[UPDATE] Woman Tries to Take Truck Containing Baby, Says Eureka Mother; Assailant Appears to Have Pled Guilty to Two Prior Attempted Kidnapping Charges

Yesterday, about 10:30 a.m., a Eureka woman says she was assaulted on V Street by another woman that tried to take her truck while her baby was inside it. LaRisa Replogle posted a video on Facebook recounting a harrowing experience. She wrote that her alleged assailant was “walking on the other side of the street [and] saw me put my baby in the truck…[The woman then] ran across the street…threw her dog in the back seat with my baby and said she was taking my truck. I told her to get out of my truck and that’s when she jumped through…kicked me in the stomach and kept attacking me.”

Below Replogle holds her child while giving her account of the incident:

At 10:29 a.m. yesterday, a woman named Rebecca Ware was arrested for assault by EPD Officer Linfoot. We reached out to Eureka Police in an attempt to confirm that she is Replogle’s alleged assailant, but because of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday were not able to get confirmation or a photo. She is, however, the only woman arrested by EPD around the time of the incident.

In 2014, a woman with the same name was arrested by Chico Police for attempting to kidnap two children in strollers on the same day. We have not been able to confirm that this is the same person but, Replogle viewed the one photo we were able to locate of that Rebecca Ware who was 44 years old at the time and said that “definitely could be her. She looks younger and a little more healthy in this picture.”

According to a Chico Police press release about the earlier incident, on September 22, 2014,

Ware had attempted to forcibly take a child from a female in the 300 block of Broadway Street and a second child in the 300 Block of Flume Street. Both children were in child strollers during the incidents. The first parent managed to pull the stroller away from Ware and then got into a physical confrontation with Ware. The second parent was assisted by an alert citizen, who physically took Ware to the ground.

The woman in the incidents in Chico pled no contest to charges of felony attempted kidnapping.  According to an article in the Chicoer,

As part of the plea agreement, Ware will not be sentenced to state prison when she is sentenced April 2. If Judge Michael Deems honored the agreement, Ware would be referred to the Public Guardian for placement in a facility for treatment, according to attorney Philip Heithecker. Heithecker represented Ware with attorney Robert Radcliffe.

The prosecution also agreed to dismiss three misdemeanor Butte County Superior Court cases that included counts of being under the influence of drugs and battery on an elder.

Ware’s parents, Tom and Pat LeBlanc, were present Thursday and were allowed to address their daughter.

“We support you and love you and advise you to pay attention to all the details that your attorneys advise you on,” Pat LeBlanc said.

“Have I done the right thing?” Ware asked.

“You will,” Pat LeBlanc said.

Outside of court, Pat LeBlanc, said their daughter has suffered from mental illness for 25 years. She said the incident was horrible and Ware faces huge consequences.

Pat LeBlanc said they felt it was necessary for Ware to be placed in an appropriate facility to address her mental health issues.

We want to caution that while the evidence is compelling that Rebecca Ware is the woman involved in Replogle’s alleged horrific experience, we have not been able to confirm this with Eureka Police.

As soon as we are able to speak further with EPD, we will update the article.

UPDATE: Rebecca Ware was further booked on Carjacking. Photo below provided by Eureka Police.

Rebecca Ware



  • You aren’t allowed to blame the drugs anymore, it’s a now called a mental illness.

  • OK, so because she has a drug problem she gets off for assault and serial attempts at kidnapping babies? WTF??!! You see this all the time. If a person does “x” felony or serious misdemeanor, they downgrade the crime at court because “the poor person suffers from a drug problem”. It’s their way of keeping true predators off the rolls in prison by using the “nonviolent drug offender” loophole. Only they ARE violent. But they write the violence off to the addiction and downgrade it to a misdemeanor. Something’s gotta give folks. Let a sober person who is just plain violent assault someone and without previous drug charges or a positive test, THAT person will more likely go to prison because these judges can’t use the loophole then.

    Making matters worse, judges are way too soft on female sociopaths in general. This woman sounds very aggressive, brutal, violent, stalking and insidious. How on God’s green earth is a slap on the wrist going to protect society from this predator in a skirt?

    Judges do it up here in Humboldt too. You watch. She’ll be back on the streets in a matter of days or mere weeks. Mark my words. Probably stealing babies to sell so she can afford her drug habit. “The poor thing”.. Jesus H. Christ.

    • Yep welcome to California where insane drug addicts and LGBTs have more rights than a straight sober person

    • Not just that but they dropped the charges for when she attacked an elder while high. These are the people that our justice system is meant to protect us from! Non violent offenders get more time.

  • Bookem ' twice more, Danno!

    Son of a
    That sounds like strikes three and four to me! She may be serving it in a “treatment” center, but it sure seems this is someone who is an actual threat to society. Just who the Three Strikes law was meant to keep off the streets.

  • Crazy world. Glad this woman and her precious baby girl are okay. I cannot imagine how this mother was feeling at the time. Great job staying strong.

  • Great job young lady you rock!

  • Not to undermine the severity of the incident but the story lacks a little clarity.
    Was the truck running while the owner strapped her kid in the car seat? Where were the keys?, because you can’t drive a car with out it running or having the keys to it.
    If I am putting a child into a car seat No Way is my vehicle running and I have My keys On me.
    That said it would be a scary situation for any parent and I’m glad the Mom prevailed to protect her child.

    • Nothing in the article indicates anything about whether or not keys were in ignition, engine running etc. It’s really a moot point. Sometimes people start the engine to get air conditioning going in hot summer, or heat going in cold winter, and then load up kids. It’s quite beside the point of the story.

      • I’m almost sure sometime in the video she says something about having her keys in her pocket, and once they got her out of the car, she threw her keys to her mom durring the strugle so the mom could lock the car with the baby in it so she couldn’t get to her again.

      • “Nothing in the article indicates anything about whether or not keys were in ignition, engine running etc.”

        That is exactly the very important missing information that dawni is referring to.

        It is anything but a moot point. It is perhaps the most valuable information that could be provided here. Unless you have a garage, warming up or cooling down your vehicle is a risky proposition. Doing so with a child inside is insane.

        • Running your car in a garage with a closed door is not healthy, either…

          LaRisa didn’t do anything that millions of other people don’t do on a daily basis…load their kids in the car.

        • Again so what get over it

        • I tought the great judgement divide had become as extreme as possible with those who are law abiding are to be judged harshly while those who were not law abiding are not to be judged at all.

          I was wrong when a mother loading a child in the car, running or not, can be called insane while and actual insane person acting violently is not.

          • I agree that blaming the victim as a whole is something we all need to stop. It is like blaming a woman for wearing a miniskirt for being raped. Certainly, there is rarely a perfect victim who does every little thing exactly right but anyone who focuses on the small crack in the armor of the victim and avoids the huge crime that is being committed against them needs to rethink what they are saying.

    • The keys were just in my hands. The truck was not running. Which is why I think she was attacking me.

    • In this modern world you can start your vehicle while sitting inside at your dinner table. Just a push of a button. Your vehicle can be running and have your keys in your pocket.

    • I would suggest watching the vid as the mother goes into greater detail if you are interested …

    • Why do some people try to blame the victims for a perps criminal behavior?

      Dawnis comments above are clown questions, imo.

      We will not be normalizing the craziness and blaming the sane ones for not pre-responding.
      That too is crazy.
      We are going to find solutions, like a functional economy, to prevent the craziness.

  • With the cases pending sentence in Chico this could be a game changer for her case pending in Chico. Hopefully EPD will contact Chico authorities too

  • Two things: get a concealed weapons permit and quit voting for Democrats who are literally putting our families lives at risk with their insane policies.

    • You would also have to walk around with a round in the chamber, safety off, gun in your hand. Otherwise you would have to be drawing on someone who is already aiming at you.

    • How do we stop 'em both?

      …. actually BOTH sides of that aisle have policies they would like to put in place that literally, and/or littoral-ly, put all our families at risk: whether it’s easy nut-job treat’n’release sentences or drillin’ for oil and uranium in watersheds.

      • Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one blindly following either party. As to the question your name poses: they both rely on the same thing: money. Wanna stop ’em all?
        Crash the system!

        • I don’t know, man. Someone is *always* making the calls. If you’re living in a failed state, the folks making the calls are usually whoever has the biggest amateur army in your neighborhood. No thank you. I’d rather keep tinkering with the jalopy we’ve got.

          • Simply don’t support party line bills and votes. When a politician blames “the other party”, ask them what they did to facilitate a compromise. Tell your elected officials that creating a collaborative policy is what works longest in the end. Fight for what you want should not be a nuclear war where it is victory if you survive while your opponent dies. The point should be finding a way to exist together, not ride over the top of them.

            Listen to points made even when you disagree. Know what is important and let go of the little stuff. Tolerate, even celebrate, not getting everything you want. Never agree with derisive name calling and insults and call out politicians when they do so. Don’t take disagreement personally and don’t insist candidates do so too.

    • This is not about politics, do you see any more conservatively represented states doing any better? Like lets say Texas??? And lets not forget who closed all the mental institutions in CA when he was governor, thx Reagan! To me thats the insane regulation that did, and continues to, harm people in our state on so many levels.

      Tho i fall into it too, I know that as a whole we need to drop the liberal/conservative/republican/democrat crap and realize we all want the same basic things, like safe neighborhoods for families and a different way of handling mental illness.

      Joining together on whatever common ground we can find can produce solutions, lets demand funding for mental hospitals, its ridiculous to put that burden on police. Where does all that money go from police auctions of seized items? Why cant some of that be used?

      • Actually all the places in this country that are controlled by Democrats are either s##tholes or are quickly becoming s##tholes. I think that is why they also want to be sanctuary cities and states, because then all the illegal aliens that come from third world countries will feel more at home.

    • I agree 100% radar. I was gonna say that but I would be LabeledaNazi. Lol

    • YOU are the problem. Do you campaign or write your reps? Ever? Again with the blame someone else (as long as they are the Other Party) for EVERYthing. Never the perp! Not surprising our nation is falling hard. Seek help.

  • Right on the money RADAR. Getting my concealed soon once again. The county has turned into the wild west and we’re going to have to take it back. The police are frustrated just like us. The liberal tactics are turning our beautiful area into a Shit hole like some of the third world countries that Trump mentions. I am a 4th generation Humboldt County resident, so I have seen the changes to our area, criminally.

    • In the wild west everyone walked around armed. Everyone carrying will only make the area more like the wild west. A for liberal tactics, devastating the environment in order to generate profit, is not liberal. Devastating the forestry and fisheries for decades was not “liberal tactics”.

      • No one is devastating the environment around here except illegal pot grows. Pay attention, we are talking about crime and lack of punishment.

        • Wow. More like legal industries. You should have seen what the chemicals the logging industry sprayed on trees to make them grow quicker did to the animals. How many 2 headed and 3 eyed foxes did it take before it was banned. Wine industry , or the ag industry in general makes pot farmers look like saints of nature. Non pot growing home owners across California use more Rodentcides etc than all the pot farms x1000. [edit]

        • Most farmers that do any kind of crop do nothing but poison the environment. Half the bees in the world are dead. Thanks to corn being sprayed with azatrine(could be wrong on the name) and all the other vegetables and fruits grown with pesticides. But since those farmers are poisoning everything legally and in accordance with government guidelines, and a hefty profit to the government, that whole side of poisoning the environment is just a okay. Lets blame it all on pot farmers though… at least alot of pot farmers try to grow organically.

    • So you claim credit for a presence when “your people” were killing Indigenous & running the Chinese out of town. Excellent heritage on which to boast. NOT

      • 4th generation isn’t old enough for for the massacring of the indigenous in this area, but good job on using your Berkeley degree.

    • Where the hell have you people been living all this time? Certainly not Humboldt, Trinity or Mendocino counties where the Wild West has been going on for years. In 1967 I saw a guy get shot in the chest with a 12 gauge shotgun, no drugs but lots of alcohol. I watched a guy slam into a car with his car and backup on a state highway and do it again. They both drove into a parking lot and decided to have a fist fight. Violence is nothing new here. What’s different and least in part is that people have so many ways of knowing about it immediately. The United States is the most violent society in the world. I am also 4th generation Humboldt.

  • Thank goodness nobody was killed during this insanity. Woman needs to be on lockdown somewhere.

    • We used to have mental health care facilities for people like this. That would be the humane thing. Putting her in prison w/ other serious predators is what we do and it is a sick way to deal with our mentally ill population. Or capital punishment- also a solution but are we ready to do that to the mentally ill? Protect the population from mental cases…we need to make some decisions. i can’t believe in a country as rich as ours that we allow the mentally ill to live under bridges and be marginalized and left untreated. This is how it comes back at us. While mega-rich buy more mansions and boats and engineer further tax breaks for themselves….It is a national shame.

      • Congrats your the only commenter in this story who has a clue.

      • If that woman doesn’t deserve to be in jail, who does? Pretty sure people like that are the reason we build jails.

      • While I agree that we need treatment for the mentally ill, and the drug users, the problem is California’s catch-and-release policy. About that other extreme you mentioned- capital punishment. If greed- among other ‘legal’ destructive practices, is added to the list of punishable offences, I may be able to support it. Are we, as a society, ready to acknowledge that we already HAVE been killing the helpless?

      • Oh yes those mega rich, tell me again why anyone reguardless of wealth should have to pay to fund programs for children grown or not that they did not decide to bring into this world? I am sorry that it is cold hearted thing to say but , if you have it , you should be responsible for it. Bringing a life into this world costs, if you cant afford it you shouldnt do it. If yor child has a mental health problem , it isnt on anyone but you to handle it.
        If one were to use the same logic about publoc responsibility to feed house care for other peoples choices one could say that the public should be responsible for agressive dogs or anything else.
        Take responsibility for your actions. If people want to keep their freedom to claim their body their choice , then they need to take responsibility for the outcome of their choices. Sucess should never be punished, i get so sick and tired of hearing about wealthy this or wealthy that. Wealth os not measures by any monitary means and if that is all one can focus on ot starts to sound like envy. I am over it, if you want to earn more set yourself up 2 , if it is hard who cares , not me. I work hard i set myself up to earn what i am worth and i dont expect jack from anyone else. Personal responsibility is a sign of iq, you cant have one without the other. Nothing is more liberating then being self reliant try it.

        • If your kid takes most of the cookies and only leaves one for the other kids at the party to split, are you ‘punishing his success’ when you make him give some back?

          • Earnings and cookies that are set out for everyone to enjoy are 2 differant things. Wealth is earned and either spent or saved and passed on to peoples families , there should be nothing wrong with that.
            But to answer your question my child has the knowledge that if they want cookies all they need to do is ask , as i do earn and ensured that i could afford the cost of a child before having one.

            • I think you have a distorted idea of how real big wealth is generated and stored. I sure have no problem with a motivated person working hard, taking risks and getting a bunch of money for a nice house and a boat and a fancy car. But we are not talking about that with the mega-wealthy. They start off with huge inheritances, use a perverted economic system to exploit others and grab ever more- so much more. Meanwhile they buy politicians to tear down our social systems so they can grab that money also. We had a system of mental health care facilities to house the unfortunate. When Reagan shut it down and threw these people onto the streets did we witness some economic boost? Or were the savings scooped up by already-wealthy parasites never to be seen by the public again? But I don’t see it as a party issue. It is a lords-scamming-peasants issue. And both parties are complicit. We are the only 1st world nation that tosses our mentally ill to the wolves in the streets. These are not lazy people. They did not choose to be mentally ill. Common decency and compassion are our only redeeming virtues as humans. Without them we might as well all kill each other for shiny trinkets.

              • Whats wrong with leaving the wealth you earned to your family, allowing them to build on it and leaving it to theirs ? Not a dang thing unless you think others are somehow entittled to it. As for buying politicians that is the way our country and every country works, hell everyone does it , just on a smaller scale , when you donate to a politicial campaign you are in fact spending your money to get that person elected so that they will pass whatever laws they told you they will , because you want those laws passed. This is america , nothing is holding you back from grouping together with your friends and starting a company to compete with companies that are ran managed or provide services in a manor you dont like, other than your own lazyness. Group your funds , start a compnay and run it charge how or whatever you wish, if you can provide equal or better service for less then you will have sucess, if you cant because your ideals are not profitable, then you will fail . Thats the beauty of free markets . As for mentally ill they have rights , you cant just lock them up out of the way. The thing is most mentaly ill people do not understand they are ill or have problems , infact often they tend to blame others for their failures or situations they get themselves into. You seem to forget that there are thousands of children born every year that tests have shown will not ever be able to care for themselves and yet people still birth them out and expect the rest of us to cover the cost of caring for them. I personally do not believe they have the right to bring these problems to life and then not be able to care for them. Many studies have been conducted on the chances of sucess of children of single parnets as well, and lets just say there are many problems with that as well. What i am proposing is that should these people have the right to decide to tempt the odds, shouldnt they also expect to have to provide all the needs costs care that these people bring into the world on their own ? It is no differant than someone wanting a pet tiger , demanding it is their right, then expecting that the goverment and the rest of us pay to make it safe for everyone else including the tiger to roam freely down the street . Doesnt add up to me.

              • You lost it when you went Reagan. Might want to take that Neo -Hippie group think somewhere else. Some people are actually educated.

      • Yes. It’s pretty lame that we tossed our mentally ill out on the streets, and then blame them for not boot-strapping themselves into good health and productivity. Either pay to care for them properly or get used to looking at them.

        • Ah but that was the social theory of the times. Deinstitutionalization. Mental institutions varied a lot at the time but many were horrible places. It became a popularized with professionals then the public that medication would virtually end the need for them

          Like everything else, it has become popular to blame the closing of mental institutions for the plight of the seriously mentally ill. Even trying to look up the history on the internet emphasizes that as a reason but the push to decommission institutions came after a series of class action law suits and legislation that gave the mentally ill the power to challenge involutary commitment virtually emptied them.

          Many people think, if they think about it at all, that seriously mentally ill people would embrace someone else taking care of them. But many, if not most, generally refuse even simply controls on their actions. As would most people, mentally ill or not. For those mentally ill, it is even worse as treatment requires drugs with serious side effects and/or restrictions of activities. Since they have legal recourse, it is very hard to confine them against their will or require they take meds they don’t want or even see medical professionals they don’t trust.

          It is not as simple as establishing services or housing or benefits. I remember a woman who was conservator for her mentally ill brother who had a good income. In the end, after years of fighting with him over taking meds and living in a care home, she gave up. She ended up renting an apartment for him, paying utilities, where he could go if he wanted, having an account at a small grocery so he could get food, and he still chose to live homeless, filthy and paranoid. He exercised his rights to be left alone despite the obvious inability to take what we would consider proper care of himself. He refused and there was no way to make him.

          You may think that such are despised or ignored but in reality, many have family that tried and tried and tried to help but could not do it.

          • Guest- Right on! And that is the honest counter to my comment. We lost a friend last year because we could not get her committed. Of course she was going to kill herself. And she did. From that personal experience I of course think the system is tilted too hard towards individual accountability. No I don’t know where to draw the line or how to reform the system or how to prevent abuse. But I think we need an easier way to commit people against their will and a longer than 3 day period of observation. perhaps if there was more money in the system the mental health care staff would be less pressured to free up the limited space and kick the crazies back to the street? Anyways- this kind of mental illness shouldn’t be out roaming the streets and stealing babies.

            • Although money is always a consideration, longer holds and gradual releases are prevented by the fact that anyone involutarily committed has a right to an attorney who then files for a hearing and, with the current legal standards, will win release in 90% of the cases. We need a change in the law that makes a history of failure to take care of themselves a reason for involuntary commitment. Which is hard to define in itself as it could be abused to get rid of people society finds uncomfortable. But we certainly could do better at it than what we have now.

              Then to establish and maintain entitlement to disability income is hard too for the same reason that homelessness is such an issue. It has to be done virtually without the patients cooperation, which is next to impossible.

              • Good points, however, that is a very fine line to draw there as to the history thing. What is failure to care for themselves, and who would decide and ensure those standards were equally enforced ? We fail ourselves to even agree on much simpliar things. We can not rely on judges , as they hardly agree, we can not depend on juries as they are easily played. What some of us could easily argue is signs or patterns of mental illness ,many could claim that it isnt. Throughout history many people have been locked away for acting or living in manors that today are the standard of mental health. What if those that said the world was round onstead of flat were locked up and drugged into a submissve state ? Or the many others that have throughout history questioned and stood up to the social norms that have turned into civil liberities ? These are just the surface of why we cant merely just lock folks up. Social norms change, it is a shame so many laws have been enacted in knee jerk reactions. Perphaps it is a mental illness to think that we have a right to control others as much as we try to do.
                I certainly feel that it is wrong for folks to demand that they feel safe when they take little to no responsibiliry for their own safety. Could it not be argued that the failure or unwillingness to admit to amd be prepared to accept and deal with threats to personal safety is a mental illness ? I think of it alot like those who get really upset about anamial death yet eat meat, and waste it. I have nothing against eating meat, however from a very young age i showed my child just how a chicken became a chicken breast and how a cow became hamburger, and that while as humans in order to surive we must kill, we should honor the life by not wasting our food , because something had to lose their life so we could live. You would be suprised at how many people have a huge disconnect between the two. The world will never be a safe place. It might be safer at times for certain people than others but that also changes. We need to be willing to allow others to sleep in the beds they made or the ones they decide to.

                • Nonsense, one trouble is that people of violence do not stay “in beds they made.” The toddler and her mother would have been totally unable to protect herself in advance. Unless she had a gun and shot. That’s a solution of sorts too.

                  As I clearly said, it’s difficult to balance rights and safety but then doing nothing is even more unbalanced. It is not reasonable to ignore people who are not equipped to make rational decisions. But if that’s ok with you, then status quo is the most likely anyway. Doing something takes resolve and courage while doing nothing is easy.

                  Finding fault is easy. Finding solutions? Hard. Besides no one was locked up for saying the world was flat. That apparently is a Victorian idea based on misundertanding. There are plenty of people today willing to force their ideas on other. It’s always a problem and will always be a problem.

      • Do you remember the Mental Institutions of the past? That didn’t work either.

        • For those inside, they could be bad. For those outside, they certainly allowed a better level of safety that is gone now.

          Reinstituting psychiatric institutions does not mean necessarily going back to what they were when there was virtually no treatment.

        • I think that many of those blaming the problem on them being closed down, would infact be protesting and demanding they be closed down today if they hadnt been. That or locked up in them

      • Well that happened due to a healthcare law that basically states “it is cruel and unlawful to permanently detain a person for being mentally ill, when they have committed no crime and cannot help their condition.” One has to be declared a danger to society to fit that bill. It does need change. If your mental illness is caused by the use of drugs its not really a mental illness, its a side effect of the drug. Most mentally ill people turn to drugs for self treatment, most also do not believe they are mentally ill so they refuse treatment. If you ever worked in a hospital, every patient is given a consent to treatment form that states ” the patient has a right to be informed of treatment, has a right to participate in treatment, has a right to refuse treatment” and that cannot be circumvented unless you are deemed completely unable to make your own decisions in which case your treatment is handed over to a state certified conservator. You practically have to be metally retarded or have dimentia/alzheimers to meet that qualification. Its not as easy as people think to declare someone crazy and dangerous and just lock em up even if they should be. This area of mental health needs drastic change. Its not reasonable or safe. I understand 100% why they cant just lock them up. I also understand 100% that this system is riddled with loopholes and failures that make it very difficult to treat the mentally ill.

      • well, back then those mental health hospitals successfully drugged their patients into zombies. been there.

  • Yeah I think as it’s finally getting between us and our children now, that’s going to be the line in the sand.

    Sorry, other grown adults mental health and/or drug abuse and the local fascination with keeping the same party people in political power in our region; doesn’t nessessitate victimization of our children. This multi generational cycle of substance addiction and poverty needs to change.

    Will people of Humboldt wake up or just standby content with a future of crime, victimization and a needle in their kids arm? We’re going to need to choose. It’s spiraling out of control.

    We need to stop sidestepping these local issues with “but this happens elsewhere too” and come to terms with the fact this is a real problem we need to address. One that might not be solved with the same status quo every year since this place has turned into a cesspool.

  • OK. News here these days seems surrealistic. Though I’ve been waking each day wondering what absurd things Trump said or didn’t say next…

    Now that’s surrealism…

  • Officer Linfoot arrested her? When did he learn how to use handcuffs? The trigger of his service weapon has always been his go-to!

  • Eureka is not safe at all anymore. This is too much.

  • WOW! Navigating the comments section is a real eye opener!!
    I’d just like to congratulate LaRisa on a job well done momma bear!! Your daughter’s a blessed baby. And very cute!

  • Did it say that she was on drugs?

  • Yes what happened is horrible and I feel absolutely terrible for the mother and her child. It is very clear that the poor woman that committed this crime is mentally ill and jail is not the place for her. She needs the help of a mental hospital and this area does not have near enough of these facilities. There is Simpervirence and Crestwood Behaviorl Mental Health, that is it. There are so many people roaming our streets that are POS druggies but there are also so very many whom are mentally ill and the separation needs to be made. So many people read an article like this and make the assumption that this woman needs a good long jail sentence and that is so far from what she needs.

    • Thank you for that comment!

    • Your answer is correct. At least you are wise enough to know that there are facilities that can help her in a different setting other than jail. Sometimes adjustment to the new medication plus the news of her dad dying trigger a relapse in judgement.

  • So what happened to the dog?

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