Man Sentenced to Nine Years After Twice Admitting to Arson and Assault on Camera

Anthony Domenico

Anthony Domenico leading an officer through the camp after the arson took place. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

Press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

Today, District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced that Humboldt County Judge John Feeney sentenced Anthony Domenico to 9 years in prison for two felonies: arson of an inhabited structure and assault with a deadly weapon. A Humboldt County jury convicted Mr. Domenico of those counts in November, after hearing evidence that Mr. Domenico assaulted Thomas Uber with a tree branch and burned his camp structure in Manila in August. Judge Feeney sentenced Mr. Domenico to the maximum amount of time allowed by law, by imposing the longest of 3 possible terms for arson of an inhabited dwelling (8 years) and an additional 1-year term for the assault with a deadly weapon. (California law limits the consecutive sentence in this case to 1/3 the standard mid-term for the additional crime, which is 3 years for assault with a deadly weapon.)

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  • I guess he remedied his homeless situation.

  • Paperwork and Laptops

    Wow. Can’t get any sentences of any length on heroin and meth dealing, murders, rapes or killing by drunk driving but gave this bum the maximum for a tree branch and burning up a tent. Guess we ARE hard on crime -just on the guys using the non-existent public defender! That office is so dysfunctional this year that anybody with any conviction should probably get an automatic retrial…Dumboldt County!!

  • What a messed up system we have. A guy hits another guy with a branch and burns his illegal camp down and he gets 9 years??? Damn

  • Maybe our judges are starting out the year by sending a harsh message to those who want to break the law. Hopefully they have listened to how fed up the people are with crime and lack of consequences. We can only hope!

  • Something is clearly changing in Humboldt. I’m so happy to see violent criminals given real sentences. I might be able to move back to that county if this continues and they clean shit up. Starting a fire in August, he could’ve burned down half of Humboldt. Nowclean up all the greedy growers bogarting multiple properties so that small mom and pop, one property owners can settle there and homelessness will go down without jacked up greedy growers property rates.

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