Another Abandoned Vehicle on Fire on Alderpoint Road

Vehicle fireAn abandoned vehicle on the Alderpoint Road is fully engulfed in flames as of 8:44 p.m., according to a a report on the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. The vehicle is located “3-5 miles” south of Hwy 36.

Cal Fire has been requested to respond.



  • By some mysterious force,yet to be discovered and understood, abandoned vehicles often burst into flames all by themselves.

    • correct John.

      A force that burns and is invisible.
      This shouldn’t be a guessing game, it’s obvious
      but hidden from our eyes until it’s too late.

      Hopefully the person who belongs to the vehicle is alright.

  • Maybe the “abandoned” vehicle was related to the murdered body that was dumped on the AP road.

    I would absolutely HATE to live up that road. It used to be people could drive ALL the way into town without witnessing a burning vehicle or a poor murdered body lying on the side of the road.

  • There is a trashed vehicle on Briceland-Thorn Road on the turnout just Briceland side of China Creek Road. Waiting for that one to go up in flames as well. Sigh.

    • And shelter cove road…

    • I’ve watched it being slowly stripped of anything usable for the past few days. Today it had been pushed over to the side of the turnout. Glad it’s raining because some freak is going to burn it sooner or later.

  • Before we all go nuts about the Alderpoint Road lets remember that it is about 50 miles long. The gunshot victim and the burning car are some 25-30 miles apart. More importantly, they are on parts of the road used by different communities. Alderpoint is at about mile 18, measured from Garberville. People in Alderpoint seldom go north of Casterlin school, say mile 28. People from Blocksburg tend to go north to route 36 rather than south to Garberville,

    People burning cars should probably face aiding and abetting grand theft auto charges, as well as arson. Both are serious felonies. How hard could it be to set out a decoy, set up the cameras, and find out who is burning the cars? It seems like the powers that be just don’t see this car burning problem as one of destroying thousands of dollars worth of vehicles, and assisting thieves in covering their tracks by destroying evidence (fingerprints, DNA, etc. in the vehicles). Instead the great silence by the sheriff and the CHP suggest they think these arsons are harmless pranks.

    Still, the murders are a more worrying problem. Thanks to the long running war on pot, there is still a culture of silence about crimes, even major crimes like murders, in the rural parts of the county. Don’t think that “legalization” is going to change either the attacks on pot growers by the government or the widespread black market growing anytime soon., For all the excitement about “legalization” it appears to be a failure as far as cutting down on black market weed. The county has gotten greedy, thinking they can fix 50 years of neglect and poor policies with a couple of years of taxes on “rich growers.” But the market is in collapse due to overproduction. The “rich growers” who are going legal are seeing their riches drain away into the regulatory swamp. We are not seeing more effective law enforcement. Last murder we had in Alderpoint, the murderer was still driving around town 24 hours later. This one, I don’ t think the name of the murderer is widely known. I haven’t even heard any decent speculation about who did it. I did see a CHP car in town this evening. Should I expect an arrest? A grower in another area had his crop ripped off by a trimmer. Law enforcement just yawned when told who did it and took no steps to find and arrest the ripoff. Think there will be more murders?

    Anyway, back to the main point. The Alderpoint road is long, it serves a number of communities, and aggregating everything that happens on those 50 miles as if they happened in 5, simply is lazy thinking.

    • ☝️Yep. This.

    • Just curious: When does using a decoy become “entrapment?”
      Seems to me that there should be a stream-lined way to get these abandoned vehicles into a “Cash for Cars, Any Condition” program. *
      State Senator McGuire is interested in this issue and if more of us speak up about it, all things are possible.

      *The new tax law does not allow deductions for charitable contributions (under $16k total.) What a mistake.

    • thanks ed denson.
      i’ve lived in the blocksburg area for thirty years now, and find most folks think we who in this area are just living on the “wrong side o the tracks”. i know differently, it is a very beautiful area. to bad however most of the wild life has disappeared.

    • Perhaps the most coherent & intelligent comment on this site EVER, on ANY subject.
      I am in awe.

    • You have watched way to much tv if you believe for one minute that those cars or any stolen car is processed by a crime lab, unless directly connected with a muder. When your car gets stolen, you file a report and get a number for insurance. If you or anyone recovers your car , the police still do not even finger print . Fact is people dump trash out on these roads, those cars are someones trash.


    The only thing I worry about more is when a people become such disarray then a government decides to carpet bomb a complete section to eliminate such disorder. (I used to listen to Michael Savage too).

  • I agree with Ed! Completely! Failed legalization is real!

    • Ed, your info, is totally correct. And folks board kids meaning 20yr olds, have been burning abandon cars [in the hills] for yrs now. Old news, maybe the county should tow them away. This wound stop fires from happening.

  • Sorry to hear of yet another abandoned vehicle fire!!!! Just glad that for a change it is NOT on Hwy 36!!! Now that I opened my big mouth there will likely be several just to teach me to STFU!!! Best of luck with EVERYTHING, murders dumped bodies & abandoned vehicle fires!!! Hoping it NEVER comes to NON abandoned vehicle fires!!!

  • They have been burning cars at the carlotta grange parking lot .

  • Please tell me there was a trail cam situated nearby.
    Oh that’s right. The enforcers can’t afford a $100 trail cam to catch real criminals. They’re too busy spending hundreds of thousands of dollars catching non violent persons turned criminal through unconstitutional acts/laws/regulations against them.
    Don’t breathe the air up there. It’s toxic.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Pretty good show on CNBC last night about our area mary jane production. They even spoke about murder mountain. Sheriff Said there is an epidemic of missing people up there who have come to be trimmers. Honey dew ranch made me sick! Bunch or bleeps!

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