The Women’s March on Eureka is Saturday at 1 p.m.

This is a press release from Women’s March Eureka:

EUREKA, Calif. — The Women’s March on Eureka will join others around the nation in rallying and marching together on Saturday, Jan. 20, starting at the C Street Plaza at 1 p.m.

We believe that Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights. We must create a society in which women – including Black women, Native women, poor women, immigrant women, disabled women, Muslim women, non-binary folks, lesbian queer and trans women – are free and able to care for and nurture their families, however they are formed, in safe and healthy environments free from structural impediments.

This year’s message:

  • Get Out the Vote!
  • Voices Must Be Heard
  • #MeToo and #TimesUp
  • Reclaiming Our Democracy

The 2018 Women’s March on Eureka will start with a rally at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 20, on the C Street Plaza in Old Town. We’ve invited several community organizations to participate and speak, and we are currently working on confirming more speakers for the rally.

The Humboldt-Del Norte Counties Central Labor Council has generously offered to sponsor the liability insurance (and big thanks to SEIU for their support in making that happen!). We are excited to have a speaker from the CLC as well as The North Coast Rape Crisis Team, and we look forward to announcing more speakers as they are confirmed.

Shortly after 2 p.m., we will start the march. We are confirming our route with the city via the special event permit process and will announce the route once it is finalized.

Visit the Facebook event for updated information

Want to get involved? Need to request a wheelchair for the march? Contact us at or (707) 572-5251.



  • Thanks for the warning. Sounds like a good day to stay home.

    • Not freedom of any one but yourselves? If you don’t support women, you ARE NOT FOR FREEDOM!!!!!!! Oh wait! As long as you have women to cook and clean for you, cuz I know VERY FEW MEN who could actually survive without fast food. And know LESS men who CLEAN HOUSE. Please prove me wrong! But, if your club can’t behave …DO STAY HOME!!!

      • unbridled phillistine

        Im sorry ladies but if you want equal pay to a man, Then you have to put in a mans days work. Not very many women cab do that. Maybe 5% can do a mans days work! Although a lady named Big Jane told me once ” I would like to go set chokers logging” And I said ” You know Big Jane I think you can do it” There are few around that handle the work load. Few and far between. Sorry.

      • Dear Jayne, I am finding a disturbing trend here, but once again I have to correct your inaccurate assumptions. First things first I never said I don’t support women. I guess you decided to assume that because I don’t really want to be around any marches. Whether or not I support women has nothing to do with supporting freedom. I believe in free speech for people of every color and gender. That does not mean that I have to support every single cause that is expressing themselves with said freedoms. I don’t need a woman or man or monkey to cook and clean for me I can gladly do those things all on my own like any good self sufficient human being. Not really sure how you want me to prove you wrong. Maybe come over to my house and taste my meals and inspect the cleanliness of my dishes and utensils? If you know so few men who can cook and clean I guess I would suggest you try broadening your group of friends. I feel sorry for your female friends if that is the extent of their role and they just let the man be the breadwinner. I think that the best thing I can offer you is a chance to be introspective and think about if a man had just made the stereotypical generalizations about women that you just made about men how much of a bunch your panties would be in right now.

  • Liberal hypocrisy

    This oughta be good

  • “We must create a society in which women – including Black women, Native women, poor women, immigrant women, disabled women, Muslim women, non-binary folks, lesbian queer and trans women”

    Seems you left a large group out??

  • “…Everything else about the Women’s March….a level of absurdity worthy of the man they are protesting. Start with the fact that they are billing this event as the voice of women when …

    ** 42 percent of women (and 62 percent of non-college educated white women) actually voted for Trump.** ”

    Can’t hide from facts but lots of people like to.

    The women’s march is one of the most illl-defined ego-fluffing assemblies in history.

    Talk about a broad scope!! All “inclusive”.. unless you are pro life. Or wealthy, hetero, and caucasion. I know. More pesky facts.

    Quote above from last year’s sympathetic editorial on the maiden March. Trump is an embarrassment!!
    So are vagina hats.

    • There were plenty of hetero men at the last women’s march. I can’t think of the last time conservative [edit] were able to put that many feet on the street.

      • They weren’t men….

        • Jeez…That’s just taking it too far. Just because males support a political stance you don’t, then they aren’t men? You’d be rightly outraged if I said Ann Coulter or any other woman against the march wasn’t a woman.

          I was planning on taking my son to this March. I doubt that will affect his manhood but I suspect you and I might define manhood differently.

          • Wow interesting take Kym. That wasn’t how I interpreted it at all. I figured he meant that they were probably butch lesbians that only looked like men in the crowd. Maybe labled can weigh in and clarify.

            • Since there were several prominent men at the March last year including Michael Moore and thousands of less prominent men…that would show he was either very ill-informed or just rude.

              I don’t think there is a way to take that comment as productive.

              • I agree with Kym, no reason to insult any Man who supports Women in Anything, WOW, why so many women haters, seems like being a Woman is the lowest minority! Still after all these years…not good. So many self-righteous people, WE ALL NEED TO STICK UP FOR HUMANS AND ANIMALS, First and foremost, of course the the Earth needs healed by what we keep doing to it. STOP THE HATE!!!

          • Man I should have seen that one coming. Karate chopped by kym again. My meaning was they were trans women or women dressed like men not actual men supporting women. Oh well, either way my sarcastic dark humor labels me. Women are God’s. Marching as if your a minority who has no rights against a man who is a moron needs to be made fun of. Sorry


            A knuckle dragging one track minded hairless ape.

            • C’mon…Is this supposed to be somehow better? I have my Republican father’s sense of humor which generally helps me take a light look at things that many on the left do not find amusing. But—sneering at trans people is not punching up which is my criteria for whether you should make a joke or not. As I said in my response to Freedom Club, you either knew or ought to have known that thousands of the marchers were men.

              • Well I guess Freedom Club was on the right track of what Labeled Nazi was referencing. I don’t know if he was actually sneering as tone is hard to tell from text on the internet, but give me a break with this punching up crap in reference to trans. A very wise teacher of mine would often say that you have the freedom of choice, but not of consequence. All this gender junk has gotten so out of hand in recent times. If you are a female and want to dress and look like a dude that’s all good and fine, but don’t expect people to never notice or comment on it. That is their freedom just as much as it is for you to choose your fashion and sexual orientation.

                • People don’t choose their sexual orientation or their skin color. Mocking people because they are different from you and in the minority….sounds like bullying to me.

                • I don’t know where anyone said you choose your skin color. I was talking about people choosing how they dress and appear. Trust me I totally support people’s right to be as different, weird, or quirky as they choose so long as they aren’t infringing on the rights of others. But with that freedom comes along an acceptance that others have the freedom to not like or approve of your choices. If you give words so much power that you consider them bullying maybe a free speech society is not best suited for you… Freedom ain’t free and it is certainly a two way street. I feel that many on the regressive left fail to see this and only want the freedoms that they approve of and benefit from.

                  Regarding your last statement; would you consider all the awful things religious people say about non believers to be bullying towards atheists, which are one of the most abused minorities throughout history?

                • Supporting people’s right to be different, weird or quirky doesn’t include making fun of them…C’mon. Let’s imagine you say to your wife. “Hon, will you support my decision to quit my job making lots of money to follow my dream of being a musician.” And she says yes and then mocks you as an idiot in front of your friends. Would you feel supported? No.

                  Of course, words can be used to bully people. Yes, words are not the same as hitting but they can and are used to push people to be “normal.”

                  A free speech society works best when those speaking take responsibility for not just spewing whatever comes to their mind but actively try to be thoughtful about what is said. For instance here. You and I are for the most part disagreeing thoughtfully but not throwing insults or sneering at each other.

                  Frankly, I haven’t encountered much hostility from religious people for my lack of belief in God. Mostly, I see disbelief that I could really feel that way (there are no atheists in foxholes sort of raised eyebrow) However, if I should encounter it one on one, I expect I wouldn’t like it and depending on whether the person was someone in power over me—a boss, a teacher, law enforcement, a large man on a dark street–I might feel bullied. If I encountered hostility from a large group, I most likely would feel threatened and bullied.

                • I completely agree about thoughtful disagreement being extremely important between people. While I do disagree with you on some certain fundamental things I at least respect that you have thought deeply about them and just happened to arrive at a different conclusion than me. I am not foolish enough to think that everyone could every come together and agree on anything in the entire history of civilization. The point I am trying to make is not to insult of belittle anyone, but rather give people a different perspective which might help enhance their well being. Words only have as much power as you allow them to have. It is all how you interpret it. In your example with the wife rather than feel unsupported I would use it as motivation to improve as a musician and prove her wrong.

                  If someone chooses an odd or alternative lifestyle I feel it is incumbent upon them to be aware that it might draw criticism or ire. That is the great trade off of freedom. Your freedom to be different is couple with the freedom of others to voice their feelings on it. It may be unpleasant, but what people don’t realize is that is just a natural cost of freedom. As soon as you start trying to take that away I find it to be a very slippery slope and not a concession I am willing to make. That and given the state of the legal and political world I really don’t trust anyone to draw the line between freely expressing one’s opinion and what others would dub as bullying or microagressions or whatever flavor of the week term they come up with. The incredibly ironic part is that free speech is a classically liberal idea, but I am being it attacked more from the left now than ever. Nowhere within free speech is there a promise that somebody won’t get their feelings hurt of feel offended. I will gladly face criticism and ridicule for my personal freedoms in exchange for knowing that I have those same freedoms. Everybody wants to eat their cake and have it too. I’m afraid that is not how the world works. I will concede that purposely bullying someone is probably not a very ethical thing to do, but I would certainly rather run the risk of encountering that in daily life than to feel like my free speech is being impeded upon.

                  I will just leave you with this,,, Perhaps you have heard it before. “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”

                • I think that we are talking about different things. Freedom of speech–even if someone exposes themselves as a bigot—is a legal right. But, free speech can still be bullying.

                  The difference between us is that I defend your right to speak your opinion no matter how wrong–even morally wrong I think it is as long as you are not in a position of power to abuse people who work for you. A boss who abuses an athiest employee for instance or a Muslim or a Christian should not be allowed to continue to abuse that power.

                  In addition, while you can say what you like, I or other private places of business don’t have to host your speech or protect you from criticism while making it.

                • I appreciate your engagement and I think you are interpreting a difference where there might not be one. Trust me I completely support people’s right to have morally wrong or deranged opinions. I wouldn’t want to see any government agency trying to limit that. I think our biggest differing of opinion would be around the bullying and I don’t use that term as loosely as some. If you are being harassed in your own home then maybe I feel you have a case. If you are going out in public to march and voice your opinion be prepared to have others express theirs too you even if you don’t like it. If you can’t handle that then staying inside the comfort of ones own home might be a better option. I myself concede that living in a free speech society comes along with the inherent risk that if I am out in public there is a good chance I will encounter things that I dislike and find offensive. I’ve yet to see anyone be killed by words spoken to them. Don’t give language that kind of power over you an you will feel like a much more free and at peace person. If you have enough self confidence and conviction you can simply laugh at the people throwing verbal assault your way and just realize how much smarter and more enlightened you are to not let them get the rise out of you that fuels them. Bullying is in all likelihood not a good thing, but my message is not arguing whether it is or not, but rather that people should start taking control of their lives and how they choose to perceive things and not just falling into the trap of being a victim. Life can be tough and people with that mentality are not long for this world. I agree you are completely free to sensor and edit your site however you see fit even if you have the worlds most extreme agenda. For the record I don’t think you have such. I don’t want nor expect any type of protection. I can put on my big boy pants and stand by my words all by myself even if I am the only on in the world who agrees with them.

                  I think this thread is dying out, but I appreciate the diplomatic back and forth. I wish you continued luck with your website and realize it is not an easy job to deal with the comment section and all that comes along with it, but I think it is an important aspect of your site and would hate to see it go away like some have suggested.

      • Strong woman. Staying home building my empire

        Men (or trans bi gay hetero) on the street, and to what end?

        Can anyone name one lasting effect/change outside of the mutual adoration of the participants that has come about from these marches?

        It has far too broad of an agenda with no clear plan of action!



        Because voting and sexual assaults are totally compatible missions. LMAO

        Facts are
        Many of the women that do go to the polls supported blowhard Trump.

        And, women are drawn to, and submit to men in power. He grabbed ’em by the pussy and they loved it. Women get punched in the eye by their lovers and they stay. Why? Men are sexy and warm. They support us. They convince us we deserved it and we better not fuss. Sexual connection equates to family; equates to security . And, like deep in her biological memory, out of fear of the saber tooth tiger she stays.

        *The reasons for returning to an abusive partner may relate to the days of early humans, who had to fend for themselves in the wild. The powerful psychological mechanisms that lead people to stay in abusive relationships may have developed for survival reasons, Stosny said.
        “To leave an attachment relationship — a relationship where there’s an emotional bond — meant certain death by starvation or saber-tooth tiger,” he said.*

        Who believes a single day marching will even begin to reverse generations of biology and existing reality? … that’s naive and grandiose.

        • So you let this guy advocate rape, you let and edit me when I call someone a bootlicker. This forum is becoming a rightwing circlejerk of three dudes and their sockpuppet accounts.

          • If I delete opinions that I don’t like, then I might as well write every comment. Instead, I’m hoping that people of diverse ideas will learn (eventually) to discuss points intelligently.

            Writing that women like to submit is a comment that I find disgusting but the best way to change people’s mind is not by insulting them or asking me to delete them. Instead, why don’t you argue and point to studies on why the idea is wrong.

            Here are the guidelines I use to decide what to delete. The guidelines are designed to promote civil discussion–They are not designed to promote my point of view or anyone other person’s:

            1. Civility is valued by the moderator.
            2. Insulting other commenters will get you deleted. Do it too often and you will get banned.
            3. No slurs–racial, ethnic, gender, political etc.
            4. Try to add value to the website by offering information, art, humor or, most of all, thoughtful discussion.
            5. Free speech is valued by the moderator and sometimes that trumps civility but don’t push it.
            6. Also, grammar, punctuation, spelling criticisms should come from parents, teachers, and bosses not anonymous people on the internet. If you can understand what someone says, refrain from telling them how to edit their comments. The one exception to this is me. If I make an error, politely pointing it out is fine.
            7. Punch up. Mocking people in positions of authority is acceptable, sometimes even helpful. Mocking children, the disabled, those suffering from misfortunate, those in a minority who don’t have power is something a bully does.
            8. Don’t threaten or encourage violence.

    • THEY WOULD BE THE OLDER GENERATION, no woman I know under age of 55 voted for him! Outraged that ANY woman voted for this Vile man, He made fun of disabled people in a debate! NO disabled person should have voted for him! Oh yeah, remember…he ONLY won the Electoral votes, no matter how many times he says he won the people votes…it’s documented! He didn’t win the popular vote! And no nasty remarks about Hillary, all politicians are shady, NOT saying she would have been better/worse, but at least she would have worked more days…Bernie is the person I believed the most. But…doesn’t matter who we vote for, it’s still the Electorate votes that REALLY count, Not us, it doesn’t even seem to be a Democracy anymore, and SAD and EMBARRASSED that UK doesn’t even want Him to visit their country.

      • Hey Jayne, I should probably preface this by saying that I am not a trump supporter myself, but give me a break with this not winning the popular vote nonsense. That is not nor has it been the objective of a presidential election. The objective is to win the most electoral votes. You would be like the person saying that the football team with the most total yards should win the game when the objective is clearly to score more points. The election was not billed as a popular vote nor was it campaigned as one. With that being said you can’t really refer the popular vote as having any significant meaning because if that was how the election was to be determined and everyone knew that ahead of time the entire approach of the candidates campaigning and numbers of people participating on the voting process would be entirely different. If you really have an issue with the electoral college why don’t you address that specifically? I have a feeling that if your candidate had won the electoral, but not the popular vote you wouldn’t have the whole whiny tirade about the issue at all.

    • unbridled phillistine

      Yeah Im a White, Hetero, Male How else can I offend you? So sick of everybody and their special interest! What about us norms? Do we not deserve a march? lol. Get real things will change when men make the changes.

  • Wow, well one cannot argue with ignorance. Bernice Reagon…SWEET HONEY AND THE ROCK?..met her once in Yosemite National Park and she told me to Teach Down…teach the children…”people are who they are …dont waste your time honey”. I was 20. She is right.

  • There’s also a memorial for the biker Dirty Dave Davis same time at Eureka theatre. If it’s not raining, possibly up to 300 motorcycles may be there for the group ride from Blue Lake and memorial service at the theatre from 1-4. All those bikes, riders, and associated vehicles will be looking for parking around the area. Plan your travels accordingly. Thanks.

  • Go, women. Look how afraid you are making these guys. A little equality has them sweating.

  • RE: #MeToo and #TimesUp, that stuff’s all good, but not much about all of the boys and young men who are being sexually abused in that town (Hollywood). Corey Feldman’s been talking about this sort of thing for many years, getting poo-poohed by Oprah, getting ignored, especially lately. And, it seems as if the scandal surrounding Spacey is just yesterday’s news. Oh, that’s right, he’s come out as a gay man. It shows that our society attaches less value to males as human beings, something which I’ve known for decades.

  • Great comments. Reminds me why I’m marching.

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