Rain Coming After One of Driest Decembers on Record in Eureka

Bear Butte in Rain Clouds

Bear Butte in Rain Clouds [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Last month was the eighth driest December on record in Eureka since 1886, according to the National Weather Service. The rest of the region experienced similar dry conditions. But the sunshine will be slipping away late this Wednesday as rain moves into the area.

According to the National Weather Service,

Rain will start from the south and then spread northwards by Thursday morning. A second system will bring additional rainfall to the area on Friday with precipitation also looking favorable for the weekend and into early next week. Though models agree that active weather will persist, there is still uncertainty about timing and rainfall amounts beyond Saturday.

None of the rain in the next few days is expected to be heavy. Only light to moderate rainfall is expected.



  • Man made Global warming was really bad in 1886.

  • Lov’in it. Went topless all December.

  • Aliens did it.

  • In Dec., 1″ in Carlotta and 11″ since Oct. 1.

  • Best was when al gore told folk in florida to sell their beach front homes.
    Selling to the next guy makes it sea level rise a whole lot better doesnt it?
    And those homes are still fine. Global warming is a hoax, besides how is taxing the little guy for using the elites technology going to fix it if there were such a thing? Its good business, like gmo and chemotherapy they go good together

    • I mean it may not be a hoax. The planet has gone thru lots of climate changes. It’s real. Weather it’s man-made or not is the argument

  • This is well written.

    • If you take the time to look on youtube there are videos of places in Florida that are flooding on a daily basis as the tides come in and go out. That obviously wasn’t happening when the subdivisions were built.

  • Alternate Guest Experience

    The 8th driest year? At Woodley Island? Somehow I can’t believe Woodley Island was where measurement were taken in 1886. Maybe Ft Humboldt? Someone told me recently that down in Eureka, the rainfall is significantly less than up in the foothills. And Woodley Island is drier than Eureka. Rain varies even between areas on the bay and inland. It would be nice to have more precise data.

    I can say that while there has not been the pounding rain that frequently happens, there has been abundant fog. The ground is still wet on the surface, mud abounds and the seasonal creek is flowing.

    • Coastal areas experience an orographic effect. “Oro” refers to mountains. As rain-laden clouds coming off the ocean are pushed against the mountains, as the clouds rise, the water is squeezed out of them. More rain falls at higher elevations. Kings Peak near Shelter Cove at around 4000 feet and very close to the ocean has some of the highest average rainfall in Humboldt County.

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