[UPDATE Wednesday] Northbound Traffic on 101 North of Weott Slowed as Multiple Law Enforcement Try to Stop an SUV

Traffic headed northbound on Hwy 101 north of Weott at approximately 5:40 p.m. are forced to travel significantly slower than the speed limit as law enforcement attempts to stop a white SUV. One reader, Rhonda Harris, who is behind the incident and took the video reports that they are going 16 MPH.

Another person about 5:50 p.m. reports that there are around “eight cop cars north of the Honeydew cutoff” chasing the white SUV.

UPDATE 6:09 p.m.: Rhonda Harris reports that the parade is now one mile south of Pepperwood.

UPDATE 6:12 p.m.: According to Harris, the SUV does not have its lights on. The parade is now north of Pepperwood.

UPDATE 6:30 p.m.: According to Harris, debris is falling off the SUV. Below is a second video that shows how slow the chase was proceeding at one time. The speed has since picked up to about 45 mph. The parade is passing Stafford now.

UPDATE 6:39 p.m.: According to Jonathan Beck another reader stuck in the northbound traffic behind the SUV and law enforcement, Law enforcement blocked both north and southbound lanes about a half mile north of Stafford and south of Scotia. As of 6:39 p.m., “They are now letting southbound go.” But Beck said, northbound is still stopped.

UPDATE 6:50 p.m.: The vehicle was stopped by law enforcement and the suspect is in custody. Below is a video by Rhonda Harris.

UPDATE 6:53 p.m.: Reader Sarah Giventer Kaber who is right behind the officers posted on our Facebook page that officers used a PIT maneuver to stop the vehicle and then used a taser to take the suspect into custody. [Update: Officer William Wunderlich, a spokesperson for the Garberville office of the California Highway Patrol, said there was no use of force involved in arresting the woman driver.]

UPDATE 6:56 p.m.: Jonathan Beck sent us this photo from the scene.

SUV after PIT Maneuver surrounded by law enforcement.

SUV after PIT Maneuver surrounded by law enforcement. [Photo by Jonathan Beck]

UPDATE Wednesday: Last Night’s Slow Speed Chase Up Hwy 101 Was Missing Person, Says CHP



  • This is ridiculous. We are all going 10mph, and the white SUV is just not getting off the road.

  • Lemme guess, is it a Ford bronco with Al Cowlings behind the wheel?

  • 6:30- more like 15 mph, 45 lasted for about 2 seconds

  • Now stoped. I have to peee. Ahhhhhhhhh!

  • I just saw this as i was going south, 4or 5 hwy patrols lights n sirens leading a pack of about 75 cars then 1 patrol at the end of the pack…weird i did not see them pulling anyone over as i was going past…

  • I noticed that in ALL THE VIDEOS AND PHOTOS, IT WAS THE DRIVER TAKING THEM! Is this okay in the name journalism? Or is it, “well, I’m going too slow, so I’ll film it?” THATS too many rubber-necking asshats in the hiway! Next they’ll complain about all the cars tailgating them. FUCK ALL OF YOU WHO DRIVE AND TEXT OR VIDEO OR TALK ON THE PHONE, usually in the fast lane🖕🏿

  • Well mystery solved…and now that I am home with wifi I can see the VIDEOS!!! Thanks Kym for keeping us informed because that isn’t something you see everyday here.

  • No doubt DUI Weed.

  • The lady was in her 60s out of S San Fran and had dementia….. she was missing and at risk and this is the second chase she has been involved in. Poor lady was probably terrified…..

  • Will someone please call the producer of LIVEPD, we could broadcast that show 24 hours a day 7 days a week from Humboldt, I’m sure the country gets some monetary compensation for letting the film crews ride along. 🚔

  • Heard it was an older lady suffering from dementia. This was broadcast via chp radio.

  • Hey Kym Kemp. Ban anyone who states “i hope you die”

    IHOPEYOUDIE January 2, 2018 7:33 pm

  • Why would the cops do a long chase with someone going 4 miles an hour. PIT manuever? Not needed at 4 miles an hour, just cut infront and put on your breaks or run up to car and let air out of tires. PIT Manuever. Do they get extra budget for that one…

  • I’m pretty sure I saw this vehicle heading north when I was going south before all the commotion.. I saw them right around salmon creek. It was just about dark and their lights were not on is why I remember them. Very dangerous!

    • When I saw them, they were in the fast lane going at a good rate of speed. Kind of scared me as I barely saw them because of no headlights.

  • Did anyone see the black Mercedes followed by a white truck flying southbound on 101 yesterday around 4:45pm? They passed me around fernbridge exit, and there was a CHP getting on the freeway in Fortuna that looked like he was after something…

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