Homicide Suspect in Fatal Stabbing Identified as Gang Member in Earlier Incident

A man, Ronald Joshua Loureiro, identified today by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office as the suspect in a fatal stabbing yesterday morning in Orick was identified in December by Arcata Police as “a validated gang member from Arcata.” He was arrested of December 16 for a parole warrant, as well as on charges of possession and transportation of a controlled substance. (See here for more.)

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

LOUREIRORonald Joshua Loureiro, 29, was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility yesterday afternoon (Jan. 4, 2018) on charges of homicide and a parole hold. Loureiro is the suspect of the homicide that occurred on Highway 101 near Drydens Rd. in Orick around 11 a.m. on Jan. 4.

The victim of this homicide has been identified as 34-year-old Vernon James Weatherford. Weatherford’s autopsy is scheduled for Jan. 6, 2018.

This incident is still under investigation. Anyone with information regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

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  • WHY wasn’t this POS in Jail???? Wait Nevermind it’s the liberal justice system they can rehabilitate him!

  • I see the book and release program is working well, he was able to get out sell off his junk and make a killing… literally, in a sad way I hope the family of said deceased man sue the county for allowing this fine specimen back out on the streets to commit said crimes. But none of that will happen and all will be forgotten and swept under the rug…

  • He was busted 3 weeks ago, is a gang member, and is on probation? He got out like that?
    He has a long juvenile and adult record. Was he even being supervised or just let loose on his own?
    3 weeks out, he murders another?

    Wow. There is something seriously wrong with our criminal justice system. It isn’t working.
    More than that, there are many highly paid folks who are supposed to oversee, supervise, and make it work.
    I hope the family hires an attorney and sues.

    • Double speak outside of cheek

      Why are you so shocked? This happens all the time. Why would you even throw “suing” into the mix. Both victim and perp have long criminal histories. Law abiding citizens are the ones who should “sue” the state for allowing these people out on the streets putting our lives in danger each and every day. You are right the criminal justice system doesn’t work. Why? Because we continue to elect into office people who put more value into the criminal element of society than the non criminal. Trust me, I’m not a republican nor am I a Democrat. I am just an honest fed up person who is sick and tired of crime being a normal way of life in this county. I look forward to the day when I can afford to move out of this state. It is going to get a lot worse

  • Governor Brown and everyone who voted for the props to release criminals will call this ‘collateral damage’. Kinda proves that freedom for criminals mean more than the lives of the general public. A direct result of props 47 & 57. This murder is on all you ‘YES’ voters as much as the suspect!

    • I didn’t vote for that shit neither did any of my friends or family that I know of, maybe point yer fuckin finger south like la and sf or in the mirror

    • Did YOU vote to increase prison funding? You repugnat reps keeps voting that down. Did YOU work to get rid of the BIG business that is now our prison system? [edit] to accuse and blame others when you clearly havent got a clue as to how laws work in this country and state.

  • We went through this in the late seventies, we got fed up with crime and funded a bunch of new prisons and guards. Time to double down.

  • Thank you Kyme. Can’t we vote the catch and release out, or at least alter it so the worst criminals are kept away from the public? How could any judge let him free? Why not at least give the criminal an
    ankle bracelet and confine him to their residence?

    I’ve seen people that look like this (I mean the tattoos), in public; scary.

  • Jesus wonder how much meth he’s got in his blood , [edit]

  • Put him in the express line on death row.

  • Hopefully the catch, (pay?), and release corruption ring will be soon brought down, like Greg and others allude to.

  • What “validates” a gang member? Or was he “validated” as a member/resident of Arcata? Or does that mean he was “validated” as actually having killed someone before this?
    It seems to me that if this moniker is assigned in recognition of common knowledge, then a separate category of sentencing penalties might be justified; sort of like “mitigating circumstances” but in favor of The People/Prosecution.

    • he was born in bayside. “validated gang member” = “potential grant money”. I am unaware of “Yurok” being a gang.

    • Double speak outside of cheek

      I believe law enforcement and the courts validates someone as a gang member. It can add enhancements to crimes committed. To validate I believe the person would need to have committed previous crimes under the auspices of the gang. It does not have to be murder persay. Something like that. Both men are/were native Americans. Ron has been involved in gangs since a young kid. Not sure of the affiliation. 18th Street? Sureno? Norteno? I’m sure someone out there knows and can post.

      • Being a “validated gang member” means nothing other than that some cop somewhere has said the person is a gang member. The person is never given an opportunity to challenge the classification and, indeed, there are no “elements”, as there are in criminal prosecutions, that need to be proven to a trier of fact. Many “gangs” are no more than aggregations of people who are trying to stand up to the circumstances of their lives. The real gangs, which have codes of silence and which always cover up for each other, are the police: “We will maim and kill you and your friends and families until you do what we demand”.

        As they sow, so shall all the rest of us reap.

        • Double speak outside of cheek

          That isn’t true and you are incorrect. There is a process to validating a person as a gang member. It isn’t just at the whim of a law enforcement officer. I have never, in my experience, seen someone get validated in this county that wasn’t a legit gang member. One of the most common identification markers is of course tattoos. It may be true that the alleged gang members may be just victims of circumstance, your opinion, not mine, it does not change the fact that they engage in criminal activities of their own volition. You write as if you are a defense attorney. Gangs or at least Humboldts version of it are very real here and there have been numerous murders in this area committed by gang members.

          • Thanks to Warrants for All for the gang info. Note that to be a “gang member” you really only have to be in contact with other “gang members”. This can mean anybody in your neighborhood. Wearing certain colored clothing will do it. If your friend is in jail and you write to them, or they to you, that will do it.

            Perhaps I do sometimes sound like a defense lawyer. There is so much to defend against.

            • When you defend gang members do you ask them to cover up the tattoo of the gang they are in? “Your honor my client is not in a gang! Contrary to what his neck, hands and forearms say! And he has never killed anyone! Contrary to what the tattoo symbols on his back mean!” Of all the injustices I’ve heard of being in a gang is seldom unearned and probably one of the easiest to rectify. If you quit gang activity it is probably a good start.

            • Double speak outside of cheek

              All those things you mentioned could indeed raise a red flag with law enforcement and usually for a good reason. I am aware,personally, of at least 17 cases where someone has been deemed validated as a gang member and each and every one was warranted. Each person validated warranted that validation too and not just by wearing colors, sending letters to jail or just hanging with the home boys. I’m not sure what you think regarding validation? Waste of time? Unwarranted? Of the 17 cases that I know of the validated gangbangers were subsequentlyinvolved in violent crimes. At least 12 people have been involved in local murders. This is over the last 25 years. I am sure there have been more people validated that I don’t know of. They are dangerous punks. Plain and simple. I respect your right to disagree though!

        • Validation of gang member is done by three separate agencies acting independently of one another, and not the courts. Validation can come from various circumsrsnces, such as self admittance ,tattoos, affiliations with previously validated gang members but has to be done still by three separate agencies. Some of you people that make comments on here just playing fools. You’re showing your true intellect or lack of, every time you open your mouth.

          • Thanks for participating; the education I get from this blog cannot be bought. Thanks, All!
            I raised the question because labels bother me, and I prefer to know what I’m saying if I use them.

  • Warrants for all🖐

    He has now achieved his goal. LWOP for a gang member is like 72 virgins for an ISIS muslim

  • Are the Hells Angels considered a gang? They are adamant they`re a club and not a gang.

  • What does that say over his eye ?… Skeet Here lil puppet ?

  • He is definitely validated as being high AF on meth in his mug shot.

  • I caught a rockfish once that had that same look on it face. No tattoo though.

    • I challenge the fellow gearing up to do a documentary on the ills of Humboldt to take on guys like this that are peddling the heroin and meth up here. Every subject except this issue of where the majority of the hard stuff comes from has been addressed in doc after doc. Ask Renee Saucedo why she doesn’t want ICE to take these killers off the street. I’m not picking on her, simply referencing her as an info source. See if you could possibly approach the subject without being called a racist. Don’t let her tell you she wants these guys gone, because she knows that Kalifornia law enforcement isn’t doing the job. Good luck.

      • Double speak outside of cheek

        Local Native American. Not illegal.

      • Humboldt Documentary

        I accept your challenge, I plan on shedding light on where the hard drugs are coming from. It’s no secret. But if you think it’s just a Mexican cartel issue you are wrong. The Fentanyl is made in China. The Heroin is made in Mexico AND Afghanistan. The Oxycotin and hydrocodein and Percocet are made here, in America, by the most powerful drug dealers on earth. Perdue is the name of the most vicious manufacturer and distributor of the deadliest drug of the 21st century, introducing an entire society of people of all socio/economic backgrounds to synthetic heroin addiction, and creating an entirely new demographic and generation of drug addict.

  • It says Yurok over his eye? Seems like he’s lost. By the last name I’m guessing he’s not even a legal citizen.

  • the saga of humboldt continues. thats what the pot industry has attracted here.

  • Come on folks…even if he’s native…even if he’s someone’s son…even if he’s someone’s father.
    Even if he was once a “nice boy.”

    If a person looking like that mugshot shows up SOMETHING BAD IS COMING DOWN!

  • Our judicial system failed us once again. Like Gary bullock, arrest and release then Father Freed was murdered… This has to stop..

  • What do you mean I didn’t get the job!?

  • What is it like inside the heads of people like this? Do they have any goal beyond the next snort of meth or shot of heroin? Any moral compass whatsoever? Do they have any interests — anything — lifting their pickup truck or bolting a sissy bar on their motorcycle would count as something. Or, is their impulse control zero, their only interest their next high or, perhaps tapping some skanky babe who`ll hold still in exchange for a dip in the meth bag? Is introspection or any sort of self – examination completely and forever out of the question for these people? Who — and what — are these? It would seem they`re devoid of anything approaching what would qualify as higher values or anything else that would justify their existence.

    • There comes a time in some peoples lives where they cross a line and many times never return. They no longer have any value to themselves or others. (moral or otherwise) They are Evil. They take pride in it and all it entails.

  • The legal system not only failed the family of the victims but failed him. I happen to know he was born to a drug addicted mom. Grew up in foster care system which failed him and he been in and out of prison since he was old enough. Something needs to change or we will continue to see this.

    • Double speak outside of cheek

      How did foster care fail him? Kept running off to do his thing? Was he abused in foster care? Ron has been given a lot of chances in life. He chose to keep on the wrong path.

      • He most definitely was abused while in foster care physically, emotionally and sexually.

      • I by no means condone anything he has done. My point being something needs to change within our judicial system, juvenile system and foster care system. Early intervention is the key. I knew Ron as josh . He was 1 when I first met him. He and his sisters were in foster care.

  • Fidlin the ganjo

    The governor used to brew kool aid with jim jones himself back when they were best friends. Dont expect to much from the state, its run by a psychopath.

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