PG&E Says They’ve Paid More Than $3 Million in Property Taxes to Humboldt County in the Last Half of the Year

Press release from PG&E:PG&E

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) paid property taxes of more than $230 million this fall to the 50 counties where the energy company owns property and operates gas and electric infrastructure that serves 16 million Californians. The tax payments help support essential public services like education and public safety.

The semi-annual property tax payments made recently cover the period from July 1 to December 31, 2017.

First installment property taxes recently paid to counties included in PG&E’s Humboldt Division are:

  • Humboldt County – $3,432,207
  • Lake County – $862,779
  • Mendocino County – $1,632,858

“Property tax payments provide crucial resources to the many communities where we live and work, supporting everything from education to public safety. By continuing to make local investments in gas and electric infrastructure, we are not only creating one of the safest and most reliable energy systems in the country, we’re investing in the local economy and helping our communities thrive,” said Jason Wells, senior vice president and chief financial officer for PG&E.

Total payments for the full tax year of July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 are estimated to total more than $461 million—an increase of $50 million, or 12 percent, compared with the prior fiscal year.

PG&E supports the communities it serves in a variety of ways. In 2016, PG&E provided more than $28 million in charitable contributions to enrich local educational opportunities, preserve the environment, and support economic vitality and emergency preparedness and safety. PG&E employees provide thousands of hours of volunteer service in their local communities. The company also offers a broad spectrum of economic development services to help local businesses grow.

Note: Trinity County received $135,508.



  • All well and good, but Humboldt County should have a provider like Coos-Curry Cooperative. Residents of Brookings and the other communities in Curry and Coos counties are owners of the electrical grid in that it is a non-profit, member-owned co-op. They even have a Member Discount Program with participating businesses.

    • PG&E is just a shill for the Public Utilities Commission run by the state of California who’s been screwing us and will continue to screw us for years. Who do you think wrote the permits for people to build in those fire-ravaged areas? Tax hungry State of California tax hungry counties and greedy property developers are to blame not PG&E.

  • Uhhh wouldnt whichever company has those parcels pay property taxes on them? Am i reading this right, its a press release saying a company paid the taxes they legally had to anyways? WTF?

    Interesting timing with all the lawsuits being filed against them!

    Sorry but all the paid taxes in the world will not wipe away the fact that you allowed neighborhoods in san Bruno to blow up. Or that your company has been responsible for multiple fires that took peoples lives. Like the Thomas fire, and now youre being sued for the mudslides due to the fire your crappy equipment caused.
    Will we ever have an open market again??? I can remember a time where there were multiple gas, electric and phone companies in CA to choose from, we need that back.

    • Capitalism does not work that way. In-market competition only exists when markets are heavily regulated. Regulation is subject to capture by monied interests. Grass-roots action is the only answer but nearly impossible when both parents work 40 hours a week to just get by.

    • The “multiple” gas and electric companies are no longer around, because they could not sustain themselves financially. Operation costs exceed revenues…

      Do really think the Humboldt County populace has the financial resources to maintain an electric & natural gas grid, in a rugged and remote area such as this? It costs a lot more to maintain a grid in this type of area, than say an urban area like San Jose that has mostly underground utilties? PG&E spreads those costs over a large service territory. PG&E also has large mobile lineman & engineering resources to move to a heavily impacted storm region such as ours, from less impacted areas from their system. What would Humboldt Co do if they experience another hard hitting storm or earthquake, that wipes out the local grid?

  • Well, this should give us a really warm feeling. PG&E annual report for 2016 states that NET income is 1.4 Billion dollars. Thanks PG&E. Our electric rates in Garberville were about 36 cents per kilowatt hour. Our Jan and Feb electric bills were over $600 a month. Our bills in AZ are less than $100. Our rates in Prescott, AZ are 12 cents. What a benevolent company you are!

  • That’s probably because the property taxes are so much higher here, I know mine are! Also what do they want a friggin medal? Yay you pay your taxes like the rest of us, well most of us anyway.

  • Wow the government has officially shut down I think it’s gonna be a long one thanks Chuck Schumer and the Democrats . Even though the Democrats and Republicans both agree on the budget for 2018 the Democrats are holding out because of something that has absolutely nothing to do with the budget. What a bunch of babies ,snowflakes .only interested in their own political futures . This will harm military families ,police ,people who put the lives on the line every day The Democratic Party is absolutely disgusting


      Shut down the government for ever. I am so tired about hearing about this crap. You can almost guarantee they will reach an agreement by monday morning; No I say!! Shut this pig waste talking heads million dollar waste DOWN the only real reason it exists is for the national parks and what? CHOKE The bullshit out until it dies!!!


        If Trump wants to be our leader of a closed down government 3 out of 4 years YEAH! Duct tape the mouths of our elected limousine liberals making millions selling us out! We can start over to a new era. Clean, Whole, and no corruption.

    • Hey Kym, why do you let these guys fill your forums with insults and vitriol, then edit any responses to them that take a similar confrontational tone? Are you trying to turn this place into Nazi rally? It’s definitely enough to make me want to get my news somewhere else.

      • Insulting large groups is allowed. Insulting individuals is not.

        • I remember you had said you had only been called a Nazi once, by your child. I believe it was over some chores you had assigned? That was dangerously close to twice. Sorry, but I just laughing thinking about a teenager doing dishes angrily saying “see he agrees with me”!

          • I am so glad that teenager grew into a much more reasonable adult or else he absolutely would have glommed onto that statement and felt absolutely vindicated.

    • It’s my understanding that Trump invited Schumer over to his office and worked out a concrete budget deal with him. Schumer even put The Wall on the table for compromise. They came to an agreement that wouldn’t shut the gov’t down, together. It was a good deal to go– and finalized. But Trump himself singlehandedly botched it; he didn’t even communicate the shared agreement to Paul Ryan or his fellow Republicans. He remained silent and did nothing. Our ‘Great Dealmaker’ and ‘Unity Negotiator’ failed to do one wit of leadership. So it died.

      Don’t forget, the Trumpster said himself he wanted a ‘good government shutdown’ himself and he got what he wanted. And don’t forget other Republicans also failed to get on board for voting yes. So with our shutdown, now our Prez jets off to Mar-a-Lago for his swanky $100k black-tie fundraiser. This is our Leader?

      We have never before seen the toxic combination of a dysfunctional, incompetent majority in Congress, and a President that is completely uninformed, unprincipled, and uninterested in the hard work of governing. Despite controlling every branch of government, Republicans have been unable to do the most basic part of their job: pass legislation that funds the government.

      This chaos and uncertainty is hurting our country — undermining our national security, frustrating those who are trying to build infrastructure projects, and leaving states and local health clinics in limbo as to how they are going to provide healthcare to millions of vulnerable children, among other things. Governing by chaos, crisis, insults and hyperpartisan posturing doesn’t work. Enough is enough.

      OK, back to PG&E and their taxes….

  • For what they charge us. I would think they should have to pay for all the right aways thru our properties. they came to me wanting more land last year. offered me what I thought was trival amount
    for it. besides if I had given it would have put me where some buildings have to be probably had to be removed. wasn’t falling for their nonsense. (Being polite)

  • PGE is all about them and f–k everyone else. They run roughshod over property owners. They trespass and wreck roads with no compensation. And leave their garbage everywhere. If you work for them, don’t get hurt. They screw injured workers. Management will never be brought to justice for mismanagement (lack of maintenance) and fraud and all their B.S. because they are all lawyers. If ratepayers knew how they waste money they would be shocked.
    Oh, but they helped out the zoo. Thanks shareholders!

    • PG&E also killed 50 people and burned down 8000 homes just a few months ago. If you or I had started the fires we would be in prison, wind or no wind.

  • I think Humboldt should spend all that money and more on a new monorail!😎

  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and PG&E Inc. are two different animals.
    Community Choice and the so-called Redwood Coast Energy Authority are two more third-parties.
    Spark Energy is telephoning people in Fortuna pushing a natural gas rate locked in for 6 months. They will telephone later this year to offer ‘electric’ rate lock-in for 6 months.

    The recent dirty electric monthly mailings tell you to call 911 for a utility emergency. Mario Brothers contract w/utility to trim trees in electric lines. From the example of MB closing the little dirt road for a day that leads to the entrance where i live, they should be fired. They didn’t trim Any branches!

    Tesla was able to provide ‘free’ energy w/out wires to a small village (and could do so around the globe), over a hundred years ago. Solar installations along with the rate-hike firestorm meters attached to our homes and businesses guarantees the rest of California will go up in flames. I wonder if the ‘wise ones’ know when.

  • I’ve been living off grid for over 37 years. I wouldn’t use PG@E if they paid me. Although, it does suck when I drive all the way to town just to find out the power is out and everything is closed.

    • can u love without pge? just asking cause my sister said, since I’m in town, I’d have to still have pge plus solar. any helpful info to pass? rules or regulations?

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