[UPDATE] 12-Year-Old Girl Struck by Vehicle in Fortuna; Ambulance Responding

Pedestrian HitAt approximately 5:17 p.m., a 12-year-old girl was struck by a vehicle near the intersection of Rohnerville Road and Kenmar Avenue. A nurse is with the girl and an ambulance is responding.

Rohnerville Road is blocked and at least one lane, the eastbound is being diverted. Please avoid the area if possible.

UPDATE 5:41 p.m.: The patient is being sent to St. Joseph’s in Eureka.

UPDATE: According to the patient’s mother, she has no broken bones but she did have a concussion. The patient is home.

According to Lt. Matt Eberhardt of the Fortuna Police, the investigation is still ongoing but the driver did not appear to be speeding nor driving recklessly.



  • Where’s Marcie Kitchen?

  • Rohnerville Road is like the Indy 500. It’s amazing how many vehicles going North toward Fortuna go way over the 35mph limit. There are bus stops, children, crosswalks, cars parked in the bike lane and too many loose dogs on this road. There have been fatalities here already. People, please slow down! Just because you’re going downhill coming from the Hydesville direction, doesn’t mean to keep accelerating.

  • Rohnerville road is like the Indy 500, because of loose dogs, pedestrians and a 35 mph limit. haha

    • It’s 40 mph at drake hill rd intersection and 25 by ambrosini. Even thought they redid the road its still a cluster fuck in the mornings and after school for ambrosini.

  • Lame! Quit with the Marci jokes ok. So over it, not defending her. I just miss the girls so much and everytime someone gets hit there’s always someone in the crowd. Please stop because all I see when u make those comments is the girls. So please have some compassion for the ones who knew the girls and miss them badly.

    • I’m good friends with faiths dad and he likes the Marci jokes. Keep them coming no one misses her more than him and it’s better to remember then to not. Nothing wrong with letting everyone know how hated she is and she deserves every bit of it keep it coming.it never gets old…hope all is good with little girl

    • There’s one person who has the power to end ” the Marcie joke’s “. We all know who that would be. If Marcie would take responsibility for her actions and show even a little remorse it probably would bring it down a notch or two. As Faith’s Dad I see the ” Marcie jokes ” as a cry for justice, a community who is placing a high value in two beautiful life’s taken away just as they were starting.
      In what would have been viewed as a tragic but senseless accident, Marcie turned into something way different.
      Like ” It’s getting old ” shared, my heart sinks when a child is injured or taken from us. Fortunately in our small tight knit area we are spared of that being a tragedy that happens often. What they failed to mention was the other things that bring you back to the loss of your child, like the sun coming up everyday, that’s all it takes for me.
      So for those of you who might vent now and then with a ” Marcie Joke” Dont worry about it upsetting me. I wouldn’t worry to much about Marcie’s feelings either. From all appearances she has pretty thick skin.
      A quick disclaimer, remember this was written by a biased, angery, grieving parent. Marcie should be looked at as ” innocent until proven guilty “. Hopefully that will be decided sometime in June or July, it might be considered cruel to keep delaying her chance to be redeemed of the charges against her. Im sure she cant wait to put a end to all those lame jokes.

      • Ok I’m sorry! I just miss kiya so much. I’m sorry I didn’t get to know faith well but miss her just the same. I want justice too! She s not the same person I thought I knew. It’s sickening how she’s handling this. I just see these “jokes” and I just think of how these girls never got a chance. How marci is handling this and it makes me mad at her and sad for the girls. I’m sooo sorry you don’t have your baby any more. I see how everyday is a reminder for you and my heart goes out to you. I’m truelly sorry. These girls are forever in my heart! They will never be forgotten. For the one who did it may she get what’s she deserves and some how start telling the truth and stop trying to protect ur own ass. It’s not about her anymore it’s about the girls and they deserve justice! Take care

  • Concerned Citizen

    Any update on the little girl?
    Prayers !!!

  • Thank God it’s not worse Dawnetta!!!

  • I was taught as a little girl to say a prayer anytime you heard a siren or saw an emergency vehicle. It so happened I pulled over for the fire chief’s vehicle on Main Street as he was heading to Rohnerville Road and uttered that automatic prayer. Thank you for updating us of your daughter’s condition. It is always comforting to hear the prayer results.

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