Unidentified Gunshot Victim Found Beside Alderpoint Road Dies on Way to Hospital

Breaking news graphicPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a homicide that occurred early this morning in Southern Humboldt.

Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Jerold Phelps Community Hospital just before 5:30 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 1, 2018 for the report of a male gunshot victim. The victim was found lying on the side of Alderpoint Rd., between Bell Springs Rd. and Alderpoint, by a passerby driving in the area. The passerby transported the victim to the hospital. The victim succumbed to his injuries while en route.

The victim has not been identified. He is described as a dark-complected male, approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall, in his mid-20’s to early 30’s.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of the victim or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

UPDATEHomicide Victim Found Along Alderpoint Road Identified



  • Not the best way to start the New Year, condolences to the family!!!

  • Ah weed related crime continues on even after legalization.

  • Stuff like this makes me sad…
    Who knows what happened but obviously there’s crazies up alderpoint who give no fucks.

  • The cops still haven’t found the last guy involved in murder up in the Alderpoint .about 4 months ago I think .Here we go again,so sorry to whom ever this person’s family is RIP.

    • Yeah, anybody know what happened to that guy?

    • Paperwork and Laptops

      Yeah- people might not be paying attention but our Sheriff’s Dept pretty much never catches any murderers ever. I won’t bother listing them all but I’ll again highlight the shooting death up on Titlow/sabertooth Rd of Dana (who started Mosgo’s). Many people in Blue Lake talk freely about who did it and the cops did find his stolen car at the casino but….yeah, no charges and those murderers walk around free…Don’t expect anything here but time to dim the collective memory and business as usual and nobody ever getting charged. Then there will another new body found somewhere and we will all do this again. Yes- that would be the same sheriff’s department that spent 10 years driving past huge gardens unable to find any grows.

      • Humboldt hillian

        Yeah, my teenage son was driving his car and forced off the road by a couple adults, and was assaulted in his car. maybe 4 months ago. Someone stole their weed and the car must have been a close match to the theif. . I gave the sheriff witness descriptions, vehicles, license plates and even home address. They couldn’t seem to put the pieces together .

    • It sounds like if you hang out with desperadoes you could become a victim.
      Chose your acquaintances carefully.

      • Paperwork and Laptops

        True…Or just live in a county full of desperadoes. Dana was not shady at all. But nearly all backwoods neighborhoods here have been impacted by a long social policy of letting the shady desperadoes do whatever they want. Hint: They don’t usually become decent or moral people on their own. Instead…they get worse and more brazen.

        • He was involved in the “business.” He didn’t deserve to be killed but you have to know it’s a dangerous game.

  • Ooh….I know…Ass/u/me
    Very sad…. really could be anything.

  • Could it be the missing dude from Spain?

  • There is a large police presence in town today, even a cop at the community park which I’ve never seen before.

  • This kind of thing wouldn’t happen at a permitted grow.

  • Prayers for the deceased and his family and also for the person who took him to the hospital. God bless him

  • Did they ever catch whoever wasted the young Mexican who was found freshly killed by the side of the road to Covelo a few months ago?

  • Will the last person leaving Humboldt, please remember to flush.

  • Legalization of cannabis is not going to be fruitful for us here in Humboldt. I imagine we are going to face a crime wave this year, one a bit more obnoxious that the last ten years has comforted us with. I love commenters who express relief that they are movin out,…good riddins to you and yours, I hope you find a crime free society free of life and adventure. But really please move.

  • I do so hat that all we ever see are the most angry, least educated comments. Has marijuana not driven the Garberville economy for years??? Have you not benefits from those revenues? What is YOUR source of income in rural Northern California???? Logging, fishing??? Are THOSE industries thriving? Come on folks…be realistic. You have a homeless problem. because America has a homeless problem, because folks like you choose to identify everyone but you as a pariah!!!!! Where do all of our poor go??? How do they manage???

    • Thanks for the blessings you’ve given us.

    • Was this guy homeless? What’s your point? Everyone has problems, so What

      • Has anyone even thought that this guy did something wrong and that is why he was shot?? Sometimes there more to the story….

    • As a matter of fact it is estimated that a third of all the homeless in the U.S. reside in California. Has very little to do with pot farming or any other local factor. Also painting everyone on the street with the same brush is just plain ignorant. My heart goes out to some of the poor souls I’ve met over the years who don’t have the tools to do better.

    • Thank you SO MUCH for demonstrating that there are still a few of us out here who don’t spend ALL of our time with our head up our collective ass. Cheers for continuing to think for yoyrself

    • This is the question I think we all want to ask ourselves. What about those who are not equipped, maybe because of a tragedy in their lives, who knows, to do anything but survive day to day. Living in the cold, knowing that most folks look down on them, hungry most of the time, and at the mercy of those who choose to judge something they know nothing about. Yes let’s ask ourselves “what about the the tired, the poor, the hungry.” Blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the earth……

  • Joshua D DeLawrence

    Is this the guy they had on the side of the road just north of Willits giving him cpr on the side of the road?

  • A friend who is a real estate appraiser told me that when bodies are regularly dumped in a neighborhood, it depresses real estate prices markedly. One body doesn`t have much of an effect; however, 3 or more within a 1/4 mile radius has a noticeable depressing effect.

    • OMG, This is not funny. But your comment is. Sorry to the family of this man who was too young to die. R.i.P.

  • It could have been the weather that did Him in, Tell me if this is correct, : A record cold wave is just weather,
    but a record heat wave is climate change. In other words , a record cold temperature is proof of global warming.

    My observation is this weeks cold weather is probably being caused in part by global warming.
    Now I get it ! the cold part is caused by the cold part of global warming. The warm part of global warming goes somewhere else. it is so obvious now, I don’t know why I missed seeing that all along. Silly me.
    According to a Liberal think tank, the heat is hiding deep in the ocean, that’s it`s Safe Space.

  • I drove home at about 4am last night from garberville to Alderpoint, I don’t drink and generally consider myself observant. Neither my fiance, our passenger or myself saw anything unusual although I’m certainly grateful that we decided not to pull over and roll a fatty and stargaze, might have wound up smack in the middle of some FOUL shit. Neither she nor I recall seeing even one car anyplace on the road, and we keep an eye out for the occasional mountain lion or bobcat or bear, it seems unlikely that we could have passed by a human being in our line of sight in need of help. I certainly hope we didn’t miss him, maybe he’d have made it if he’d recieved medical attention sooner. Certainly hope we can at least learn his identity, and perhaps some understanding of the context in which he lost his life. I fear that as the price of a pound of pot remains in a flat spin we are going to see more and more violence as people are left hungrier and more desperate as our artificially inflated economy continues to collapse around our ears.

    • Terra, please call the Sheriff’s Office and let them know. This might help them narrow down a time frame. (707) 445-7251.

    • So nice of you not to drink and drive…now, if people will just realize that smokin’ a fatty and driving is still DUI.


      • Yes and pills and any other drugs, also not talking on the phone/txting staying on the correct side of the road as well as pulling over to allow passing makes everyone happier and safer let’s all make that resolution for the new year.

  • Sounds like they found this body a ways out from A.P. It sure is nice to always be lumped into everything wrong on that road. Well past Harris.

  • Humboldt Documentary

    I am a local Humboldt County resident and land owner of 8 years. I’m also a husband and father of a beautiful innocent little 2 year old baby girl. For the last few years I have been feeling inspired to make a documentary film about the social and political climate here in Humboldt County. Everyone wants to talk about cannabis, cops and robbers. But every documentary made about this region overlooks the social issues we residents face every day. I want to paint a picture of the homelessness epidemic, the mental health crisis, the drug and alcohol abuse epidemic, the violent crime rate, the missing persons epidemic, the environmental crisis and many other pitfalls of the dark side of the emerald triangle. I love this place like no other. I have faith that the future of Humboldt County rests in the hands of enough concerned good willed citizens that we can make a change for the better, but not without serious swift and consolidated effort. I decided to let the Red Headed Blackbelt community know about this documentary after reading this story and the following thread, not unlike so many other stories just like this. I am looking for concerned citizens and community members that would like to be involved in the documentary. If you or a love one has lost someone to violent crime or drug overdose here in the emerald triangle and would like to join the effort in shedding some light on this epidemic we have on our hands, please email me at : humboldtdocumemtary@gmail.com
    I look forward to hearing from some of you, we need as many participants as we can get.

  • Wow, 8 years? Dude you’re an OG. I imagine that you have seen it all…

    • Humboldt Documentary

      Sorry Buster, I did not mean to offend your localism, I was mearly explaining who I am as briefly as possible. No I have not seen it all, that’s why I’m asking for community involvement and contribution. I do have friends that moved here in ‘68, ‘69, but it’s important to paint the entire picture of why and how this place came to be what it is today. The story starts in 1849. We will begin the documentary with a brief history of the genocide that happened after the white settlers arrived, then we will brielfly cover all the other history leading up to present day.If you are the OG, email me and let’s talk, Buster

      • Hum Doc, thank you for what you are doing. It’s great to see a concerned intelligent citizen as yourself to step up to the plate, may your work help us resolve the problems we face here on daily basis. As well all know, every problem has a solution. Peace.

      • For real. We have been here for 12 years and I’m pretty sure I’m a local and my family… Years mean nothing except for here in the Humboldt locals scene. Most folks I know growing their own food and actually homesteading were not born and raised here. So what. So sick of hearing the local thing. If you haven’t left here and lived anywhere else, I’d say you don’t know shit and the world will eat you up if you leave
        . Go try.

  • The plant won’t kill you …. But there are way too many folks out there in the industry who couldn’t give a wood rat’s ass about the planet, humans, or any other life forms. If you find
    Yourself in the wrong place at the right time you could find yourself dead…..Gangsters and corruption seldom foster friendly neighborhoods.

  • any news on the identity, kim?

  • A concerned citizen

    If this person was found near Harris, it was on the Bell Springs Road. If the person was found between Bell Springs Road and the Old Harris Road, it was on the Alderpoint Road. Can the sheriff’s office clarify? If it was Bell Springs Road, it would be really helpful to have the correct road identified in the headline and article.

    • According to the above press release, “The victim was found lying on the side of Alderpoint Rd., between Bell Springs Rd. and Alderpoint…” Below is a map of the area. The western end of the broad blue line is where Bell Springs Road begins.

      Click on the map to make it larger.

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