Humboldt Bay Closed Due to High Surf


22 ft swell crashes at the North Jetty last year. [Image by Laurie Jensen]

Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services reports, “USCG Captain of the Port has closed Humboldt Bay entrance due to high surf. Noyo and Crescent City harbors also affected.”




  • How often does this happen?

  • and just as crab boats are struggling with late season start .

  • I’d rather have them shut down the entrance rather than tons of my tax dollars going towards the Coast Guard having to save some dumbass that doesn’t understand his boat can’t handle the waves

  • Not quite sure why they crab out of Humboldt bay anyway. Trinidad seems the logical choice.

    • Your perspective is illogical.

    • Trinidad gets beaten by the surf a lot more, and the facilities are volume-limited with the amount of haul they get this time of year. A few small to medium boats can unload there, but Eureka and Field’s Landing can handle bigger and more frequent boatloads. Also, you can refuel on the water in Eureka, which is the only such facility for at least a hundred miles in any direction.

      And when the weather sucks, a bay is a much more pleasant place to be than an exposed location like Trinidad.

  • Nice picture Laurie Erik &Wanda

    • Thank you Erik/Wanda You know me, out there getting photos of all kinds That photo is right in between the jetties. “Power of Nature” is a awesome thing to feel and see

  • With many years at sea over the course of thirty years, and several crossings over Humboldt Bar bar, I must say if the U.S.C.G. believes it should be closed, it probably should be. If you don’t believe them, take a drive out to the north jetty and look for yourselves. It can get pretty messy. On the flip side, just the kind of water our local surfers love.

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