Police Pop Possible Perps During Probation Search at Place Maintained for the Purpose of Distribution, Says EPD

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 01-11-2018 at about 4:00 pm, Detectives of the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit conducted a probation search at a motel, located at the 2200 block of 4th Street in Eureka.drugs

The probation search yielded, approximately 132 grams of heroin, 25 grams of methamphetamine, 13 pounds of marijuana and $1,865.00 in US currency.

As a result of the search, the following subjects were taken into custody:michelle Lynn Inboden

Michelle Lynn Inboden (44 years old of Eureka) and Nathan Paul HellerNathan Paul Heller (40 years old of Eureka) on the charges of possession of controlled substance(s) for sales, maintaining a place for the purpose of distribution, and probation violation.

This is an ongoing investigation and any further details will be released as they become available.



  • Why didn’t probation officers do their own search? Why did EPD do it?

    The bigger question was if they’re on probation, was anyone even supervising them? This doesn’t look like something that just cropped up yesterday. It’s been going on for awhile.

    Last week we had a killing from a probationer who was let out of jail and he murdered another only three weeks later. We are hearing more and more of this, more and more often. Is anyone actually out there???

    • Marci Kitchen will get Humboldt County probation. Yeah, her law firm Jansssen Malloy et al are that good. In Humboldt courts you get what you pay for. Billable hours rule.

    • I think you are confusing probation and probation officers with parole and parole officers. Just about anyone can get a job as a probation officer.

  • Why is heroin black? It must be pretty impure. Is this what they shoot into their veins? Gross!

  • He’s only 40????

  • Lololololololol. Yea both only 40 lol can’t blame clean living.

    • Loving Life Again

      Addiction isn’t something to laugh at. Why hasn’t our society learned by now that by stigmatizatng an addict as a joke or demeaning an addict as worthless does an undue amount of harm, and it’s pointless. We have two human beings here in the 40s, these folks have a great chance a getting clean and enjoying their next 40. I pray they do.
      So to all the folks out there that like to laugh at and demean addicts you should reflect on your own being, check yourself you might have your very own problem you’re too fearful to address. I encourage anyone who is suffering don’t let fear hold you back, ask for help, great things are found on the other side.

      • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

        Enabling addicts doesn’t help either, or haven’t you noticed that all the crying and begging for understanding doesn’t end their quest for self destruction. Asking for help is fine, but how about don’t go down that road in the first place.

        • How does turning addicts into criminals help ANYTHING?

          • There is no help other than self help at that point. It’s not all about the addicts. It’s about limiting their collateral damage to everyone else too.

            The talk about “stigmatizing” makes no sense. It is simply a bad thing and labels itself. Who would ever think that drug addiction was anything other than bad? Only people who see it as a life style choice until they find the choice part has disappeared. And are worried the life part might soon disappear too.

  • 🤣🤣😂👍

  • Police pop paroled perps peddling prohibited poisons, providing proof probation palls parallel punitive punishment. Plainly, pacifist policies produce prolific parasites. Prison periods prevent perennial pestilence; plural pardons promote problematic presences. Public pressure persuading politicians provides partial path, perhaps plentiful people penning prose/phoning politicos possibly produces progress.

  • Well it seems pretty black and white to me!

  • Please tell me you are not going for the Kevin whatisname or the Goff treatment for cute glib headlines, a collective nervous snicker at people whose lives are trashed and destroyed.
    Fk that glib smirky blsht…scuse me:>

    • I’m a word lover. While I generally stick to headlines that convey information only, sometimes a little deviation is necessary to reassure myself that my sense of the absurd and my passion for language still exists somewhere. It won’t become a habit but like adding a little salsa in an occasional dish, it serves to highlight the flavor.

      Also this wasn’t intended to laugh at the perps as I don’t like punching down. I was careful to not mock them. I do like however to play with the POP acronym and poke a little at police terminology.

      • I’m fine with alliterative headlines… I’ve been known to be alliterative at times myself. 🙂

        Also fine with treating parasites with the non-respect they deserve….

  • P.P.P.P: police pop possible perps! Awesome use of onomatopoeia or one of those literary sound devices. The male perp could be Rick from The Walking Dead.

  • I say great job that’s a good amount of heroine that won’t be on the streets. Here in Crescent City we have people as young as 12 and 13 fully addicted to heroine. Even the ones that get off of black and go back to “just dabbing” are extremely violent and have incredibly diminished mental capabilities. At least a few are up for murder. Any heroine or meth off the streets is a good thing.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    At least there wasn’t a bunch of kids to take custody of.

  • Police pop possible probationer perps purportedly purveying poundage and . . . shit, forgot what I was thinking about.

  • Kym,

    Thanks for maintaining a useful web site.

    I recall a decade or two ago a local newspaper used alliterative headlines on its crime and poverty stories. It was an example of cleverness without wisdom. There’s really no need for you to duplicate the mistake.

    Crime and poverty are not funny, and attempts to make them funny might give one a sort of pointless credibility among the insensitive, but just turn off most people.

  • When they bust 3 or more pounds of meth and heroin make that some deadlines this is just penny-ante waste of time crap but it’s better than nothing

  • Very subtle. I’d save it for other stories.

  • Happy news people…go to LoCo&read who’s released…I thought probation holds go into effect in these situations&prevent people from bailing out…I’m sure you can go to the listed address&find more poisons of choice by the end of the day…

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