Homeless Advocate Group Calls for Rally at Courthouse Ahead of Humboldt Board of Supervisors’ Meeting on Tuesday

Homeless man facing eviction from his camp

Homeless man facing eviction from his Palco March Camp in 2016. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

The Humboldt State University Homeless Student Advocate Alliance is calling for a rally at 8 a.m. in front of the Eureka Courthouse on Tuesday, January 9 before the Board of Supervisors meeting at 9 a.m.

The advocacy group wants “members of the community to discuss and share your experiences of housing insecurity here in Humboldt County. The purpose is to create action for the declaration of shelter crisis and houselessness in the county.”

According to a agenda item recommendation from Supervisor Mike Wilson, the Board of Supervisors will be discussing “the need for adequate shelter resources in the County to serve the needs of homeless individuals in the unincorporated areas of the County.” The Board may possibly declare a “shelter crisis” in Humboldt County.

According to California Government code, county and city governments can declare a shelter crisis if “a significant number of people are not able to obtain shelter and their health and safety may be threatened as a result.”

This could mean that that buildings which might ordinarily not be up to legal standards to house people could be used to provide emergency housing.




  • they are making shelter for the homeless in other counties.

    • Not a sht pie
      The government has been braking the backs of the people for a long time through racial inequality, fear, warmongering and corporate greed. they sold our jobs you can still buy into this nightmare too. You can be part of the lie standing on the broken backs of your brother. Ingraned in almost all human beings we are all family we might even remember playing together on top of the mountain not the color of our skin or how much money we have made paradise was not Lost it was stolen so help each other out then we can live the dream.

  • Sharpen your pencil

    Yes, let’s put them in condemned buildings. I’m sure when one gets hurt nothing will come of it. Like one of these same groups helping bleed us for more money..

    • Wow! lets paint everyone with the same brush. Your inability to see the reality of being homeless is impressive.

      • Double speak outside of cheek

        Have an opinion much? Very linear. Some people get sick and tired of dealing with the homeless and tweakers and all the garbage, theiving, and disgusting behaviors. Don’t like that someone has a different opinion? Tough! Most people who have worked hard and overcome their own issues, without making excuses, kinda feel this way.

        • 2sides to a story

          Or are your opinions, quick to judge?

          • Double speak outside of cheek

            Judgement? Not at all. Straight on honest facts. My opinion and I’m sticking to it. No sympathy from me. Been there done that. It doesn’t help anyone.

            • So just cause it went one way for you, someone else is a failure, cause they don’t have the same outcome? Last I checked your blunt diarea of the mouth & is a judgemental opinion not factual honesty.

  • I’ve been on ssdi for 10+ yrs unable to work facing(happens every 3-5yrs) a review in next 30 days(my previous work included supervising 12-18 stores 100-150 employee’s with myself as a direct supervisor) Wife of 13 yrs who has never been unemployed(different career) we have separated in last 3 yrs 90% of reason is because of my disability and how it has affected my personal strength and confidence as a “man” in society not to mention “personal duties” as a husband. Fast forward a bit and skip details. I have 2 kids from 2 marriages first marriage last 8 yrs and second lasting 13 yrs. However I face the chance of not being able to pay rent nor provide food for the 2 kids I have….. Let it be known I have worked therefor my children have benefits I’m not on SSI However if I lose disability we really don’t have a choice considering society is based on income and nothing else !

    • WOW. Great syntax, supervisor.

    • So about the article…..

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      Lame. My story is opposite, worked 41 years, never on disability, held it together, stayed married, supported my children through private colleges, I own 1 house outright, and another which I can afford to live in. Sorry if I’m not sympathetic.

      Damn, who’s gonna give me something? Maybe if I whine enough…

      Good luck bud, life is tough.

      • Your an extremely ignorant individual. One size fits all response. Not everyone has the ability to overcome their crisis. Your situation has nothing to do with his. So how did you make your money?

        • He said he worked for his money, 41 years of working, sweating, dealing with aches and pains but just kept working.

        • groba dude osnt trustafarian

          Might be ignorant, but I can read and understand simple sentences…

          • 2sides to a story

            You can read, cool, but you might lack empathy too.

            • Double speak outside of cheek

              How does having empathy change the situation? A shit ton of empathy has been played out in this homeless situation for years and guess what? It hasn’t changed. It has made it worse. No more empathy. No more free ride. Empathy has turned this county into a cesspool. People live off of other peoples empathy. Make a career out of it.

  • Get a job for a few years, stay off drugs, save money for a down payment and buy a house. It’s really that easy.

    • Personal responsibility . Life is hard , be persistent and you’ll come out on top . Save money , don’t be a drunk, don’t do drugs , don’t have kids you can’t pay for and get a high school education . If you’re legitimately trying your best you’ll make something of yourself.

    • And what pay 300,000, for a broke down piece of shit house that isn’t worth 75,000…for instance 75,000 will buy alot of house in Kansas,and on the plus side there are no home invasion robberies because everyone is armed. This state way over stepped it’s rights to declare itself a sanctuary state,fuck you moonbeam and all the rest of you liberal pieces of sh@t. Have a nice day😁!

  • 40 years of job exports to foreign kids with the loot hiding offshore and there’s still people preaching “bootstraps”??

    • Bootstraps never get exported. They are always there for those that don’t expect others to pull on their boots for them.


    Interesting– With the prices of housing ,interest rates,property taxes,water,fire,sewer,trash,electric, gas,phone, society should be collapsing in the next few years.

  • Wasn’t everyone mad at Floyd Squires for doing pretty much the same thing?

  • Thinking allowed

    But one thing most advocates, especially university students, don’t want to hear is complications. They prefer sweeping generalizations, especially if it includes blaming society, to dealing with the unpleasant realities that many of the people who are homeless are there because they are difficult. Very, very difficult.

    That frankly applies go the “just get a job” advocates too. Jobs are hard work, full of stressors. There are very few casual labor jobs anymore for people with poor judgement and enthusiasm where immigrants are available who are much better employees for the wage.

    It is equally true that getting a job would fix much of the homelessness, just as simply giving them a home would do. Neither is either largely likely a solution for the reality that mental illness and drug addiction are unresolved issues.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Fact is, HSU admitted too many students. They don’t have anywhere to house you, but they let you in based on the financial condition of HSU.

    This is abusive thinking, and severely poor planning on the part of the University, but they probably figure that a bunch of you will drop out.

    Protesting if fun, but there is no immediate relief, in the winter, in Northern Humboldt.

    There are still students, in Davis, living in shacks by the railroad track on Olive drive, and paying $1000/month. Even in the 70’s, there were people living in vehicles in the parking lots, showering at the gym, and studying in the coffee house and the library all day… I had a professor that taught at Berkeley and Davis both, who lived in a Ford Van.

    Lots of these folks are doctors and lawyers now…

    Call the Governors office, tell the folks there what is going on and that you are going to go to college
    somewhere else, and then do so. Move back to your parent’s house till then.

    Good luck, life is tough, work hard and long and you will get what you need.

  • Hey guys guess what Sometimes we have No control of the situation and I will say that from first hand experience. STOP putting the Homeless Down because you have Not walked in the Shoes. IT makes me Sick when I read ALL THE NEGATIVE STUFF. You don’t know what that Person has been going through in their life. You are in NO POSITION TO JUDGE

    • I think I get what you are saying, but I had two homeless drug addicts break into my house and steal everything they could pack. I found out who they were and turned the info over to the sheriffs who basically shrugged their shoulders. So I find it somewhat upsetting when people say I’m in no position to judge because I know nothing about it. My experience does not make me a expert on the subject but it does entitle me to have a opinion.

    • Good luck, life is tough, work hard and long and you will get what you need.

      I am for supporting women with children, and women escaping violent environments.

      All others choosing to live outdoors and get high while eschewing working and contributing, good luck, get lost. Someone once said, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat”. This should apply now.

      Homelessness should be so hard that the homeless work to escape it.

    • when i got hurt i became homeless. wasn’t fun. not easy but i got a place. my experience staying in the shelters is as follows. 80% don’t want to work. they want to get high . as long as you keep feeding them, giving free everything why would they change. in Napa years ago most at the shelter got about $1000 a month. plus free food, medical, dental, food stamps and the list goes on. most days 4 or 5 would put there money together. they get about $35 a day with no bills or expenses. so 5 x 35 is $175. that buys a lot of meth, cigs, beer, pot exct. i know people that lived there for years. they come back about 8 or 9 at night .sneek in and go to sleep. next day same. what do think, they might get it together if you give them enough money lol .ya sure.

  • People have no clue what homeless is or what it even means. One that always gets me is Christians assume because your homeless you can’t be christian. If your homeless you must drink and do drugs. If your homeless than your a theif. We’ll here’s a wake up call. I’m homeless and I’m a Christian I don’t drink or use drugs. I am a combat veteran I was hurt in the army and left the army. Now 25 years later my spine is failing and I can hardly walk 8 pinched nerves with a degenerative spine and I do not take anything stronger than ibuprofen. I can’t sit for long stand for long and sometimes all I can do is lie on the ground in pain. People think that homeless people want to be homeless no I do not. My fixed income will not allow me to pay more than say 400 total a month and I just can’t find a place I can afford. People say go to the va they will help you. Yea I will but you come with me and tell them to help me so they ca n laugh at you not me. I don’t care what a troll online has to say about me or my situation bad things happen to good people and your blanket judgement of what homeless is shows how ignorant you are homeless means a person has no place to live. All that you assume we’ll we know about assume right

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Veterans home in Yountville, or Redding, might take you, do the application, get on the list. If you need a ride there, post your email or a contact, I will drive you. If you need rehab, call St Helena Hospital.

    There are folks to help veterans, don’t give up! Hang in there bro!

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Then there are the people who work minimum wage barely able to make ends meet but still work, still take care of themselves and have to deal with the tweaker homeless fools who regularly venture into their place of business and routinely steal their tip jar. Over and over again this happens. Law enforcement does nothing. I feel sorry for the worker who gets ripped off over and over by the druggie, vagrant, homeless POS who steals from those who are barely making it. What about those people dragonfly? Feel sorry for them at all? Or how about the workers who regularly find druggies passed out with a needle in their arms taking up residence in their business bathrooms. They get to clean up after this crap. What about them dragonfly? Have empathy for them? Or is it just a big fat pity party for the POS assholes who dont give three shits about anyone else only their own wants and needs. I am so over this mess in Humboldt County.

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