[UPDATE 2:45 p.m.] Log Spill/Big Rig on Its Side/Hwy 101 Partially Blocked North of Leggett

Traffic makes it past an overturned semi north of Leggett

Traffic makes it past an overturned semi north of Leggett. [Photo by Joe Rial]

A semi truck overturned south of the Peg House and north of Leggett on Hwy 101 a little after 5 a.m. Logs from the truck rolled into the roadway and both lanes of 101 are partially blocked.

Traffic is able to squeeze around in the southbound lane. One way traffic control is set up.

However, a PG&E pole is sheared off. The power lines are still up but this will take some time to clear up. As of 6:23 a.m., PG&E was not on scene.

UPDATE 6:37 a.m.: Caltrans states, “Expect minor delays and possible short full closures later this morning to remove the truck and repair the power pole.”

UPDATE 7:50 a.m.: According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, this is being reported as a minor injury accident. PG&E has road and work crews enroute still. Roadway is still open with one-way traffic control.

UPDATE 9:19 a.m.: The CHP reports the roadway is clear.

UPDATE 9:35 a.m.: According to a press release by the California Highway Patrol,

On 01/09/2018, at approximately 0500 hours, a 2009 Kenworth tractor/trailer combination hauling logs, driven by Kendall Perkins was traveling north on US-101, approximately .7 miles north of SR-1. For reasons still under investigation, the Kenworth traveled off the roadway edge and collided with the concrete bridge rail and a power pole. During the collision, the tractor trailer combo overturned causing the logs to spill into roadway. The northbound lane of US-101 was completely blocked by the logs causing traffic to be diverted into the southbound lane. As a result of the collision, Perkins sustained minor injuries and but declined medical transportation from the scene of the collision for his injuries. Due to the damage sustained to the power pole, it will need to be replaced which could possibly affect traffic later in the day. PG&E was on scene and evaluating the situation.

Cal-Trans assisted with clearing US-101 and traffic control.

This incident remains under investigation by the Garberville CHP Office.

UPDATE 2:45 p.m.: Caltrans posted on their Facebook, ” Luckily, the driver was reported to sustain minor injuries and declined treatment. Caltrans crews conducted one-way traffic control while the semi was righted. Work continued to repair damage to a power pole.”

Caltrans also posted the following photos:

Logging truck accident Caltrans Logging truck accident Caltrans

Logging truck accident Caltrans



  • Hope everyone’s ok! Stay safe Humco.

  • Do you know when 101 will be cleared. We will be coming through around 930am ? Hope the driver is okay.
    Thank you

  • All these wrecks with big trucks I was wondering are the drivers inexperienced? It seems in the past year there have been lots of problems.

    • The hills are watching

      There are 30 times more car and pickup wrecks than there are big rigs.

      • There are more than 30 times the number of cars, so this statistic is meaningless. Big rig drivers need to slow down! And pay attention to road conditions! Just like the rest of us should.

    • there are many reasons a big rig can wreck. Just to throw a few out there..load shifts, cars cut them off, medical issue, tire blows out trying to avoid something in the road. Hauling a heavy load makes it a lot easier to lose control and turn over. My husband drives truck and I’ve been with him when he’s been get cut off by a sedan and let me tell you….scary sh***
      But I do too wonder, why so many accidents? Not only with big rigs but in normal passenger vehicles too. Are California’s requirements for getting a license too lenient? Sometimes I feel like people got there license out of a Cracker Jack box. 😊

  • North of Leggett and north of Laytonville must be very dangerous places to drive as so many accidents seem to occur with those locations. Googling “accident north of Laytonville” for example gets dozens of articles while “accident south of Laytonville” gets a handful.

    • North of Laytonville and North of Leggett is mostly two lane roads. When the weather conditions are bad, it makes the roads more dangerous.

  • Mc farlens? Something like that the truck co and yeah roads open and the driver is fine he just walked out of my work place…he said hes driven this road for over a yr now but this time his logs were longer he didnt know if that made a difference or not…but yeah the school is without electricity now

  • My father in law is a long haul trucker, he delivers and picks up coast to coast and Canada too, he’s stationed in Fairview Utah (look it up, snow 4-5 feet deep) he drives all year long, never been in an accident except hitting a moose last year, he’s 78 years old and hauls ass ( speed limit other than Cali is 70-80 mph)all over these snowed out states and Canada too, he has experience and knowledge that gets him home each and every time he finishes his deliveries. Oh and did I mention he pulls doubles and triples.
    These truck drivers around here are dangerous and have killed people cause they are in too big a hurry.

    • What you’re forgetting is that everywhere else trucks have respect from the 4-Wheeler’s that we don’t get around here… if you see a truck with his signal on to get into another lane, don’t speed up so they can’t get over, flash your lights let him know he can get over and he will get back into the slow lane as soon as he can… It’s no just the trucks in a hurry… Everyone is in a hurry and it doesn’t take much to get into a sticky situation…

      • I guess you never have driven in Utah? They have zero respect for anyone on the roads.

        • I have driven in Utah, 90 percent of the state has zero traffic, people around here in too big a hurry to meet drug buyer ,seller , or just plain high, ridiculous, slow down druggies

  • This is the third vehicle I have seen in this spot not on 4 wheels since doing the drive to Laytonville a year ago. It is a treacherous place. Compound this with too slow drivers and crazy drivers and you have a bottleneck of dangerous possibility.

  • .7 miles north of Hwy 1 is near that narrow bridge with the tight curve, which is marked by sign depicting a truck with the load falling off, caution signs, and a radar speed warning. I bet the driver was going too fast despite all the warnings.

  • >”.7 miles north of Hwy 1 is near that narrow bridge with the tight curve, which is marked by sign depicting a truck with the load falling off, caution signs, and a radar speed warning. ”

    Why that is a CalTrans ‘excellence in engineering’ award !
    They could have gone ‘straight across’ the gully
    and would likely have saved money on the bridge… (i.e. straight bridge vs curved bridge)
    but no, they had to put that ‘upside-down’ corner back in there. Nice.

    But it might be back a bit south at 10 mile creek… road goes down in the bottom, makes
    an ‘off-camber’ turn at the bottom. CalTrans had it originally painted that as a beginning a
    passing lane, but then they had to take that paint out and put a big area of yellow paint between the lanes.
    That is actually a nasty area… I’ve (long ago) had the front wheels sliding sideways in there.
    (Understeer… and that absolutely scares the driver).
    (Oversteer with the back end coming out, scares the passengers).

    Third “upside-down truck’ spot is at Big Lagoon… just north of where they are working on the bank now.
    Not sure why they haven’t put a ‘properly cambered’ corner in there.
    In my adult life… I guess there have been 20 trucks overturned at that spot.

    Fourth one is just before Weaverville, crossing the old LaGrange Mine. Figured they had to have
    two engineering teams at work on that. One that had properly cambered corner…
    which then crosses over to another engineering team that had the roadway cambered
    the other direction.

    • CalTrans probably went with the curved bridge because the lay of the land dictated it. A safe alternative at that spot would be very expensive. Apparently in the trade off between safety and cost, cost won. Truckers who drive 101 should be aware of the bad spots. There aren’t that many of them.

  • time to keep big rigs- just outa here since none seem to be able to keep the wheels down
    CHP could be netting a lot more income for Humboldt why are we supporting the truck industry with our first responders?etc

  • he is a very experienced and good driver and the truck is a very well maintained truck by a very good company, this company takes pride in safety and there drivers. just glad know one was heart..

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