[UPDATE: She Was Found in Crescent City!] 92-year-old Woman May Be Hitchhiking Down 101 With a Hot Pink Jacket and a Yellow Suitcase

The Josephine County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon issued the following missing person alert at 6 p.m.:

92-year-old Claryce Bishop

UPDATE Wednesday at 9:08 p.m.:

According to the Josephine County, Oregon Sheriff’s Department, “Claryce Bishop has been located safely in Crescent City, CA after hitchhiking from her residence in Cave Junction, OR. Bishop who has a history of wandering/hitchhiking was transported to a local hospital by the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office at the request of Adult Protective Services. Bishop’s family has been notified of her location.”



  • Hope she is found safe and well. Cant imagine what it would be like to not be aware like that.

    • I am hoping she has fun and that good people will help her out and take care of the nice lady.

      • I’ll second that emotion. She has a smile that would convert a right-wing Evangelical, or any other radical. Hope she’s under wing of peops that smile like that.

      • Nice lady, my ass. The old hag was almost prosecuted along with her son, Donald Easley, for the murder of their neighbor, Laron Estes, in Kerby, Oregon in 2013. The neighbor, 4 years before, Kenneth Vaughn, was also murdered by her son. The only reason they didn’t prosecute was because of her age

    • I believe sometimes they know exactly what theyre doing and we just dont get it.
      My father in law once threw a turkey leg all the way across the living room.
      While everyone else was flipping out he looked at me, smiled and winked 😁

  • Maybe she just saw the movie “Redwood Highway” and wanted to do the same thing.

  • the ‘no fucks to give’ award goes to ms Claryce…. i hope shes found safe… and i hope she has an amazing journey.

  • She can’t of gotten to far on foot. Hope she’s found ok. Yellow suitcase, 92 yrs , cane.. Please have a happy ending

  • Jesus Christ. I don’t mean to use the Lord’s name in vain, but damn

  • She lived, obviously an awesome and fulfilling life. Let her be.

  • That age would you tell your family if you had something really wrong with you hell no you do what was right and just go be with yourself for a little while

  • Wow! It sounds like the beginning of an amazing novel. It’s probably not the
    best idea to just let her go do her thing, but……I can’t help rooting for her to just go fulfill whatever she is determined to accomplish. Life’s short, especially when your 92% or more through it.

    • My father had dementia when he was elderly before he died. But he did remember some things: things that were very important to him. The rest was discarded completely like a shedding of old skin that didn’t fit him anymore. That’s how it is close to death. So towards the end, all he would talk about is “wanting to go back home” to Iowa, where he was born and raised. Where all his happy memories were. The life he adopted when the obligations of life pushed him this way and that brought him little to no happiness thereafter. So he was just trying to find happiness and peace of old times near the end.

      I hope this lady finds her happy place. My father never did. He died a prisoner of his adult choices.

      • This story of your dad touched me.

      • So many people live their entire lives as prisoners of their adult choices. You have an eloquent way of communication . Well said.
        “If you don’t like your life, then you should go and change it”
        Dirty Heads.
        We all can be where we want or happy with what we have, I hope we can figure it out before there is loss of that ability. Thank you for sharing ♡

      • Things that make you go hmm

        So true… I was going back to work from lunch one day and saw an elderly lady as I got out of my car. She was going up towards Main St, with a walker and her purse, and she was on a mission! But when I asked if I could help her, she was going to a store that no longer existed much less that I had never heard of in my 30+ something years!
        Evidently she and her husband had owned the business (which was where I was currently employed) at some point. But she was adamant that that was where she was going.
        So like you said, back to their former happier times…
        Anyway I couldn’t just leave her there out on the sidewalk. So I buckled her up in my car, put the walker in my trunk and I took her to the police station. They gladly accepted her and I was able to return to work.
        I cried the entire way.
        That could have been my gramma, your Nana, someones memaw, your Noni…

  • Go Claryce Go!! Enjoy the ride😊

  • Safe journey grandma hu

    ….”Upset and wanting to hitchhike to
    California ..”

    How many of us ended up here!

  • I am delighted that so many here share my “Go Granny” attitude about this. If I’d seen her hitchhiking in Cave Junction I’d have picked her up, as most of us would do. Takes some gumption – packed a yellow suitcase and wears a hot pink jacket? Lord, let me show that much style as I trail off into my senility! I’ll bet she has some memories, even if the present is no longer solid enough to her to focus on.
    I wish her safe, wherever she is headed. Warm and secure and fed…

  • So hope she turns up safe… But, we must admit that’s pretty bad ass of her.

  • I hope who ever picked her up drove her to the door of where she wanted to be.

    • Got my best ride ever after dark in cave. They took me to their home gave me comfortable space, shower, meal, and a ride to my next great ride the next day. Slight preaching about miricles, but that turned to good discourse. Hope she she meets kind souls and has fun.

  • Late stage Dementia is highly debilitating & typically needs around the clock care. Sufferers have been known to walk barefoot in the snow with just their pajamas on, completely unaware of the cold……… I sure hope she is found safe soon……. Dementia is scary, one moment you might be somewhat lucid, the next you can be completely lost & afraid, or completely senile, or an empty blank shell lost inside yourself.

    If this was your grandma, you’d be worried for her health & safety too, how could you not? While I wish her joy & luck wherever she is right now, I sure hope for her own sake she is found safely soon. ❤

    • I see and feel a lot of hope she’s found by good people. But you are right. Hope her family can glean some hope from all these hopeful positive responses. That’s a lot of prayers to her good. Hope she or those helping her let family know so they don’t worry.
      Still having faith in humanity.

  • Dementia is one of the most devastating diseases for family and friends to endure. Unfortunately it is an action like this that ends up getting the person confined to a dementia ward.

  • my 84 year old mom threatens to leave and has a fit anytime someone tells her to quit kicking the dog or quit being mean,or tried to jump out of the car on the freeway after a trip to the beach. It might sound like a great adventure for someones granny to hit the road but it’s most likely a very scary situation for her family and her especially if granny has dementia, as she will have a hard time even deciding how to get food to eat, and how to get to safety. It’s like living with an 84 year old 3 year old, with tantrums and poor choices.

    • This must be so hard. Thank you for being there and taking caring of her.

    • True. We naturally want to put a happy face on it, and it seems an alternative to the gradual descent into greater suffering and dependence that lies ahead. But to her family it may be little different than if a 5-year-old ran away from home in January and is still missing.

  • If you’ve never seen dementia first hand, you shouldn’t be commenting. This isn’t a glorious story of an elderly woman living her dream. This is a sick and confused woman who most likely needs constant care and attention if she’s far along with the illness. Dementia isn’t beautiful. And most dementia patients need their family. Once they get moved into care homes, most pass shortly there after. I’m assuming running away from home would be similar. I agree with Esme that this is incredibly similar to a 5 yr old running away. Stop rooting for her and help get her home where she can be taken care of because when you have a mind altering disease, you are no longer capable of caring for yourself.

    • I agree. Someone with dementia is not going to have the happy adventure that most of you think she will. A lot of the comments are inappropriate, and insensitive to the reality of the situation. If she isn’t found asap, it probably won’t end well. It really is the same as a missing toddler. She’s just as vulnerable. Really hope someone finds her today.

    • You don’t know that. This woman is not your relative. MYOB.
      Help if you can.

  • I’ve told my family if at any time I feel myself going down this road, I plan on doing it the way of the Native American and just walking off into the forest or mountains and letting nature take it’s course. I just pray it isn’t cold.

    • unbridled phillistine

      I guess one could go to Oregon for a Dr. assisted suicide? I saw the prescription bottle from the pharmacy, Only had 1 pill in it. Left me wondering what in the hell can they give you from behind the counter that kills in 1 pill? Hope they do not mess up that order and give to wrong person. I have gotten home and had to return cause they gave wrong order before, Happens.

  • Any updates, Kym??

  • If she didn’t have dementia I would cheer her on. May good people be on her path. Let her be safe. Let her be where she should be.

  • I hope if I make it to 92 I have the wherewithal to pack a yellow suitcase, put on a hot pink jacket & hit the road. My mom had cognitive degeneration for over 10 years and I know what that means. She had minders and we would have probably been frantic if she wandered off, but still.

  • now she is in the looney bin 🙁

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