City of Arcata Beginning Active Transportation Program Project at Arcata Elementary School

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

City of ArcataThe City of Arcata has received funding for an Active Transportation Program Cycle 2 project that will cover construction costs as well as an education and encouragement program starting in 2018. The need for safety improvements at Arcata Elementary School (AES) gained attention from the City in early 2015 when an AES Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) member living adjacent to the school alerted the Countywide Safe Routes to School Task Force and the City of Arcata’s Transportation Safety Committee (TSC) to hear concerns. The PTO organized a walkability assessment shortly thereafter to walk the school neighborhood with staff from the City’s Engineering Department and TSC to observe challenges and opportunities for students walking and/or bicycling to school.

Construction is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2018 and will include the installation of sidewalk infill with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible ramps, crosswalks, and raised crosswalks and a traffic circle for traffic calming. The various improvements will be constructed along Grant Avenue, Baldwin Street, North Street, Western Avenue, Sunset Avenue, Wilson Avenue, and Jay Street.

The goal of this project is to improve conditions for walking and bicycling and to expand the network of opportunities for multi-modal transportation. Focusing on non-motorized modes of transportation, the City hopes to improve safety and mobility and increase the number of people walking and bicycling within the city limits.

Redwood Community Action Agency, with assistance from BikesThere, will administer an education component to teach students and community members pedestrian and bicycle safety skills as well as provide encouragement opportunities with the hopes of increasing active transportation. The non-infrastructure portion of the project will include pedestrian and bicycle safety education in the classroom for AES students, the development of walking maps with suggested routes, support for Walk and Bike to School events, and an evaluation component in collaboration with Humboldt State University’s Kinesiology Department. Education and encouragement activities will be getting underway this spring. For more information about this project, please contact Netra Khatri, Assistant City Engineer, at or 707-825-2173.



  • >”Focusing on non-motorized modes of transportation, the City hopes to improve safety and mobility and increase the number of people walking and bicycling within the city limits.”

    IMHO: Likely funded by gas taxes ?

    • Of course, because it would be so unfair to charge a tax at point of sales on bikes to pay for bike paths. I mean, why tax to cover costs of something when you can tax to control behavoir and then use those funds to fund somwthing else .

    • Electric vehicles don’t pay gas tax. Do they have a right to use the road?

  • About 1-2% of the total funds spent on roads goes to bicycle lanes or paths. Also, the funds used for this project were designated for non-motorized use by the State and Federal government. The funds cannot not be redirected for road maintenance. If Arcata did not apply for these funds, they would have been used for a non-motorized project in another part of the State. This isn’t a win/lose situation. It’s a win-win! More bikes and peds are less vehicles on the road which is less congestion for drivers and it means better physical & mental health for those bicyclists and peds!

    • Still would like to see a tax on bike sales to help with costs as well as enforcement of traffic laws for those riding bikes. Running stop signs , failing to signal ect. I once had a mirror broken off while stopped at a stop sign and the person never stoped and the law did not even look for them.
      Remember the tax on tea was legal as well , but what happened in boston ?

      • I would like LE start ticketing these bicyclist! They want to be part car, part ped, part bike but obey NO laws and they wonder why people just about run over them when they don’t follow laws/rules. Start enforcing rules for bicyclist! And while they are at it, add a safety tax to cover the ticket cost and make them get a permit for their bike! They use to have little stickers that went right below the handle bars on the frame … nice added income to fund a lot of these things!

        • Eureka residents can get a California bicycle license sticker for the bicycle frame by bringing their bike to the Police Department. Registering bicycles helps in the recovery if stolen, and may act as a theft deterrent.

      • Sorry about your mirror, Antichrist. Most bicyclists obey most laws, just like most motorists obey most laws. Bicyclists almost always lose in a conflict with a vehicle, so when you see a bicyclist misbehaving, but not damaging anything, try to let it go.

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