This ‘Cuddlesome and Quiet’ Guy is Looking for a Forever Home

From the Humboldt County Animal Shelter:

BOBBY – ID#A084731 is a male , black Domestic Mediumhair. He is 6 years old. BOBBY is a precious boy who is cuddlesome and quiet. Gorgeous in his rich, black ‘tuxedo’, he is delightful to be around and so dependent on one’s love. BOBBY is a favorite among the HCAS staff. See BOBBY at Humboldt County Animal Shelter and take him home to the out-stretched arms of your loving family.



  • A BIG Thank You! Kym for posting these critters. It all helps!

    • I hope so. I hate to think of any one of them without a home for long.

    • I got the BEST DOG EVER from this facility in Aug/Sept!!!! The Humans really work on their Bios, “Blossom’s” bio was spot on, now Honey Bear, she is BETTER than they thought…and getting better and more spoiled every second!

  • Yes many thanks kym!!!!

    I heard that theres an abundance of black cats at the shelter ready for homes. The black kitties I’ve owned have all had great personalities and sweet cuddles.

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