[Audio] Local woman featured on ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ discusses experience; Top stories from last week

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (11:53): (Warning: Explicit content) Last week a Eureka woman granted an interview to discuss she and her boyfriend’s appearance on “The Jerry Springer Show” a few months back.

Hint: The poor character they exemplified on the show was exaggerated, or… Jerry-rigged. They’re still together.

“…We were having to having to practice yelling at each other and fighting,” said Elizabeth Provost, who met her boyfriend Evan Carver on Tinder. “They wanted us to be like actors… (They were like): ‘If you’re gonna laugh and think this is a game, then get the fuck out of my studio,’ is how they were talking to us. Slightly — not completely rude the whole time.”

In the podcast Provost discusses their salacious narratives in the show, their experiences filming, their trip to New York, relationships, infidelity, and people who comment on stories without fully digesting the content.

The interview begins at 11:53.

Also covered

A great achievement by a local cheerleader, a Kringle arrested in Arcata before Christmas, dumb criminals, a heartfelt thank-you and good advice from a family going through a difficult time, an Arcata art educator gets a major nod from the Governor, memorial lighthouse issues in Trinidad, an Arcata mom continues to fight deportation, the top three main podcast stories with the most listens this year, and much more.

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Evan Carver and Elizabeth Provost, submitted



  • News Flash, Reality TV Fake, ah, duh.

    • True, though there are some talk shows and reality TV programs that are much closer to nonfiction. Jerry obviously is in the fictional talk show category. But it was fun to learn more about it.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        Please, name a few!

        • Like I implied, nothing is going to be 100 percent real. But on competition shows do we not often get a chance to witness true talent? On “Cops” do we not witness some real arrests? On “Catfish” do we not witness the truth of being bamboozled on the internet? On MTV “Cribs” did we not… okay, forget that one… There’s stuff on TV that’s closer to what we see with our own eyes.

        • Oprah, broken pencil, Oprah. Remember that brilliant black billionaire businesswoman?
          Rachel Ray, Ellen Degeneres.. I don’t watch (daytime) TV.
          There are plenty that do not follow Morton Downey’s fearless lead.

          • Morton Downey’s far right-wing racist mysoginist lead! (But I must admit, his show was entertaining at times.👄)

            You should watch the documentary about Downey’s life that came out after he died. It turns out he was a VERY different person than his nutball talk show portrayed, as he was just playing the role of right-wing scumbag for the cash. 💵 (I’ve heard the same about Rush Limbaugh from a person who knows him.)

            Kids, don’t smoke cigarettes. They will kill you. 💀🚬

            R.I.P. Morton Downey, Jr.

    • There is little if anything even faintly resembling Reality in a Reality TV show, especially of the type Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, does!!!

  • I guess assault and battery is legal on jerry’s show

  • It’s called scripted reality. It’s what 90% of reality shows are nowadays….because reality is actually boring.

  • And our next guest is……

  • Jerry Springer is not entirely true? You’re saying it’s often embellished, bordering on all out lies???

    THIS IS THE NEWS OF THE DECADE. Second might be the news Eureka is “Artsy as Fuck”. I suppose this does not include a single architect since…. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an unattractive town (Old Town is lovely, the rest resembles one long derelict strip mall covered in clouds)

    Ignore internet commenters Elizabeth. Too much attention paid to the pretentious public has caused more than one “celebrity” to collapse. Enjoy your 15 minutes.

    Dumbassery? Journalism school much? Assuming this is a news wire and not Humboldt’s own TMZ, is the goal to report the news or be rich and famous? Maybe class it up a bit… no blood and gut headlines required. Shit and fuck need not make every sentence. Just *real* news (read: accurate, informative, pertinent, researched, and researched again), which the scandalous/ salacious Springer Show is not. Is “Hum.Last.Wk” after this demographic?

    The problem with this suicide hotline, aside from the long wait and elevator music, can lie the minor detail you’re signing your life away, your “freedom”. You can be held (“Involuntary Commitment”) until they deem appropriate, and all further encounters will lead you right back to 5150 status. Now it’s not just the condescending beliefs of others (those lacking sentience, and intelligence, rich with arrogance and ignorance) you gotta contend with, but anyone/everyone with the power to put you right back in that padded pad. There’s no statue of limitations on depression/suicidal ideation.

    #1 Dick move: Throwing the hundreds that made some kinda home for themselves outta sight behind the mall back out onto the streets so now people can bitch about that. All for a “walking path”… The down-and-out folks do not make Eureka any uglier than it’s self-righteous citizens do. Alas, who has the time for the plight of people in pain while a puppy is tossed out the window….

    We can do better. I think, I hope, I pray.

    * “5150 criteria – And most 48-72 Hour Involuntary Commitment: The criteria for writing requires probable cause. This includes danger to self…

    Danger to self: The person must be an immediate threat to themselves, usually by being suicidal. Someone who is severely depressed and wishes to die would fall under this category…”

    The greatest irony is the story of the toddler(s). When the child of the deported or the one with the careless Christian mother expelling her kids demons or the one left in the car grow to be an adult with zero trust, few coping skills, and little love… we won’t give a good F. Call a hotline. Get it together.

    Dear Underdog, I Love You. Try to filter out the dark and only let in the light as do all those “Perfect People.”

    Diggin Dirt sounds good. #news

    • Doesnt actually cure anything

      #1 wasn’t a dick move. They needed to go. Or were you ok with a marsh being turned into a piss and trash filled gutter full of needles, other persons stuff, violence, drug use, and at least 3 kids born to homeless druggie Moms that I know of? Sure….I call it sanitizing, which should have happened years ago. The bsy trail has been planned for 20 years.

  • Met on tinder. Their relationship won’t last the test of time.

  • Trump Is A Traitor

    “…I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an unattractive town…)

    Dude, Eureka is not just Broadway. Try driving a mile or two inland next time you’re taking the 101 North @ Broadway. Eureka has some very nice neighborhoods, if you haven’t noticed yet (other than Old Town by the bay).

    If Eueka is the ugliest place you’ve been to, you are one sheltered little snowflake. ❄️

  • What a fun episode to end 2017 with! Blah blah blah to everyone nitpicking about what’s reality TV, what’s real, what’s not. Blah. It’s all for fun!
    As always, great job on putting in the time to gather highlights for your fellow locals (especially those of us that prefer listening rather than reading). You have such a way about you 😛
    Happy New Year, Myles! Looking forward to the upcoming year with HLW!

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