Benbow Home Invader/Kidnapper Sentenced to 13 Years

Press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

Home invasion suspect

Micah Tafari Keyes-Anderson

Today, District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced that Humboldt County Judge Dale Reinholtsen sentenced Micah Keyes-Anderson to 13 years in prison for three felonies: home invasion robbery and kidnapping with

personal use of a firearm, and solicitation to commit perjury. On September 6, 2016, Mr. Keyes-Anderson forced his way into the trailer home of two men near Benbow, and, at gunpoint, stole cash, a shotgun and a vehicle

belonging to the victims. He was arrested on September 27, 2016, while still in possession of the stolen shotgun. District Attorney investigators later discovered that Mr. Keyes-Anderson had solicited a third-party to testify

to a false alibi on his behalf while he was being held in custody pending trial. Mr. Keyes-Anderson pled guilty to these crimes on October 13, 2017. His arrest and conviction resulted from a swift and thorough investigation by the Humboldt County Sherriff’s Department.

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  • Good, now let’s hope he actually serves some of the time.

  • like I said before, he’s not only a dangerous criminal, he doesn’t deserve to suck the same air as the rest of us!

  • Did they say a “SWIFT” investigation , he was arrested on 11-27-16 sounds like the investigation took a “rest”.

    • lol, that is swift for Humboldt Time! My friends, who were shot by a random psycho, is going on 2 yrs, in trial.

    • You misread. He was arrested 21 days after the crime on 9/6/16 according to the DA’s release above. I’d call that good work to investigate, locate the suspect, arrest and charge him give the circumstances of the case.

  • A positive move seeing some of the sentences that are being handed down in the last couple weeks. Keep it rolling and keep them in jail! Make Humboldt a place that criminals are afraid of.

  • Fidlin the ganjo

    Did his skin color encourage swift justice?
    Marci kitchen killed her own kid and another and is still roaming free to suck the meth out of wesley pipes

    • Or maybe the fact that he had priors in another state and this was a much simpler case to solve… No excuses for Marci Kitchen by all means her existence alone pisses me off but I don’t believe skin color played a role in this one..

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