[UPDATE 10:19 p.m.] EPD Chased a Vehicle and Then Pursued the Driver After He Fled on Foot

Foot PursuitAt approximately 10:05 p.m., Eureka Police began pursuing a vehicle westbound on Grotto Street in Eureka. The pursuit has twisted through a number of streets between West Harris to Buhne. The driver eventually abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. The officer described him as a solitary male in dark jeans and a red sweater.

The suspect was last seen eastbound on 15th Street about 10:10 p.m. The officer is searching the area.

UPDATE 10:19 p.m.: According to reporter Bobby Kroeker who was also listening to the scanner, the officer originally attempted to pull the suspect over for a broken light.



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      • Calico La Shawn Williams

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      • Calico La Shawn Williams

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  • No description of car?brain shut down?

    • He “abandoned the vehicle” so it doesn’t matter.

      • Calico La Shawn Williams

        I was driving on E street when 6 cars of Epd, CHP and HCS got out and ran on foot. The cop closest to him had short legs and was not running fast enough with his flashlight at all. Lmao! Anyway, the car in the alley looked like a Silver Accord. But I was in motion.

    • Scanner info is often incomplete. There was no description of the car after I began listening.

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      • Double speak outside of cheek

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