81-18 Vote Ends Government Shutdown for Now (Okay, Final Passage Hasn’t Happened But It is Considered a Formality)

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris before an air and ground survey of Northern California fires near Santa Rosa, California, Oct. 14, 2017. (Army National Guard photo by Capt. Will Martin/Released).

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris before an air and ground survey of Northern California fires near Santa Rosa, California, Oct. 14, 2017. (Army National Guard photo by Capt. Will Martin/Released).

Both California senators, Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris voted no along with 16 others to end the shutdown of the federal government today. But 81 other senators voted yes and a temporary spending bill was passed that lets the federal government continue running through February 8.

According to the New York Times,

In a few hours, the government will reopen,” said Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader. “We have a lot to do.”

The procedural vote does not immediately end the shutdown. The Senate must still grant final approval of the bill, and it must then be approved by the House.
But final passage is a formality…

According to the Wall Street Journal a statement from President Donald Trump read by Sarah Huckabee Sanders said,

I am pleased that Democrats in Congress have come to their senses.

[Sanders added,] We are pleased to see Sen. Schumer accept the deal that the president put on the table from the beginning.



  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Time to see the wall constructed along with house to house searches for illegals and marijuana growers, which can be tossed over that wall into banishment, securing a safer future for the country.

    Occupied California is in dire need of liberation which can begin with deportation of liberals, illegals, and neo hippies.

    Yes We Can!

    • You really ought to move to the middle of the country, you’ll find your people there.

      • hes just a troll with out a life. never mind him. glad i don’t live in his skin im sure is got mental stuff going.

    • Contract Bridge C.A.R.D.S.

      (begin satire voice)
      Time to see the wall constructed along with house to house searches for Jews and Gypsies, which can be tossed over that wall into banishment, securing a safer future for the country.

      Occupied California is in dire need of liberty which can begin with the deportation of fascists, the tyrannical, and Royalist Trumpers!

      Yes We Can!

    • No we can’t. But we could start to end the policies of allowing employers to hire illegals with impunity. I have seen businesses have many enployees sharing the same social security number. They know fully well that they are illegal but they also know that they will not be held responsible.

      I don’t think a border wall is going to do much to stop illegal immigration but putting some teeth into law regarding those who hire them could.

      • You probably have never run a business or have any idea how things get done in the world. I’ll tell you: there is and always has been a place for low wage, hard labor jobs. Currently, in the US, these jobs are getting done mostly by Mexican immigrants. There is no one else who wants to do those jobs right now. What do you propose to handle this problem?
        Are you prepared to pay significantly higher prices for everything from wine, fruits and veggies, meat, construction, hotel and other hospitalities… on and on..
        The fact is, these people have a part in the fabric of our nation, they pay into the tax system and don’t get much in return, and they are a big part in a lot of business in CA. They are living the same American dream as our ancestors. Get off their back.

        • OMFG! Emily!

          I told you guys that the shutdown was a farce! They do this every year to get attention and to exhibit how important they are and to make it look like they can accomplish something!

          And so Jared can be outraged.

          Get over it!

          All this talk about “rights” and immigrant labor is irrelevant.


        • Have you ever thought that the reason that all these low-wage jobs are being performed by Mexicans, is because they will work for cheaper than Americans! Is that really your defense for illegal immigration because we can pay them less to do the jobs we don’t want to?

          • Well, I would argue about the word ‘illegal’ because many are not illegal.. but yes it is near impossible to find other people to do these jobs. Again I ask: have you ever run a business?
            The choices for some of these jobs are: kids who have never worked before and think the world revolves around their schedule, or a mexican guy who will work hard and be there every day so he can feed his family?
            I know who I am going to choose.

            It’s just a reality. If you spend all day typing and don’t have experience employing people I don’t expect you to understand how the world works.

            • I have a very good idea how business works. And I have heard all the stories rationalizing hiring illegals. And I have heard all the complaints from businesses refusing to hire illegals have about unfair competition.

              PL used similar arguments about the imported workers they brought in after they did a seasonal lay off of their American workers one year. Their new crews worked for a third less. When they got injured on the job, the workers took a small settlement and went home so PLs worker’s comp insurance rates stayed low. Survivors left in Mexico coulld be ignored. There were no FLSA complaints, OSHA reviews or law suits or any of those pesky nuisances that are created by regulation. Not because they didn’t apply but because people who didn’t speak English, whose homes were far away and who were reluctant to complain to authorities simply left without causing any problems. And were cheap labor to boot. A business win for those willing to do it.

              BTW the American employees were never called back for their usual seasonal lay off.

              That it hard to deal with the endless regulation and labor costs, especially in California, is something with which I have sympathy. But, if a businesses can’t meet those regulations without hiring illegals, then it is not really a viable business here. Which unfortunately is part and parcel of the uber liberal California society. That is apparently the California Dream- creating a world where business owes a decent living to all comers, through regilated wages or taxes, while simultaneously never expecting them to have to work for it. Such a magical kingdom, which can’t really exist, tends to maintain the illusion by importing cheap labor. Trouble with that is the “cheap labor’s” offspring is just as unused to hard work and just as whiny (heck more so) as any other American so ever more cheap labor is needed to compensate. It’s a train wreck for society.

              What is needed is a dose of reality, where the regulation and welfare that is wanted must be paid for by those who work for a salary determined by the labor that is legally available. Not the bargain prices created by avoiding those costs. So they must pay more for food, construction, landscaping, etc. They must pay for their liberal wants themselves. Or do it themselves.

        • Many of those hard work type of jobs many people i know would be happy to work, had illegal workers not driven the bottom out of the wages paid for those jobs. Framing roofing hell even farming used to all be decently paid jobs to work. Unskilled labor used to be able to afford a house and even a car or 2. However illegal labors not just from our southern neighbors but from across the world has infact flooded those areas of labor allowing for reduced wages for those that it employs , there by making it undesirable for others to work them. When these companies have to compete for labor they do so by offering higher wages and benifits as well as working conditions . When they do not need to compete for labor you see less benifits less wages and worse conditions. That is a fact.

    • Go back to tending your crop HBC, under the nearest bridge like the rest of the Trolls with any sense!!!!

    • We will start in Honeydew and will watch your crops die. No more slaves for you to tend to.

  • A start.

    If I were President I wouldn’t sign it.

    I would tell them to get busy and put together a budget package for FY18. (Its already about 4 months late)

    This stopgap shit is beneath us all. Congress’s job is to have an executable budget prior to October 1st.

    Id tell them the government opens back up with their budget, not my signature.

  • I believe you mean along w 16 others. It was 18 against, not 20.

  • Why does a CA democratic senator care so much about 700,000 illegals?

    • Pure and simple, Democratic voting base. Take the votes away and then see how much support illegals get.

      • 700,000 / 40,000,000 = 1.75%. so you are saying 1.75% of the voters are a base? 90 million new voters in 2020, that will be a base which pencils out to 25.7%. I call that a game changer.

        • In August, the Brookings Institution released a report based on FOIA-obtained data for applications filed through March of this year. The report revealed that 36 percent of applicants were between the ages of 15-18, 40 percent were between the ages of 19-23, and just 24 percent were 24 and over. The Center for American Progress (CAP) framed the data this way: the average age of all DACA applicants is 20 years old.

        • Every illegal has relatives who are legal and are a voting block intent on keeping de facto open immigration.

          • so now they are all related, kind of like every white person in the US is related. it really doesn’t matter.

        • The 700,000 figure is persons who actually registered under DACA. The real figure is over 3 million illegals brought in as children.

          • so say its 3 million and I guess that’s for the entire USA and not just CA which the above calc is for. 3,000,000 / 350,000,000. that’s now 0.8% for a base.

            • A starting point sure, then you factor in each Dreamers parents, and now the Dreamers children and just being real at least 5 offspring for each Dreamer.

              3,000,000 x 2,000,000 x 6,000,000= 36,000,000; that doesn’t even include all other illegals without children.

              Now were well over 10% here; all would vote 100% democrat, no question.

              • you have been exposed to too much Fox news. so you are saying the dreamers kids are all over 18. and parents that can’t speak English go to polls to votes even though they aren’t on the list, please. maybe talk to someone that works at the polls, it might clear up your delusions. I am one of 3 Independents at my poll and they have a separate book just for the 3 of us.

        • Your math is off. Only about 50% of elegible voters vote and eligible voters make up about 2/3 of the population.

          And, as I’m sure you know, a few percentage points swing elections in many places.

      • I love that you give illegals so much credit. Do you really think they can afford to take a day off and go vote? You must not know any illegals then.

      • What’s wrong with taking care of your constituents Willy? Isn’t that what trump is doing? It’s called politics.

    • you should read the letter Chief Mills wrote to Trump about this topic. you might learn something, maybe not. he is the Santa Cruz chief of police, so you would need to search that location to find it. a lot of the kids would go into the sex trade or drug trade and only harm the USA in return due to the fact that most of them currently work, pay taxes and bills and generally not harming anything but your ignorant pride. the GOP just means evil white men to me at this point.

    • They are not illegals under the law unless the law changes.
      The 700,000 referred to are the now grown kids who were brought or born here and were given citizenship under the DACA regs.
      There are also many many people who have been here 30-40 years working and raising families who are now being deported.
      Not the dangerous folks, just family people. There are some good articles online about it and if you dont like american news sources check out the BBC.

      A bigger question is why are the only people being deported from Mexico and central America? If youre gonna have an immigration bill then you have to apply it across the board. If all the latino workers get deported, expect fruit, nuts and wine prices to skyrocket as we will once again see food rot&farmers lose $ as no one else will work those jobs.

      In southern California alone there are literally millions of “illegal” chinese who are running huge birthing houses where women from China pay upwards of 50,000 to come here and birth their babies so babies can get US citizenship under the same rules that are now trying to be changed. Ive met people living here without citizenship from all over the world. Why is it just Latinos being targeted?

      It reminds of the poem from nazi germany, the protestant priest author was a supporter of hitler at first, then after seeing what was happening spoke out against him and ended up in a concentration camp as a prisoner.

      “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

      • First off the dreamers were never given citizenship. They were given a bs plan that never even promised them citizenship, just a bunch of paperwork and a chance to work here. By resending daca and forcing congress to write and pass a bill that effects daca folks under the law there must be a path for them to become citizens, there by trump for all his faults and hate either way was infact helping them, as they would have a way to become citizens not just folks allowed to work if they never got in trouble and paid taxes. Being against illegal entry doesnt mean anyone is against entry . It only means they dont think it is right to have the movie theater seats filled by folks that didnt pay for the seat,because they had a family member hold open the exit door.

    • Mexicans are not the only ones being deported. the reason people want a wall on the southern border to Mexico is because it’s one of only two International borders with other fucking countries. They should both be secure North and South!

  • The 18 who voted no should all be impeached. They care more about politics than they do about the country.

    • Actually those 18 are the only ones trying to uphold the constitution, you may want to read that document.

      The ones playing politics are the ones making deals with industry and churches, breaking our democratic way of separation of church and state by pushing christian values down our throats. I have met very few christians who actually follow the teachings of jesus, who said take care of the poor and be kind. He would hate this whole thing!

      Our rights are like muscles; if not exercised often we lose them.

      I thank those 18 senators for doing what our forefathers did and standing up to political pressures who are trying to chip away at all our rights while raking in big money.

      Before anyone comments, take a look at the constitution and bill of rights and read about how a democracy ought to operate. Theres no “fake news” in those.

      • But the Constitution has nothing to do with this vote. Vote was to fund government, Dems sought to attach Constution.

    • Do know that, on the last vote 5 Republicans voted ‘no’, including McConnel, Ryan, and Graham. Crazy, no?

      • Their mind or rather what passes for one is made up!!! Please do NOT confuse them with facts!!!

        • Speaking of facts, you might add those Republicans voted no because they wanted a full budget passed, not another stopgap. It had absolutely nothing to do with dreamers.

  • Will somebody please inform Harris that DACA doesn’t expire until March-ish, and that ending the shutdown means they are finally willing to begin working on the permanent immigration reform bill. Hopefully they will save CHIP.
    It’s up to the people of course, to tell their reps what is wanted instead of the people allowing the reps to tell them what the reps want. But, everybody already knows that, right.

    One of the links about Harris’s tantrum. https://www.hannity.com/media-room/harris-unhinged-sen-kamala-harris-trashes-schumers-shutdown-surrender/

    • There are huge amounts of problems on the table for Congress in the next few months, so it makes sense to force the republicans to live up to their word. Otherwise they put it on the back burner and it gets forgotten about. I say well done by the dems for standing up for the least of thee… the republicans are only looking out for the 1%

      • The litany from the left: Republican’s forced the shut down- bad on them for being incapable of leading despite controlling Congress. Democrats vote to stop the shut down- good for them for forcing the issue though nothing’s changed. Can’t you see that both things can’t coexist? Not that either was true anyway.

        What really happened is both parties were deafened by the public’s yawns. It’s been done too mant times and, despite the speeches on catastrophic results, nothing much happened in any of them.

  • Its so hilarious to hear that you people think there is difference between any politicians. They are all the same. Here for their own agenda that they get by seperating us into micro groups. We fight for crumbs of the crumbs of the crumbs, yet we think our opinions count? To who? Really do u even truly love yourself. Keep being distracted from the mirror, its not for brushing your teeth.

    • The feds war on illegal immigrants will be about as effective in the long run as their war on drugs. How’s that working out?

      • True that. Someone is gonna get rich.

      • All you Democrats have no clue..we can’t afford to give these illegals anything..we are already overpopulated..get them out of here…mabey front of the line I’d be ok with..but they have to go for now..and why your at it please go to garberville and arrest the drug dealers that are so blatant it’s sick..Lock them up for a long time,long enough to get off dope…folks it’s only getting worse..wake up

    • Not true. Get educated.. that’s for the first part of your comment… but yes garberville has gotten very nasty. We (as a community) are way too nice and accomodating to the homeless. They have taken over… anyone who lives in town would agree, you can’t leave anything unlocked or a window open these days. We need more police presence in towns, and better enforcement. Or go old school and run them out… get the pitchforks

      • Bottom line. Up vote

      • Emily, you do realize that the United States of America is in over 20 trillion dollars of debt. we can’t afford to give these benefits to United States citizens, let alone the rest of the world.

        • A swing…. and a miss…. what does local law enforcement have to do with our national debt? Nothing. Our laws and law enforcement is weak, I’m not sure why, but it has to do with misinformed voter initiatives, and a lack of places to put crazy people maybe? I know that in most of the country the law enforcement doesn’t put up with the shit that happens around here, on a small scale. If the law enforcement doesn’t handle it the citizens need to do something.

          I assume you mean Mexicans when you say ‘the rest of the world’. Check this out. It says that immigrant workers pay way more into the pot than they take out:

          • Besides being simply wrong in some of that author’s assumptions, she doesn’t account for costs not on official records.

            The true costs of illegal immigration is not in welfare benefits paid out, although that does happen. It comes from driving down wages, crowding housing, living illegally in other aspects than work such as ignoring driving or hunting or housing regulations. It creates additional expenses in education from special classes due to language issues in elementary schools to scholarships and grants because parents wages are not reported or they work in jobs that don’t pay well. Through not having medical insurance both either because their employers don’t provide because perks are not necessary or, once the emergency is done, they go home where treatment is cheap.

            The worst thing is the endless chanting of advocates that leads immigrants considering themselves abused by the native communities because they do not yet have the power and resources of long time residents. So many people don’t seem to come here expecting to be part of the community but just to farm it for what its worth. This includes things like Chinese nationals coming here to have babies and buy houses in California to get an education for their children at bargain resident citizens prices. Or people coming here with seriously disabled or aged relatives to have them have them supported. Or to practice frauds in a new and wealthier market (this is a surprisingly large segment.) All damaging reasons for the country who needs citizens willing to support its rather unusual Constitutional government, not fight it.

            Some of the above is manageable but not at the levels it is currently. And not with the dissension that seems to be the objective of higher education.

  • Why is that [edit] pic in the story? She’s part of the problem not the solution.

  • Well well well, would you look at this. Create a crisis, offer a solution rule still holds true.

    The shutdown has everybody, with a few exceptional exceptions, yelling, JUST SIGN IT ALREADY!

    Mind games.

    After digging around, we discover that the DACA bill is trickery.
    What is being added to the DACA bill?
    National REAL ID.

    So, what’s the big deal about REAL ID?
    You have some serious studying to do if you are asking why REAL ID is a threat.

    It tracks everything about you. If your permanent water restriction is 55 gallons per day, it will not allow you to purchase anything that requires extra water. Aquariums, Apple trees, top soil, luxury soaking tub, hot tub, extra goat for your herd, … etc.
    It tracks your lifestyle choices, doctor’s care, prescriptions, diet, travel, exercise… and makes your decisions for you.

    But how?
    Those commercials that glamorize the cool factor of chip implants, is one clue.
    Those weirdo’s that warn about chips in our vaccines, food, drinks, etc, is another clue.

    The majority voted no, to drive us impatiently crazy. JUST SIGN IT ALREADY!
    But a few liberty minded also voted no.
    They knew something we didn’t know.

    Please, for the love of your fellow man and children, research the problems about the REAL ID.
    Then call your congressman and tell them to take it off the bill.

    While you’re at it, demand to end the Omnibus bills. One bill, one vote.

    • Sometimes you make sense but I feel like you are spending too much time reading right wing conspiracy websites.. maybe get out a little more and get some fresh air. I suggest a trip to some little town in Mexico to learn about the people you talk so much about. Not an all inclusive trip to Baja.. go to Guanajuato or San cristobal or another ‘real’ place. It would do you good my friend.

      • Right, because left-wing news sites are the only ones that should be read.

        Echo echo echo….

        • That’s not a good response. If you take the time to respond try to make sense.

          • THC makes perfect sense, Emily.
            It’s your own personal take on what you’ve read that is questionable.
            My post above, for instance, warns against a privacy intrusion that will be implemented into a bill that everyone is otherwise looking forward to.
            Voting NO is the only way to save both the legals and the illegals if it is hiding within the bill. But people like you who can’t understand such concepts will twist it into an ugly war.
            I want to give anybody I want to give to, a bottle of water, a hobo sack, a palette for the night. I do not wish to have to ask permission from the Federal Government first, and I sure as hell don’t want to hear the government tell me NO, because the person lost their ID in a flood or fire and is no longer available to receive any help of any kind until their problem is rectified.

            But thank you for letting us all know how your mind and heart works or doesn’t work.

          • And you spend too much time with NBC and probably the Washington Post. Agenda ridden news is just that. While Fox may dwell on every possible problem, liberal sources specialize in ignoring all of them and insulting those who insist on bringing them to their attention. Insulting people is not an answer to the issues they raise.

            Teegan never said they voted now. Just that they would vote Democratic if they are able to vote.

            How can you assert your own independent thinking while refusing to do other than insult everyone who disagrees as being unable to think for themselves? Are you really so special as all that?

      • I do go to Mexico..and I give especially to kids…I don’t care where you go there’s always hungry kids even vacation towns..even garberville…I by cleets soccer balls fireworks on New year’s Eve ect.. sorry we have to follow the law…they can’t stay. Sorry not for votes.. Democrats are going to lose over this..I’m fine with that.this will haunt them for a long time…
        America and Americans first..go to Mexico and help they’ll appreciate it I know

      • Emily, instead of wasting time insulting people, you could be busy learning new things that might help people. The National REAL ID is one of the worst concepts for both Legal and illegal citizens. It takes away all our privacy and freedoms of choices.

        A nice vacation in Mexico would be lovely though. I’d love to live in somewhere like Puerto Vallarta. It’s beautiful there. Why you would consider it in your insult material is beyond me.

        Try debating the issue, instead of insulting and attacking the poster sometime, Emily, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover we’re all just human beings.

        For those interested in learning more about the NATIONAL REAL ID that is (or might be) hiding within the bill, this might help you in your search. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAd99oq526M

        • Sorry I fail to see the problems you are all hopped up about… an ID system? It doesn’t scare me… and I didn’t mean to insult you, it had just occurred to me that you and a few other of you anti-Mexican commenters should get out into the world a little more. You are obviously an intelligent person, so maybe broaden your horizons a bit. I’m glad the shutdown is over and we have a week of rain to enjoy, cheers!

          • I surely hope that merely based upon my comments no agreeing with illegals from mexico or anywhere else for that matter that you do not think i am anti mexician, i am not, and it would be a huge insult to me personally for you to think or say that. I have family both stateside and in mexico. I love my family and my country please remember that.

          • Emily, if you take the time to research and learn, then your post wouldn’t reflect your lack of care or knowledge.
            As far as the Anti-Mexican remarks you’re pushing, it’s obvious to all you are deflecting, by accusing others of things they are not.
            Go out, into the great beyond, and listen … not talk… to the beautiful people who appreciate their new home country. They, too, want liberty and security.

            A nice lady put together a video that describes what Gaslighting is. We can read along with her, plus view examples. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1o-WKX3K8w
            Insulting others, falsely accusing others, etc, are just a few of the techniques disclosed. I’ve seen it in practice many times in Kym’s threads. I’m responding to one such post right now. Again, I will roll my eyes and wish you a good day.

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