Wanted Felon With Tattooed Face Captured Walking in Eureka


This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Jan. 19, 2018 around 2:30 p.m. a sheriff’s deputy on routine patrol observed wanted felon Steven Mathew Corbera, 31, walking near the intersection of H St. and Harris St. in Eureka.
Corbera was taken into custody without incident on an outstanding felony warrant for parole violation.



  • BUM And has the teardrop you know what that mean he’s a killer

  • Keep your hoodie on bro.

  • Good job capital EPD Gathering up the gang members send them back to Pelican Bay or shall I say helican bay that’s where they send all gang members but I could be wrong..

  • Dont judge a book by its cover i have face tatoos and im on probation but shit that doesn’t mean im a bad person times are changing people. Steven is a good guy he just forgot to check in lol woops it happens if he really waz a quote on quote killer dont u think he would have gave the cops a run for there money? This is someones son, boyfriend, brother, and father have some respect please.

    • Hilarious! So you have face tats and you are on probation. Odds are you have cost the county a lot of money by committing crime and being in the legal system. You are probably collecting social services and your kids and spouse/S ARE most likely also on social services. You most likely are involved in the drug trade perhaps meth dealing or maybe just weed. Either way you ARE a bad person. Like a large number of lowlifes in Humboldt county.

    • Yes, you can judge a book by its cover.
      Face tattoos, probation, and an antisocial personality shows you have no desire to be part of society, or even wish to hold down a simple job like everyone else. You are shouting, ‘Don’t mess with me!’

    • No, no I won’t have any respect for him, respect is earned, also I don’t believe anyone should judge a book from its cover, but you can usually tell what it’s mostly about.

      • Forever adding 2+2 and coming up with 5. You people make me sick. He treats his woman and children amazingly. He didn’t check in… We ALL do dumb shit and get caught up with life. At least now he can work on fixing his mistakes. I love how a couple of words and a few tattoos can say that someone is antisocial and that they don’t want to contribute to society…
        Sincerely someone who DOESN’T have a criminal record, who’s holding down a job, is in college and has kids….and is covered with tattoos….and piercings.

    • respect is a two way street

  • If you have been in prison and you tattoo your face, you are just asking to go back. That seems to be the pattern. Am I wrong?

  • Dumboldt criminals lesson of the day: If you choose a career of committing crimes and then being on the run from authorities when the warrant is issued (and yes the warrant will always be issued because you’re a fucking idiot. Oh yeah and you’re a loser) then Do Not Get Any Tattoo on Your Face, Neck, or any other part of your body that’s north of your shoulders!

  • Does that head tat say Lets Go Mets?

  • Let’s go! Womens march tomorow!!!👊👊👊💪💪💪😘😁

  • Isn’t “tattooed face” and “wanted felon” kind of redundant?

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