Vice-President of Forestry Climate Action Reserve Presenting at Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center for Forest Ecology Lecture Series on Thursday

From the City of Arcata:

Forest Ecology lecture Jan 18 2018 flyer UPDATED


  • I have met and worked with John Nickerson in the past. He is a VERY nice man and he is VERY knowledgeable about watersheds and ecosystems. While I am skeptical about carbon credits in general, and that sounds like what this will be about, it should be an extremely helpful and informative lecture for anyone who is interested in the health of our forests and watersheds.

  • Hog wash.

  • I will plant a tree for every thousand dollars donate to me.

  • Ya this kind of stuff really is bullshit. Its just another example of big business ( enviromental) and industry competing with each other. Its all about progoganda and scare tactics. You had better buy our organic/planet friendly over priced shit or you will be responsible for the earth melting or flying off coarse.

  • It’s a good way to make some money while letting your trees grow for awhile. Take people’s money in exchange for letting them feel better about their consumer habits? Sure.. why not? Wherever there’s a buck to be made.. there are some people around here selling rights to there ‘carbon’ (their trees). You need to have about 1000 acres from what I’ve heard, to get in on it.


    Give me a government grant, I’ll sing and dance and look pretty, I’ll do backflipps, I have been a small business owner with low income in the private sector.

  • Yeah, back in the day, Mendocino Redwood Company was looking into the feasibility of getting money for letting their trees grow… “carbon sequestration credits” I think they were calling them. Now it sounds as though this idea is being used by cities to be able to jigger their numbers to boast of a lower carbon footprint, and maybe that’s what John’s facilitating nowadays. Dunno.

    I just know for sure he is a sweet guy and extremely competent in forestry and honest to a fault where corporate interests are concerned. I guess nowadays he might be advocating a better overall prospect for the planet, while not exactly cleaning up our act here.

    Like I mentioned above, I’m not hot on it. Not good enough, but many people, when push comes to shove, settle for a little good when the most good is still so far out of reach.

  • Scientists like to use junk science and fudged NOAA temperature data to justify their hypothesis that human carbon emissions are causing global warming. Their climate models have endless fudge factor adjustments to create any desired output. Of course climate change is human carbon emissions. If you don’t rig your model to show this, then you don’t get the grant money. Scientists, like many other people, will have no problem lying and cheating to get money. Most of these scientist have no clue about what is planned for them. They are helping the global elite install their master plan unwittingly. They just want the money.

    Politicians, CEOs and billionaire oligarchs that are part of the illuminati master class like this because it allows them to install their full spectrum control grid by eliminating freedom to travel and also use it for a global tax to pay for the planned one world government. In the not so distant future, you’ll need to take the bullet train or your robotic car to your destination between or within cities. Wilderness will be for animals only, or the master class to recreate in. They can’t keep an eye on you or micro manage those who live in the wilderness. This is all in line with Agenda 21, (now Agenda 2030). The planned global government will use man caused climate change theory as a means of control and restricting travel and general disempowerment of the common citizen. Watch Hunger Games to see an example of what Adam Schiff, George Soros, Ted Turner, Eric Holdren, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other sociopathic globalists have planned for you. They consider themselves to be your master. To them, you are the “useless eater class” (99.9% of the population) and you are considered too stupid to be free so you need to be micro-chipped, vaccinated with cancer virus, dumbed down by social media and smart phones and common core, sickened by GMO Monsanto garbage, poisoned with glyphosphate, demoralized by destruction of the family and controlled in every way.

  • I think my point is that — no matter what side you are on — politically, environmentally, socially — everybody agrees that more bigger better healthier forests on planet earth is a good thing. That’s his shtick, and I can’t go listen to his lecture. I hope others do.

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