[UPDATE 8:17 p.m.: Suspect Detained] Woman Stabbed in Stomach on Hikshari’ Trail in Eureka

[Photo by Mark McKenna]

According to scanner traffic, an “underage female” was stabbed in the stomach on the Hikshari’ Trail about 200 foot south of the foot of Truesdale Street in Eureka before 5:45 p.m.

We don’t have a lot of information at this point, but we have a reporter at the scene. We’ll update this post when we hear more.

Update 6:25 p.m.: Officers at the scene were unavailable to speak to our reporter about the incident.

UPDATE 7:07 p.m.: Here is the victim being loaded into the ambulance. Photo also taken by Mark McKenna.

[Photo by Mark McKenna]

UPDATE 7:21 p.m.: Chief Steve Watson of the Eureka Police tweeted at 7:20 p.m., “I can confirm EPD is investigating a reported stabbing that occurred tonight off the Hikshari Trail just south of Truesdale. Appears to be homeless related. One victim transported to a local hospital. Officers on scene investigating. More to follow later.”

UPDATE 8:17 p.m.: Chief Watson tweeted just before 8 p.m., “About 5:38PM, EPD was dispatched to the foot of Truesdale on the report of a female stabbed by another female. As of 7:15PM, EPD POP and Patrol officers have a suspect detained. The victim is an adult female and this incident appears to be transient related.”

UPDATE 8:57 p.m.: We spoke to Chief Steve Watson of the EPD, he told us that the two women were seen in an altercation. The suspect fled and was later located in another encampment south of the incident scene. “We’re still investigating [but] we think we have got our person.”

UPDATE Final: Woman With Red Mohawk Arrested for Stabbing Last Night

Note: An earlier version of this story reported that the victim was an underage female. We’ve updated the story to show the victim was an adult.

Note 2: We also called Chief Watson “Captain”…and, when it was brought our attention, not by him, we updated the post to reflect his correct title.



  • Well , Chief Steve Watson needs to do a little bit more work,and Eureka has gotten even worse since he’s taken command. Sounds like we need a whole lot more foot Patrols,but I don’t think we have any for Patrols in Eureka as matter of fact.

    • Agreed, horseback patrol as well

    • Double speak outside of cheek

      I rarely say anything negative but your comments and a couple of others has got me riled. [edit] How do you patrol every inch of Eureka at any given time especially when you aren’t fully staffed? This whole city is crime ridden. It’s not about patrolling everywhere constantly. Are you really this naive? I’m shaking my head so much in amazement over some people’s ignorance that I have a headache. Thanks a lot

    • What a whiney bunch, “l.e.o. should be here, should be there.” C’mon, more nut flakes than officers, they’re doing the best they can. Quit bitchin, help out, support. Damn.

  • The press isn’t allowed to keep track of violent crime in our community? Odd.

  • What is wrong with this place. Daily occurrence stabbing , murder , robbery.

    • Needle handouts, drug culture, endless benefits for out-of-state transients, homeless utopia.

    • Welcome to Trump’s America. He is making it great again.

      • So now this is Trump’s fault? LOL.

        • Yup. When Obama was President, there was no crime and enough money for all. Suddenly, without warning, the dark forces of evil swooped in like Voldemort at Hogwarts.
          Everyone needs to take life lessons from Harry Potter books because they are so real. Arise Wizards and wave your short, pointy sticks at the nasty Trump.

      • This has nothing to do with Trump, as he would enforce punishments to end this crap—-this is your liberal voters who did this—not Trump. Not that I like him, but you are just talking ignorance because it’s a popular rant to hate Trump. You’re as ignorant as it gets, and a follower of the popular rhetoric who CANNOT THINK FOR YOURSELF. Stupid.

      • Eureka was like this long before trump ever took over so you can’t really blame him for this . Seems people just want to blame who ever is president . Truth is it don’t matter who’s president people will always bitch , blame and whine about them .

    • Food4thought is all

      Read about it.
      -Most dangerous cities in California
      -cities with highest chance of being a victim of a violent crime

      Look up a few things like that and those two. The results may surprise you. You will see Eureka regularly.

      No one ever said it was safe however what did you expect? Its a way of life and everyone does,there thing to get what they need.

      • People are very confused if they think that drugs, theft, assault, etc is a necessity. They are confused about need. You need food, shelter, clothing, water. And working is a way of getting them.

        On the other hand drugs are a want. And apparently theft, assault, fraud is the way to get them. Working interferes with the pursuit of drugs.

        There was a time where a few individuals did stupid and violent things but fewer were thieves. And even fewer than that thought they had the right to inflict their problems on the public at large. But you can count on human nature to willing put the responsibility for their own problems anywhere but on themselves. Today every drug addict, criminal and general fool has long taken in the message that it’s society’s fault and society owes them. Since they are not personally responsible, they feel no impetuous to correct themselves.

        With such a continuous feeding of a sense that they are helpless victims, even those who could restrain their impulses don’t both.

        • Working for a non livable wage and without affordable housing led many to become hopeless. Lack of mental health services and housing means people will be living in the bushes and circling the drain as far as their health and sanity go.

          • No it doesn’t. There is no other way to put it. As evidence to the contrary, are the 99.99% of the population that manages to do it just fine. Most mentally ill, including the paranoid, and the poor manage to house themselves pretty consistently.

            What is different about most chronically homeless people is most an adversion to following societal norms, whether by self control or outside authority. That, in combination with drug abuse, mental illness or just normal life adversity, creates a lack of willingness to do what most people do.

            • your percentage is way off, take 10% off it. Do you know why the City is shutting down the Squire’s rental that nets 16k per month in income? its not that they want to make more homeless or care about the living conditions at the location.

              • The county’s homeless population was estimated last as under 1000. The total population was about 136,000. The housed population is about 99.2%.

                So why does the city want to shut it down if not because of conditions? It’s not that they are free from personal vendettas but I can’t think that is the reason.

  • Underage victim, still gathering information… between info they can’t give out about the victim and wanting to have solid information to share, probably there’s not much to share, only speculation at this point. Time will tell…

  • The end is coming & death is always near

  • I hope she will be ok. The ambulance didn’t have sirens on when it left.


  • A couple of things: we have not made any changes to our transparency or limiting what crime stats and reports are available so that is complete misinformation I have no idea where it originates from. In fact, this year through Citizen RIMS (a function of our brand new CAD/RMS system) the public will have more information than ever. We have not withheld any statistics. For more info, you can ask our PIO Brittany Powell.

    Secondly, our officers were busy securing the scene, investigating the crime and ultimately locating and detaining the suspect which is their job—not halting their efforts to spend time being questioned by a reporter. We will and did release information as soon as we could as I did once I got to the scene.

    Additionally, we actively and extensively patrol the trail system—more than EPD ever has. Most days of the week our MIST and POP officers are patrolling the trails and green belts, enforcing the law and removing trash and illegal camps. I also authorized overtime patrol signups for more officers on Fridays along the trails, as well as in Old Town Friday – Sunday when our full-time Old Town foot patrol officer is off duty. I am also creating a full time Parks-Waterfront Officer position whose full time job will be patrolling our expansive trail and park systems to augment all that is being done already.

    Finally, EPD made around 1,200 citations or arrests for Eureka Municipal Code violations (such as illegal camping and aggressive solicitation) in 2017. This is a significantly higher level of EMC enforcement than any other period in the last several years (hundreds more).

    All of this while EPD has been down about 20% of our sworn officer positions. We are working hard to recruit more officers but it’s a challenge. Please don’t jump to conclusions and I’m readily available if you want to discuss a concern.

    • Great job Chief Watson! I appreciate you and all your officers for Everything you do to make things safer for us. God bless you All.

    • Thank you for all you do!

    • Thank you sir.

    • Thank you for all of your effort! It seems like there are so many problems, but you have made great progress.

    • Thanks for posting Chief, while law enforcement has a tough and many times thankless task, you do have strong support among the people.

    • Thank u for all that u do

    • I have seen officers patrolling the Hikshari trail. I appreciate the job EPD and Chief Watson are doing. Police can’t solve all of our social problems. I see you doing what you can.

    • Thank you for all the work you are doing. I know it can be a thankless job but I appreciate all the law enforcement officers & Deputies in Humboldt County and their dedication to keeping our cities & county safe. Can we improve? Yes, as in everything there is always room for improvement, but I know personally that you are all doing everything you can to make Humboldt a safe place. Again, thank you!

    • Acceptance makes our world just a tiny bit better.

      I walk that trail daily and have seen numerous officers in all terrain four wheelers.
      between the parking lot behind Shamus to the Park and Ride parking at Herrick. There are encampments on both sides of the trail. The transcients set up their camps just as it gets dark and you will see a group sitting at the picnic tables in the parking lot behind Shamus every morning. They are just hanging out, but know the pattern of when the officers arrive and depart. In the bathrooms at the parking people are shooting up inside. I frequently have found needles in the facility and behind the building. And along the pathway also. Although I have not personally been assaulted or harassed I have talked with people mostly women who are fearful of confrontations especially just before sun down. There are two other parking lots south on the trail and on weekends I have witnessed homeless looking people congregating around 5pm. None are not breaking any laws. I assume they are preparing to find their place for the night. These people are excellent dodgers of the police. The sides of the trail are thick with bushes that people can hide behind. My point is it would take an army of officers to patrol the area and to roust out people who are breaking the law is an almost impossible task. And if Betty Chin thinks she will be able to corral the transcients in the PG&E trailers aside the trail I think that will never be possible. Many of the people I saw live in a culture of a swirling neighborhood. Here this morning and then where did they go? It is a lifestyle and I can imagine many have been living their unstable wanderlust life styles for many years. It’s like being in the Army. A social fabric unique only to their culture. Congregating them in one place won’t work because they seek their ability to ramble around freely. And those are the sane ones. There is another population who are mentally ill. I hear on occasion one male who shouts like a wild animal. I have never seen him shouting, but on occasion he is there. I think Chief Watson’s only alternative is to work with these people. My little evidence of this is I always say good morning or how you doing or nice day to be out walking when we pass along the trail. They always respond. On rare occasions I have been asked for money, but I always respond that I never carry money with me when I walk because there is no where to spend it. No one have panhandled me for months. Maybe the word was out I don’t carry money. Could it be time to accept that this population is here to stay and we all work on getting along together. Ninety-nine percent don’t have rabies and will not bite you. The one percent that do you have to be wary of. Unfortunately the latter don’t foam at the mouth and it is difficult to know who they are. The police will never be able to protect the public from criminals. At best they can only attend to the aftermath of a crime. Two people living on a deserted island don’t live crime free. Another reason to put an effort to just getting along together. Putting 25,000 people living in a confined area and trying to get along in life is virtually impossible. Someone will have an issue with you. So we have a small number of people who we have relied on the keep the peace between 25,000 citizens. Not good odds!

    • 1,200 citations for illegal camping…where did those people go? We cannot blame the police for our lack of affordable housing and even free housing for the ill and handicapped if need be. No matter how many police you hire there will be no place for homeless to go. Better to spend more money on tiny home villages than unenforceable citations people can’t even afford to pay anyway and would clean up our public spaces and increase hope and moral among so many people suffering in homeless . This is a national issue, can’t just bus them away.

    • Appreciate this, thank you.

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    Personally, I think you guys are doing a pretty good job, and I live in Eureka. Looking forward to getting those vacancies filled and few more k9 officers too.

    • Thanks. In fact I have brought back our K9 program. We are conducting interviews with the interested officers for this position next week!

  • People need to step up in this community. It’s not going to change without you. The picture was clear this year when we went to Ray’s food in Garberville. Good luck and hope all can come together to make not only Eureka but the surrounding areas( really important) a safer place.

    • We are the people

      That’s the real answer right there.
      We the people have To stand

    • I agree. It takes everyone’s help. Visit there from out of town. My community has monthly meetings, flashlight walks, graffiti team., Community cleanups. All with the help of Supervisors, trash department, and any other type of resources that we think would be beneficial to our small community. I encourage the people of Eureka to “Step up & Help Out” Take your neighborhoods and beautiful town back. Also, if you see something, call it in. Make the report.

  • You say Chief that the PD actively and extensively patrol the trail system? Yet the volunteer citizen clean up crews found & find evidence every time of many, many camps! are your officers blind or do they turn a blind eye.

    Do your job & get them the hell out of there even if you have to send patrols every fuc*king day or get fired!

    • We still have to follow the law and Constitution. I understand your point of view—I have participated in several volunteer clean ups on my days off—but I don’t think you understand the magnitude and scope of problem especially given our limited resources. I have cops hauling off aggragate hundreds and thousands of pounds of garbage in our Gator UTV and that is not their job. They do it quietly because they know it needs to be done.

      Without them it would be far worse. Call me some time and I can explain in much more detail what we are doing and the hurdles we are required to jump through, but trust me if it was as simple as you suggest it would already be done. It’s not and those closer to the problem would back me on that.

      • Thank you, Chief Watson, for publicly addressing this issue in this forum. I appreciate reading your explanations. It’s a brave and honorable soul who ventures into the comment zone to defend their cause and themselves. Nicely done.

        • Thanks Chris and others for your understanding and support.

          I understand people are frustrated, angry and looking for answers. We are frustrated and angry and looking for answers. But we need to find ways, working together, to take positive action.

          And despite having our share of problems, Humboldt County also has great beauty and amazing, generous people. It’s important to stay balanced—acknowledging our problems while also celebrating our successes. To do anything less is disingenuous and counterproductive.

          I was born and raised here. I left but came back to raise my family here. I’m committed to our future. Help us find a way forward.

          There are many things in life we can’t control. But the one thing no one can ever take from you is your attitude…how you choose to react to what this crazy, ugly, beautiful world throws at you. You control and own that.

          If I may suggest a great book that has helped give me perspective: “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl

          • I am very glad you are participating here Chief Watson (I bet you’ve gotten some Holmes jokes in your career). 🙂 I am so sorry that our culture is negligent, does not WORK for and INVEST in community health, expects it to be free and for police and charity to suffice in the absence of community commitment.
            Attitude is dependent on many things. Frankl’s book says a lot about surviving horrific conditions during wartime AND he arrived there with experiences of belonging and being loved, good memories and did not spend his FORMATIVE years being berated, neglected, raped, drugged, indoctrinated and otherwise abused etc. by people who he had no choice but to live with. Like Betty Chin, Frankl was a victim of political movements and actions; their experiences are very very different than trying to heal from very personal abuse in isolation for which there was never any rescue or significant acknowledgement – that sort of abuse is like being born into a prison camp and brain washed often before old enough to speak or attend school. So many of our homeless are over 50 and exhausted and psychologically injured. I was deeply saddened to see women over 50 arrested for prostitution and their faces posted on this site and elsewhere. Housing is so short there are CL ads offering housing in exchange for sex. The ACE study by Kaiser Permanente sheds some light on protective factors (or lack thereof) and various types of trauma and at what age they occurred, the number and what the social context was; judgements must be made and like guns judgements are powerful and should be treated with care and respect not thrown around recklessly. We really can’t expect results just telling people they control their attitude because humans are genetically designed to absorb whatever environment they are born into (again depending on a complex array of factors) which is why skilled parents do everything in their power to create a good environment for their own children. For those adults with too many hardships, mental illness and injuries they require a place to heal, a stable safe place https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsFHV-McdPo&t=33s
            They need community to provide experiences equally powerful but positive, inclusive and supportive to counter balance the past experiences, the raw materials from which attitude is constructed and that takes a village and years of stable consistent effort which our community has not begun. If we want homeless to care about community then we must care about them and include them. Formative years are called that for a reason. The so called “Self-help” movement did not prevent our entire country from seeing a 50% increase in homelessness in the last 5-10 years. https://www.democracynow.org/2014/1/6/drugs_arent_the_problem_neuroscientist_carl

        • Chris, call me at 441-4095 sometime if you want.

          • Chi ef Watson . Why cant a labor camp be built for repeat offenders. Lock em up and make them work 40 hours a week like on phoenix. This will cut crime while bringing needed labor to the city

          • Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ve already got it on my Amazon list now. I’ve read quite a few autobiographies of holocaust survivors (“Night” by Elie Wiesel, “Survival in Auschwitz” by Primo Levi, “The Theory and Practice of Hell” by Eugen Kogon, and “Eyewitness Auschwitz” by Filip Muller). I find the subject fascinating. Thank you again for your recommendation. I look forward to reading this. Keep up the good work.

    • Here’s a good idea crestfallen. Lets make you EPD chief and i bet you can have all the problems in Eureka fixed in just one week. Give us an idea of your plan of action.

  • Dear Typing Person and other people with opinions but no knowledge, The officers are out there everyday. They haul out garbage, remove campsites and campers and somehow manage to stay in friendly and civil moods. I walk that trail often. It’s beautiful. Lots of walkers and families and kids on bikes are out there enjoying the area. Yes, the campers return and then they are moved on. It will be this way for awhile.

    • It will be “This” way and worse unless and until very very affordable housing is built and people who are disabled etc. have shelter no matter what they can or cannot pay – it is in our best interest and less expensive than revolving door citations.

  • Besides all that we need to concentrate on the main ,meth Distributors wholesale, heroin Distributors that we have running rampant through Eureka , and Humboldt t County bust the big guys instead of the little pee on users that you’ve been doing. It’s simple go till you find the head of the snake ,and bust their ass they’re the ones that are causing it all, The guys with pounds of meth the guys with pounds of heroin the guys with pounds of cocaine , cut the head off the snake Chief Watson. I would go all Buford Pusser on these guys then you would be doing your job Chief Watson

    • Double speak outside of cheek

      Well the majority of these people are from south of the border so what is Chief Watson suppose to do? Our governor made it easier for illegals to get here and stay here. They are the ones bringing im the heroin. He also made the laws easier for criminals. Read the book Dreamland by Sam Quinones. Excellent book. Blame Mexico. Not Chief Watson. Blame good old Jerry Brown for turning California into a shit state. Until our state gets it together regarding holding people accountable and keeping them locked up there will be no change at all at the local level.

      • Right on, man…I can just see the headline ,” Girl stabbed in Eureka- Police suspect Jerry Brown and Brown people in general- and also Heroin – which is also suspiciously brown”

        • Would it make a difference if Mexico was predominantly white? Which is the race Mexicans are classified as anyways. Not to mention America has the second largest population of Hispanics in the entire world, because we’re so racist. who gives a fuck what color their skin is. The fact is people are illegally crossing the Mexico border from all parts of the world, a lot (not all) come up here to sign up for welfare benefits, the mass majority of heroin and meth or coming across the southern border from Mexico. I don’t give a fuck what color they are. I give a fuck about them breaking our laws and bringing drugs into this country.

          And how many of you people complaining about the cops not doing their jobs are the same people that voted to relax the laws in the state.

          If you actually talk to some of the cops around here, you would realize how frustrated they are with not being able to do the job they’re paid to do because of the bullshit bureaucracy the state has set up. And because the higher-ups in the bureaucracy have turned the police force into nothing more than a revenue collection agency for the state.

        • Double speak outside of cheek

          I do believe you missed the point and tried to make this a racist situation. Couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a political situation. This is in response to Jeffersonian comment.

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Glad the perp was caught. I blame the City Council and the Board of Supervisors for what has happened to this city and county. It’s a mess and there will be no change anytime soon. Stop enabling the homeless and the drug addicts. Number one on the list. Get rid of he Harm reduction folks who willingly hand out copious amounts of needles and not following the one to one exchange. What a joke. If someone chooses to do drugs and OD’s that is their choice. I know someone on social security/disability that caught Hep C by being a heroin addict. State paid for this person to get the Hep C treatment and got cleared of Hep C. The cost? About $83,000 tax dollars. The person is again out shooting heroin. His choice. If he lives or dies. His choice. What does keeping him alive or others do for society? Their choice. Plain and simple

  • It’s sad what has happened to our small community. I used to ride my horse as a teen all over fortuna. Behind the park, rodeo grounds, etc. Now, I advise my son to never go out without his knife. And it’s a big one. Breaks my heart what’s happening to my community. Drugs. Parents, teach your babies, please. No pills, meth, coke,heroin. Please teach them. Teach them now! 💖💖💖

    • Sharon don’t forget to put Mary Jane on that list since it has led to all this. True reality.

      • Loco don’t forget that cannabis is just a natural plant. It’s the people that are the problem, not the plant. That would be akin to blaming pigs because people ate too much bacon and got unhealthy. I agree that the black market industry surrounding it brought a big influx of unsavory characters in, but I would blame that more on the prohibition laws than I would the plant itself.

        • Heroin and cocaine comes from Plants to. They’ve also been a form of medicine for thousands of years.

        • Look at the number of people posting here and getting their shorts in a knot over criticism of pot, users and growers, more than anything else on the face of the earth. Murder, arson, health care, environment- all get some response. But mention pot and watch the numbers grow geometrically, rushing to insist their favorite addiction is never the cause of any problem and it’s only those not so addicted that cause all the problems. That fact alone is a clear indication of the depth to which pot use becomes the center of way, way too many people’s lives.

          It would be better if pot had a similar status to alcohol, where it’s users might delude themselves over just how much a problem it is for themselves personally but don’t spend a lot of time praising alcohol as harmless and medicinal. Even drunk driving articles are not filled with comments from users saying it’s the drivers, not the alcohol. Yes, it’s the alcohol and yes, it’s the pot too.

          • I know some people do blindly label cannabis as harmless and medicinal, but that is clearly an ignorant over exaggeration. Everything and I mean everything including water can be harmful in the wrong dosages. Stop blaming plants and substances for the problems of weak and defective human beings. Nobody is secretly dosing people with THC. People choose or should choose and take full responsibility for what they put in their body. If they don’t have the awareness or self control to handle it then that it is their problem. I know plenty of people who us every substance know to man in a responsible way and I know plenty that abuse it and themselves. Tells me a hell of a lot more about the person than it every does about the substance itself. If you don’t like pot then it should be your choice and your choice alone to not use it. I personally despise religion and all the terrible things it has propagated in this world, but I can’t just decide that nobody should be allowed to wear a cross around their neck or pray 82 times a day. I wouldn’t say my shorts are in a knot because it doesn’t really much matter what people think or what the government says is legal or not. I do what I want when I want to my own body and that is entirely my own business. I don’t let any person or law on paper dictate my life in that regard.

      • Wrong there.

    • As a community we have much work to do. We simply cannot rely on parents. However, parents who are capable might consider that they work so very hard to provide for their children because they know it is vital to do so -can they imagine how hellish it must be to be “Raised” by people who are tremendously broken? So many homeless have been traumatized and then retraumatized by the experience of being homeless.

  • The new needle drop off is a joke not to long ago there was a bag full of hypodermic needles on a payphone stand in downtown in front of City hall its not a problem to be fixed by the residents or the cops its a joint effort from both of all sides involved I dislike being in Eureka for any duration the city is slowly sinking in all of it political crap its not even funny The cops can’t do much because the city & the county refuse to help reinforce things & tell a bunch of lies its not just EPD’S problem its everyones some people need to step up & hell instead of sitting there typing a bunch of crap that makes no sense.

  • My comments for city of Eureka Police Department chief Watson goes hand-in-hand with Sheriff hansell he needs to Buck up and do some work also go after the head snakes cut the head off the snake, and all the rest will die we need DTF to be busting heroin crack meth in big quantities. You guys marijuana I guess is legal for now ,so they can lay off of that, and go after the real issues people walking around with needle stuck in your neck in broad daylight throwing them wherever they want 20 years ago it was unheard of, so the powers-that-be need to step up. Start busting people, for being under the influence of a controlled substance. To get your 90 days in the can. And I don’t think the police check for immigration status on any of the illegals that they bust. I was born and raised in Humboldt County I’m 57 years old and I’m just sick of this crap that’s going on in my beloved County and home.

    • 50 years ago people wanted to run the WWII veterans and hobos out of town because they were urinating etc. in public spaces in Portland Oregon. The mayor instead created public restrooms. There are cities and countries where people are housed no matter they are addicted etc. and it is far less expensive for the public and cleans up the public spaces.

  • Obviously, no one is remembering the Homeless Area 20yrs ago, out on South Jetty. After eviction, it cost over $200,000 to do cleanup. Expensive, yet, now we ALL get to enjoy the South Jetty, and fish without thinking some one is casing your vehicle, plus the way they looked at us, like WE were in the wrong for wanting to use a public place. IT IS NOT NEW, just keep moving the area they destroy. We only hear about it every day because of the work of Kym and others, is passed along. This stuff went on before, we just didn’t hear about it. If you weren’t fishing, there wasn’t much reason to drive through the RVs and garbage, and the newspaper never was interested in the problem. We just have better access to the news.

  • It seems the Hikshari Trail is the new Palco Marsh.

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