Fortuna Police Credit Measure E With Helping Make the Community Safer

Press release from Fortuna Police Department:

fortuna policeFortuna Police Officers Ryan Richardson and Brian Taylor transferred to Detective positions. Detective Richardson has over thirteen years of experience with Fortuna Police Department, working as Patrol, Field Training Officer, Detective and Drug Task Force Agent. Detective Taylor has over eight years of experience with the Fortuna Police Department working as Patrol and Field Training Officer.

The Detectives started in their positions last week and in the last week they were very productive.

Several probation searches were conducted that resulted in three arrests and the seizure of 32 pounds of processed Marijuana for sales. Two subjects were arrested in relation to the Marijuana sales case. Another subject was arrested for two outstanding Fortuna Police Department arrest warrants for Domestic Violence charges and Robbery.

Detectives conducted a traffic enforcement stop that resulted in the arrest of a subject in possession of 7.3 grams of Heroin and a small amount of Methamphetamine.

Detectives with the assistance of California Fish and Game conducted checks near our waterways that resulted in two citations for illegal camping and several subjects being advised. One subject contacted was put in touch with River Life Foundation who aided in successfully reuniting the subject with their family out of state.

Detectives assisted patrol with a burglary/stolen vehicle investigation. As a result Detectives identified the suspect, had the suspect arrested and located and recovered the stolen vehicle.

These positions were made possible by Measure E and we look forward to the continued impact they will make in our community.



  • Cops are lazy as fuck. If they had half the work ethic that the criminals have we would not have the problems we have. Cops are worried about their 40hr week and their pension.

    • You sound bitter, like you are either one that was arrested or maybe jealous. If you are that upset about them being “lazy as fuck” get off your duff and apply. Show them how to do the job. Action is better than words, solve those problems we have so many of.

    • I think everyone worries about their 40 hour week, and what they will do when they can’t work any more

  • if only the EPD were this productive. They refuse to enforce many laws and tell this to business owners and the public. Private security officers can only do so much and when they call police get little assistance. The public is in danger in Eureka. When laws are not enforced, the laws cease to exist.

    • If the police were to ever be effective , they would not be able to convince the public of the need to increase taxes or laws . See when they fail they get more resources, it is infact a way of promoting the need for more of them, it is a game. Just remember according to the law officers are not allowed to worry about your safety only theirs , see you are the only one under the law that can be reaponsible for your own safety, and please dont ever forget that. Many times you will hear a officer state for your safety, as soon as they say that you know they are lieing, which the law also allows them to do, however it is against the law for youto lie to a officer. So remember officers are legally allowed to lie to your face and demand respect , but you try doing the same to a officer and you will end up in jail, if even for a couple hours

  • thats like 500 billion dollar seizure in drug warrior press release dollars.. where’s the obligatory “drugs on the table” shot to accompany this great win? incredible week. a dope addict sick in jail for the weekend and someones mom lost 32 lbs/ groceries for the month. keep winning. though exactly what= I do not know.

  • Between city policy and city police Fortuna is a much nicer place to live and work than many of our neighboring communities.

  • I see a pattern here. So do you. Probation, probation supervision and searches, by the probation department are either nonexistent or completely worthless. Cut them out of the mix and have local law enforcement do it instead. As evidenced in numerous articles, the results are much better.

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