Eureka Man Receives Major Injuries New Year’s Eve in a Head On Accident

Major injury Crash traffic accident crashOn New Year’s Eve about 5:21 p.m., a 49-year-old Eureka man, Jesse Crumb, received major injuries when the vehicle he was driving southbound, a 1998 Toyota Tacoma, crossed the center line and struck another vehicle headed northbound on Hwy 101 near Phillipsville north of mile marker 20.19, according to Officer William Wunderlich, a spokesperson for the Garberville office of the California Highway Patrol.

Wunderlich said that Crumb’s vehicle struck a 2003 Ford F350 being driven by Michael Zingg, age 55, from Smith River, Oregon. Zingg did not report any injuries at the time.

Crumb was transported to Mercy Hospital in Redding. “The collision caused the northbound lanes to be closed for about 90 minutes,” according to Wonderlich.

The accident is still under investigation. However, alcohol or drug impairment does not seem to be a factor.

Earlier Chapter: Serious Injury Traffic Accident on Hwy 101 Near Phillipsville



  • Is this the son of cartoonist Robert Crumb ? If it is his son, I think Robert Crumb may live in France and wonder if he’s been notified.

  • How are these two related?
    “Earlier Chapter: Serious Injury Traffic Accident on Hwy 101 Near Phillipsville”

  • It’s so scary now to drive down the straight highway there. I’ve lived in Miranda for a year and there have been two major head on collisions there in that time. I try to never drive in the fast lane there and still I worry about the traffic coming towards me. Why can’t people just pay attention?

  • That stretch of 101 from Myers Flat to Hooker Crk S. of P’ville is bad juju.

    • I would extend that to north of Weott. Better now that there are more guard rails. But many “swerve to avoid the deer” wrecks that used to be fatals when they went down the embankment.

  • Thank you Kim for the update I appreciate your work your a valuable asset to this community

  • Smith River is California for the record

  • I do believe this could very well be R crumb’s son. Last I heard he was living in Eureka.

  • That’s the right age for Jesse Crumb, Robert’s son,. I went to school with him he is 4 years older than me and I’m 45

  • Jesse was a great person
    Very friendly and of a kind nature
    He was a real good artist in his own right
    We corasponded by email a few times when he was building a web site for Robert
    I was happy to help and he was very greatious
    My condolences to his family
    He will be missed

  • Jesse is Robert’s son; Dana was his mom. I’ve been in touch with him over the years. This is very saddening.

  • I was Jesse Crumbs step father for 6 years from 1976-1982. We lived in Potter Valley, Mendocino Co. on the Eel River. I am deeply sorry for those he has left behind – he was a great artist and very intelligent young man. “Blessings on his new journey” (quoted from my daughter Kersti – his step sister). All four of our combined children and my wife (Dana Crumb) lived in the same room – Jesse, Kersti, Adam and Zack – we were family.

  • This article doesn’t say Jesse died. Did he? There was a GoFundMe page yesterday that said Erica was in Redding with him

  • Condolences on your loss, Mr. Kaldveer. Mr. Crumb was indeed an excellent artist. This is a sad day.

  • Very, very sad. My parents were along that stretch of road just a few days prior! My condolences and deepest, most sincere thoughts and sympathies go to Jesse’s family & friends around the world.

  • My deep condolences to the Crumb family in this tragic accident. I met Jesse years ago when I had a comic book store in the Haight Ashbury.

  • I knew Bob, when he was still married to Dana, and Jesse was a very little boy…genius and tragedy, my heart an condolences to all involved in his life..

  • Isabella Fiske McFarlin

    I certainly am profoundly sad for my friends, Robert and Aline. And for Jesse’s wife, and his sister Sophie. His uncle Alex, and the whole family for that matter.

  • I am so sorry to hear about this tragedy. I am part of the community of women cartoonists who live, or used to live, in San Francisco/Northern California—and know Robert and Aline through that community. I am so so sad to hear about Jesse’s passing. My sincerest condolences to Robert and Aline and everyone else who knew and loved Jesse.

  • I wrote Jesse over a year ago and asked if he could do a sketch of my woman and I.. Jesse said he was busy at the moment and said to contact him later….Sorry to hear about his passing…

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