improve their station in life. They are professional victims who think they are entitled to a large piece of a pie they didn’t bake. No matter how far down they go there is always some shithead there to pick them back up and let them do it all again. There is no penalty for generally fucking up everyone’s day every day. They like being a pain in the ass to society. In the 70’s the hippies got bored with it, grew up and went to work. These dimbulbs have no intention of stepping off the free ride we’ve created for them. I guess that this is what will happen across the country if drugs are legalized. The war on drugs is a waste of time, this is a lot worse.

    • Yeah, it’s that Mary Jane Devil’s Weed that is the big problem…Bahahahaha! LMAO!😆 Pot smokers are too stoned to be violent.
      Are you freaking serious??!
      Pretty sure it’s the meth and the heroine. Sheesh! Catch up! 🙄

    • A little Reefer Madness Mentality going on for ya CHUMP ?

  • It’s not the users of marijuana that are the problem. It’s the growers. Especially in Humboldt. The growers hire people to do security for their grows. It’s big money for them (for the better, larger grows,) and they will shoot first, ask questions later down there.
    How do I know? A friends brother used to do security for a grow down there. He’s out of it now, but I definitely will heed his cautions about it.

  • So I’m supposed to take your comment serious because you know a friend of a friend who used to do security for one grower at some point in Humboldt? And this person was known to shoot first and ask questions later (most likely why he “used” to do security)?

  • What a fucked up country. Wtf happened and please no right wing hater chime in about weed.

    • Well if you said county weed would be a huge part of it, but you said country so I would say, social media, right vs left wing nut job attitudes with no middle ground, shitty schools, politicians, jerry Brown, trump, GREED, mainstream media, too many stupid people, just to name a few, there’s lots more.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    So once again people get on their bandwagon and go off topic. No one wants to hear about the pot stuff anymore. How about: I’m glad the officers will be ok. Leave it at that for once. Geesh

  • There has been arrests in town made of some well know tweeks n possession of BATH SALTS! This is my town and this is serious. It’s not a joke. I have children and loved ones here. The violent 415’s are on the rise. Domestic violence is now a felony and the DA won’t pick up felonies he can’t win. So repeat domestic issues are turning into a local law enforcement matter with no back up from the court sysytems. People with alcohol and drug addictions represent a large part of the domestic calls. Get educated please reach out to those you can. This verbal and physical violence needs to be accounted for. Yesterday was an awful day for a lot of people here. People lives are forever changed with this trauma. Weed isn’t the problem our culture of violence is!

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