All Tenants in the Squires’ Building Which Was Ordered Vacated Have Found Housing–Though Some of It Is Temporary, Says City of Eureka

Press release from the City of Eureka:

Today, the City of Eureka vacated the property at 833 H Street pursuant to a warrant issued by the Superior Court of Humboldt County. The action was necessary because of significant violations of health and safety regulations at the site, including electrical, plumbing, sanitation, and structural hazards. These violations were documented over the course of several years, most recently in August, when City staff executed an inspection warrant at the property. Since the August inspection, the City has informed the property owners, Floyd and Betty Squires, and court-appointed receiver, Jeff Smith, of the violations and the need for them to be corrected.

When City staff posted the property with a notice to vacate on January 12, 2018, it was determined that 11 of 14 units were occupied. The occupants of each unit were contacted and informed of their eligibility for relocation benefits pursuant to the California Health and Safety Code. Similarly, the property owners were notified of their responsibility to pay these benefits. When the property owners failed to provide the relocation payments as required, the City collected the information necessary from each tenant and, as of today, has issued checks for $2,000 to occupants of each of the 11 units.

Since January 12th, the City has worked diligently with service providers from the County of Humboldt Department of Health and Human Services, ResolutionCare, and Betty Kwan Chinn Foundation to secure housing for each of the 15 individuals displaced from 833 H Street. As of today, all of these individuals have been placed in alternate housing in one form or another – several permanently. Those individuals placed in temporary housing will continue to work with service providers to find more permanent housing solutions.
Contact: Brian Gerving bgerving@ci.

Earlier Chapter: City of Eureka Tells Squires That Another of Their Properties Serving Low Income Tenants Must Be Vacated



  • Why won’t the “officials” pay for the upgrades & sue Squires? That would be cheaper than ousting people at $2000@, as well as legal costs. It’s the middle of Winter!!!

    • I’m sure some developer already has plans, and friends in the right places. This is how New York, DC, LA, etc clear out public housing blight (aka a family’s home for generations) for “mixed income condos” mixed meaning 500k and up.


    Seems like the city is on a witch hunt popping out all low income housing. I agree the low costs of the repairs needed is far better than displacing all the residents, and which it seems they were given 10 days. Doesn’t the state have laws giving a renter 31 days or something? I’m surprised the city doesn’t have the bulldozers already there with a few renters still inside. What did the renters say their rent was $550, now they will have to go where it is $1200? And I was wondering what happened to private property rights it seems you have none in eureka anymore if you don’t fit the program maybe it will all turn into government housing and offices like the K mart building. Maybe when the economy gets even worse and most businesses leave the bayshore mall it too can be converted into a government facility.

    • There are these silly things called standards. Why are people blaming the city when it is the Squires fault for mismanaging and allowing the delapidation of their properties to such a degree that they are deemed unsafe to live in? This is on the Squires.

      • Yes, of course it is. That’s why they do the repairs & send the bill to Squires. Innocent, low income people have to move out on short notice, in the middle of winter!?! The “officials” need a priority Wake-Up call. A well organized tent city behind KMart, utilizing the bldg for a kitchen, laundry& bath facilities, and especially have services personnel on site. Maybe even manufacture a simple product& actually employ some of the tenters. Start a bakery, make candles, soap…its 2018! Humboldt needs to step up in the world and demonstrate how to lead a new way. How about a Hemp Paper Mill? How about a Hemp/Marijuana Cement factory? A Hempseed crop for superfood status? Solutions! It’s time.

        • The middle of winter? On the coast, I’m afraid we only have autumn and spring. I’m sure we are both glad they are all housed.

          • That’s ridiculous…it IS the middle of winter. Being unexpectedly homeless would be really unthinkable to anyone!

      • There’s a silly thing called Nuance.

        As good as it feels to cast ‘blame’ what I read above were alternative solutions/ approaches to what appears to be an ongoing situation involving an ever increasing number of lives and homes.


    I got it: The arrested low income folk in chains running an oil extraction lab below minimum wage behind the K Mart where I used to buy my underwear and socks for the city of Emporium.

    • Also a ridiculous comment. A well-run tent camp could give many the leg up they need to overcome their predicament. Of course, it wouldn’t help the mentally ill/ or drug addicts to overcome, but it would provide a stable home base at the least- what is your solution, by the way?


        My concern was that some homeless found housing, and my ridiculous comment was that they are being forced out to triple rent. I guess the skies are always blue for the heirs of wealth and millionaires that can afford $5000 a month living. If only more had to go out and make a buck to live someday soon when the inheritance runs out that’s the crash course

  • Lmao!Would be the worst location ever, you don’t put a homeless shelter at the entrance of a city 😂😂😂

    • its going to be on 4th between C and B. the city needs to shut down all the comp first. its going to be great. same group as Samoa. their idocracy will be overlooked by the locals supporting it and they will continue to blame weed.

    • Oh yeah, let another bldg stay empty and degraded. A line of Bamboo or hedges could easily be planted ( by the tenters) to give 2-way privacy& beauty. Again, what would your solution be?

  • No one seems to remember the Homeless camp on South Jetty, 23 yrs ago…when they were forced to move, that is when they all moved behind the Mall. $200,000 for cleanup. I see it in Auburn, CA, everywhere. NOT just a Humboldt County thing. Too Bad the Squires’ lived large and didn’t do maintenance on their structures for DECADES, letting them decay until too late! Hope the Squires’ enjoyed all those meals at the Ingomar Club!!!!!!

    • I remember it. It existed for what, couple decades? Waaaay outta the way. Even had their own homemade street signs and such, chickens and dogs about kinda reminiscent of my favorite spot in MX… and a heavily tattooed “mayor” named Batman who was of no help when my car was stolen…

      Maybe someone impotent/important (same thing) wanted a walking path but three hundred homes were in their way.

  • a giant longterm camp in San Diego is being cleared, thousands of people there for years.


    Squires seems to be the pre text to Squalor.

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